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  1. Amazing starry sky on the bike ride home from work tonight, the milky way was very clear, it felts proper cold as well,
  2. Sat at my desk and looking outside the wind has definitely changed direction since this morning.
  3. A very crisp start to the day but high level cloud soon moved In still felt fresh this evening with light rain
  4. It's going to be a cold one tonight, I have just been outside and its chilly
  5. A stunning sunrise another frost although not quite as cold as Monday.
  6. A relatively mild evening here after a rather bland day.
  7. A stunning day here with wall to wall sunshine it was great. It was nice yesterday on Dartmoor as well DD-12 by Richie C, on Flickr
  8. cloud clearance was in progress during my commute this morning whed led to a stunning day which was so welcome after the grey dross of the previous days. There is a definite chill in the air tonight as well
  9. feeling fresher today, sunny periods have been rather nice
  10. Pretty much sums up today here as well.
  11. A right damp miserable night here with mist as well,
  12. Although cloudy its warm, just cut the grass got a bit of a sweat on...
  13. That wind is brisk and we haven't even got to the windy bit yet....
  14. oh this is lovely. Looking at some of the talk on the MOD thread about mid 20's it got me thinking, I remember similar temps during October 2010 or it may have been 2009 (not saying the winter is going to turn out the same) so its not that unusual, although I am going to enjoy it whilst I can.