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    Most importantly the weather... but I study Linguistics and work with businesses in the NW.
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  1. Snow and has started to lay a bit in Swinton. Not sure it last long when it stops though!
  2. Aye, can see it dying, particularly to the west! Damn!
  3. Does it? I was just thinking, it doesn't look like it is moving or dying at all, just stalling over us. Fingers crossed!
  4. Flakes much bigger, ppn heavier and starting to settle again in Swinton! Wahoo!
  5. The PPN is intensifying directly over GM, and it expands and intensifies with each 5 minute update. Turning moderate here now too with bigger flakes, not quite enough to be settling though. Have snow patches left from yesterday but most has melted!
  6. Big difference in just an hour....
  7. It is still intensifying and expanding too, according to the radar!
  8. Not your imagination, it has been snowing for 30 mins here and getting a tad heavier now!
  9. Is the trough extending westward from Yorkshire or is one forming? Still snowing here, a little less lightly too!
  10. PPN intensifying over Manchester and south Lancs, this is a bit more like it!
  11. Been lightly snowing for 20 minutes now, better than nowt I guess, and unexpected. Shame it doesn't look like lasting very long!
  12. I have actually got light snowfall in Swinton, Salford right now, nothing to shout about of course but hey ho! My family down south have had a pasting, I was meant to be there this weekend but my automatic car got stranded trying to get up an icy hill out of my close yesterday in our 1cm of snow, so I didn't make it. I thought a snow day would make up for it, but it turns out they got it instead..... if I don't laugh, I'll cry.... (haha)
  13. Deffo further north, let's hope this bodes well!
  14. Have you got a link/images? :-)