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  1. Hi Phil, I just noticed that you live in Solihull too! You'll know the Safeways I was on about as well, albeit a Tesco now. I don't suppose you have any photos you wouldn't mind sharing? As for it happening again, I doubt it too. We are well overdue a decent fall of snow though, so fingers crossed!
  2. Nice pictures, thanks for posting <_< Do you have any of the December 7th/8th 1990 snowfall across the Midlands?
  3. Thankyou for writing this. I remember the December event vividly, despite being just 7 years old. My own little tale... I remember having caught a BBC forecast on Thursday evening with the possibility of snow from the Friday into Saturday. I went to school the next day and watched out for the snow all day, telling my friends what was about to happen. Alas, nothing happened and I was so disappointed. It came to about 2:30 and my teacher (Mr Jones) let us do some drawing for half an hour before home time. I drew a picture of an igloo in the falling snow, with the words 'Snow Patrol' on a sign
  4. millzzz

    Snowfall 18-11-07

    First of the autumn/winter season 07-08!
  5. After trawling through the gallery: http://www.netweather.tv/forum/index.php?a...=si&img=587
  6. Thanks very much to all. I remember looking out of my parents bedroom window to see the massive snowflakes falling very heavily and swirling around every so often, but mainly from a north-easterly direction. Has anyone got any pictures they could share from where they were at the time?
  7. When I was a wee nipper at the grand old age of 7, back in December 1990 (!), I can remember there being a huge overnight dumping of snow (approx. 15inches) in the Birmingham area. It started on Friday evening and stopped mid Saturday. Looking through some old albums I also came across a photo taken in January 1991 with similar conditions. Can anyone remember the weather patterns for these events and where all the snow came from (continent or northerly flow?)? If you have them, some photo's would be good too, especially from around the Midlands. I have Google'd it to death and have found pre
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