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  1. @pinball wizard did any of the previous snow in Ipswich thaw or has it stuck around, with these showers adding to it? Must be some amazing totals there by now - my parents measured 11inches on top of their wheelie bin, tables and chairs in garden, and that was yesterday evening!
  2. My parents have just nudged 27cm in Ipswich (they live in the NW of the town) - they asked if there would be any more, and I told them that as the winds swing more easterly, they might lose some showers to the south in Essex/Kent, but looks like lots of more showers moving in from North Sea hitting Suffolk, to add to those totals! My parents said they havent seen snow like that in Ipswich since before I was born (I'm 32).
  3. Some more photos of my parents garden in west Ipswich, they think they have around a foot of it. Stopped snowing after about 40 hours continuous snow!! I said it before but I never saw that much snow in Ipswich in the 24 years I lived there... so I am insanely jealous!
  4. What’s your totals now there? Almost two solid days of snow (albeit lighter on day 2) isn’t bad going!
  5. More videos from my family in Ipswich! East Suffolk and East Essex seem to have been sweet spots so far Again, I never saw that much snow in the 23/4 years I lived there (1988 to 2012) and I suspect they have more to come! IMG_2932.MP4 IMG_2933.MP4
  6. This is my parents garden in Ipswich this morning, they estimate about 8inches/20cm of snow. Still snowing but only lightly, however I reckon they can expect another 5 to 10cm over next couple of days! I never saw that much snow in the 23 years I lived there with them!! IMG_2928.MP4
  7. Lots of people in East Suffolk, East Essex and East Kent. The sweet spots have seen around 15cm already with a night of snow showers to come
  8. Certainly looks like it! My family all live in Ipswich and they’ve pretty much had snow since around 8am, and doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon! I’m in Aus, they had about 8cm when I went to sleep 8 hours ago, and it hasn’t stopped snowing the whole time!!
  9. My friends and family back in blighty (Ipswich) have about 6cm after a few hours - so if this carries on all day and night then fun times ahead. Very jealous from a hot Sydney!
  10. 100% - its moving, just VERY VERY slowly. Since 8am, its probably nudged 20 miles at most, but it is moving.
  11. Love this - I live in Sydney but my parents and family are in Ipswich and have been sending me photos & videos of the snow there. I still follow the snow events even from the other side of the world!
  12. If the pesky thunderstorms steer clear, somewhere could just squeeze out a 40oC ?
  13. I think it is slightly ahead, the link previously posted is UTC (1 hour behind BST) so at 10.50am in 2003 it was 31.5, so we are over a degree ahead as it stands!
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