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  1. I feel like Forrest Gump, We've had fat rain, thin rain, upside down rain, stinging rain..... I am sick of the rain. (sorry normal service has now resumed)
  2. Hi All, A chill feeling today, nice to see a bit of sunshine after all of the rain. I supposed this is the start of the silly season
  3. I read somewhere it turned westerly on the 31st, breaking the record by a day.
  4. It's been rather lovely today, not too hot and not chilly either, plenty of sunshine and we even missed the rain over the weekend others seemed to have picked up.
  5. Yeah I got rained on, on the way home from Work, half a mile down the rain bone dry!
  6. Anyone had snow overnight in the Devon/Dartmoor area? Heard rumours of a covering have seen snow reports from the Welsh mountain biking centres as well.
  7. Good to see everyone south of the M4 get their dumping, it was a bit of a blink and you'll miss it event here.
  8. I'm sat at my desk in Gloucester and looking Northwest I can see the back edge of the front
  9. I was quite impressed Snow has stuck around all day in sheltered parts and north facing banks, untreated lanes were still slushy ice and in the process on re-freezing on my commute home. Not seen that for a while.
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