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  1. A very cold start not so foggy here as yesterday but think that may change overnight as fog patches were forming when I was on my way home.from work. A glorious sunset tonight
  2. A lovely frosty but foggy start to the day it remained foggy until at least lunchtime although a work colleague said it was lovely in the Forest of Dean (altitude) looks like it's going to be another clear night
  3. The Sierra Nevada are 11,000 feet high so they get dumpings quite often, in fact I took a cycling trip to the highest peak back in mid september and we had to turn back as they had snow even back then and we didn't have the clothing for that sort of weather, back at the coast it was 28 degrees and sunny
  4. Turned proper grotty here, another windy and wet trip home from work to look forward to.
  5. Well Brendan made itself felt.last night just as I left work sideways rain and walls of water was not nice. However it left as quickly as it arrived leaving downed trees in its wake. It's not.too bad here this morning now.
  6. It's not too bad here at the moment it's even got a bit of brightness after some rain earlier. I guess being in the north of our area Brendon will make its presence felt later than folks who are located on the coast.
  7. Happy New Year all, I hope 2020 is a hot summer and 20 feet of snow in the winter
  8. Well the comment above jinxed it, now raining just as I'm about to leave the office for the Christmas break. Anyway Merry Christmas all.
  9. Yes here in Gloucester its fairly bright and mild, that rain is lurking to our west at the moment
  10. Sorry just a test, just wanted to see how to post a photo from my phone. Photo taken during my lunchtime walk today.
  11. Proper icy roads and pavements this morning, although it seemed to be warming up as the cars were melted on the SW facing side. So the first proper icy spell of the winter this morning for us.
  12. Well yesterday was interesting, no weather warning but the wind was stronger than the named storm, even had to negotiate a fallen tree on the way home from work. Some lovely Anvil clouds tonight looking like they were over South wales but very high and spectacular.
  13. Sunshine and a blustery NW wind this morning, a starry sky and hardly any wind at all this evening
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