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  1. - Victoria Larter is the breast

  2. - Not too impressed to find one untorqued caliper carrier bolt on the Mondeo, and no it wasnt me there last!

  3. feels like a right idiot

  4. - Hurry up sun!!

  5. - Yes, annoyed.

  6. - 21c clear and sunny tomorrow? Looks like a pub lunch then!

  7. - How strange it is to look outside and only see a van and one car in the drive...

  8. - ZR gone, Xantia gone...what a weekend.

  9. - Hmm, i return home to find a Ka partially blocking my driveway. I was displeased at this utterly selfish act by some random student angel delight, and after giving it a little push to see how strong the handbrake was (not very) 'The Transit' gave it a light tap and off it goes. One unblocked driveway.

    1. risk of sleet

      risk of sleet

      Did you damage your van at all? How was the Ka? I'm a lawyer by the way, if you want to take it further

    2. Dorsetbred


      ANy chance you can come down here, I'v got a Renault Scenic half way across mine, that I'd like moved?

  10. - bloody hell, aint stopped all day, feels like i've been at work!

  11. - Activa gone, but boy did i go round the roundabout fast one last time!

  12. has been thinking

  13. - Michelin Pilot Sport PS3's or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics?

    1. Dorsetbred


      Depends on the car. I run Assymetrics because of their wet weather traction, but they are a soft compound so wear quick in the dry

    2. Coast


      Michelins every time - they will last longer, although they cost a little more

  14. - Sold the Xantia AND the MG?! I'll only have two cars left then!!

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