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  1. Sorry for being thick...the green hatch is snow? Or just the blue hatch area?
  2. Pretty much like last year!! Much to my disappointment then but joy now ?
  3. Hi Blessed Weather Thanks for the reply and info. Unfortunately I’m not there for a full week. Saturday until the Wednesday after. Yes will be nice to enjoy some sunshine in the snow...hoping that wintry weather arrives slightly earlier on my last day or something but not lookimg likely at the minute. Shall post some pics! Can’t grumble at having a beer on the slopes in the sun!! cheers
  4. Travelling to Méribel this coming weekend....was hoping I’d help my snow fix but now getting worried I’ll be needing flip flops and shorts ?
  5. I know this isn’t the correct thread but how the heck can the express get away posting front page headlines like that?? There’s no modelling suggesting snow Armageddon via a polar vortex arrival anywhere! Gripes me they can get away with it
  6. My take on the winter as a whole .....if you did ignore the science, background signals, favourable this and favourable that, and just looked out the window 99 % of UK folk have so far experienced nothing short of standard fare winter weather. I don’t think anyone denies these signals have a correlation to wintery weather....but pinning a certain signal to a certain outcome is, for this moment in time, a little Russian roulette with Lady Luck
  7. We missed out on being the sweet spot zone...this to our east by about 50-100 miles. Which high res model performed best?
  8. To me it looks like the main band out through England is heading north westwards and pivoting back through Bristol and south east wales?? What’s everyone’s thoughts?
  9. To my untrained eye it looks like it’s heading slightly north west and pivoting back over Bristol and south east wales area?? Is this correct?
  10. How many hours left in Cwmbran, Newport Cardiff area for snow?
  11. So what the heck has happened? Is it a defo no no for some heavy stuff in south east wales?
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