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  1. Although cloudy its warm, just cut the grass got a bit of a sweat on...
  2. That wind is brisk and we haven't even got to the windy bit yet....
  3. oh this is lovely. Looking at some of the talk on the MOD thread about mid 20's it got me thinking, I remember similar temps during October 2010 or it may have been 2009 (not saying the winter is going to turn out the same) so its not that unusual, although I am going to enjoy it whilst I can.
  4. wow what a stunning day it turned out to be after a damp start.
  5. A little more of the white stuff would be good this year. We had some brief cold snaps early part of last winter which seemed to fizzle out.
  6. A nasty little shower on the way in this morning which has now blown over leaving blue skies and sunshine
  7. yeah it went down hill from about 5pm here, not cold though which is the only positive.
  8. A stunning start with mist patches, chilly with lots of sunshine soon warmed up though.
  9. The Stelvio had a dusting on Friday https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/videos/2074043322818758/
  10. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    Stelvio Pass in Italy has snow yesterday, I will see if I can find the video again..... Edit: Video from the top of the Stelvio pass Sept. 1st 2017
  11. A chilly start but soon warmed up, was very pleasant in the sun this afternoon
  12. Blimey into Autumn in 24 hours, I could see my breath this morning.
  13. Came out of work tonight and wow it was warm and humid, spent the evening in a beer garden making the most of it
  14. Its been lovely here all day, in fact a nice weekend.