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    My girlfriend who is a very special and amazing person, Aviation, Tottenham-Hotspur, Southend-United, Most sports, Alternative music, Weather. ILUC forever.

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  1. Throwing it down in Canterbury. All gaps now recovered in Snow.
  2. Snowing in Canterbury.Mostly light though.
  3. Ace thunder storm overhead Canterbury at the moment. Pouring down too.
  4. 36.7C, heathrow according to @bbcweather!
  5. 36.2C at Heathrow from @bbcweather!
  6. 35.7C being mention of the MetO twitter feed for Heathrow.
  7. 11.2C, few cumulus, sunny, wind from the SW, 1003mb.
  8. 7.2C, few cumulus, generally clear, wind from the W, 1030hPa.
  9. 6.7C, few cumulus, sunny, wind from the S/SW, 1014hPa.
  10. 5.0C, stratocumulus, wind from the SW, 1012hPa.