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  1. Well played Mike....enjoyed all your posts this year! Fab hunt for all of us. Some ding dongs between seasoned pros...in my eyes never a bad thing as it shows the quality of the forum. Never the less lots have enjoyed a great winter, for myself and the minority it’s been frustrating. But we can all look forward to a nice spring and summer. Flush this lemon disease out and all get together in 6 moths to start the BOOM chase once again. Thank you Mike and everyone else. Nostar
  2. Yes Griff....but of a surprise ...there’s always hope
  3. Judah Cohen tweeting that Greenland Blocking looking favourable for early March and severe wintry weather possible for Europe
  4. Evening all Lots on here have had a great winter....for lots it had been very frustrating. What would be the best set up for delivering a country wide fall? Even if it is not long lasting?? Any particular set ups that deliver the goods more so than others? Cheers WW
  5. And I imagine if we analysed rainfall etc...models etc would be incorrect! Just we are not too interested to notice. Not sure if we will ever crack the weather “code”
  6. I’ve been a member on this weather forum for 10 years plus...then a couple of others before that. I can honestly say, and no offence to anyone, but the ability to accurate predict weather more than a week out as not really improved at all. Teleconnections as seen as a step forward but I think for our small country in the location it is in I doubt wether anyone could ever foresee our weather as it’s so difficult. If our experts were tasked to predict weather in larger land masses like the US I think the success would be much higher. Stick your head out the window is the way forward for us unfortunately
  7. This winter can do one for me....potential potential potential but not a lot of snow in the coffers!!
  8. Terrible morning output...enjoy the dry and cold while it lasts
  9. ICON shows it pushing through to reach East Midlands...I think this is a good step for us Welsh. Typically it never reaches as far as ICON shows...and hopefully will correct west a touch and stall over Wales And at least it shows the front breaking through now
  10. How long do you think the snow will hang around for ??? Hopefully I’d we get any it can stay on the ground for a few days
  11. So these flurries are coming from the west not the east?
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