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  1. Arron

    2018 Q&A For Tornado Season

    You'll be able to get it on the play store now too Nick after I nudged them about the US thing a while ago. That's right, you have ME to thank all you UK users and abusers
  2. Arron

    Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 13 - Marginal Risk

    Yep, shot with a 10-20 lens at 10mm!
  3. Arron

    Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 13 - Marginal Risk

    Managed this today!
  4. Arron

    Reports & Pictures Chase Day 10 - High Risk

    Here's a timelapse from my dashcam! Check out the anticyclonic movement from about 10 seconds on!
  5. Arron

    Report & Pictures Chase Day 8

    Time lapse of the supercell near Elk City, OK. SPIN!
  6. Arron

    Report & Pictures Chase Day 8

    Here's a short clip of the wedge tornado near Wheeler. Few swearies in it! Will edit the full version when I have more time.
  7. Arron

    Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 2 Enhanced Risk

    Here's my dash cam footage of the Loveland tornado
  8. Arron

    Storm chase kit list / Suitcase

    4 way extension lead with one US adapter is ESSENTIAL!
  9. Arron

    Tour 1 and flight options

  10. Arron

    Tour 1 and flight options

    They actually pick you up from the terminal rather than car rentals. You need to phone them though and ask to be picked up, they'll ask what terminal and then give you rough idea of where to wait (between gate 22-26 for example). Usually just head outside when you pick your bags up and you'll see the signs and buses picking everyone up. You can get a cab but it is expensive for such a short journey, about $25!
  11. Arron

    Season Almost Here - Best Platform

    Bookmark this one https://livestormchasing.com/map Brett Adair's baby and look like it's going to be pretty good this season!
  12. Arron


    Hi Jodie, I actually used my phone a lot the past 2 seasons I've been out as the quality really is good these days. In the heat of the moment though using a digital slr sometimes isn't the best option if you're pretty new to the game. Lots of fumbling around with settings on it and head down looking at the camera rather than what's happening in front of you and you could miss it all! Don't let that put you off though as some time spent learning how to use it could give you some great results. Mind you, Paul has been trying with his for over 10 years and is still failing...
  13. Looking forward to watching some streaming this year! I'm sure you'll SMASH it!
  14. Arron

    2016 Storm Chase Tour - Which Tour are you on?

    A VERY bad head if you do 2 days in a row on that stuff!