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  1. what a stunning 2 days, cool in the mornings but it has soon warmed up
  2. Good Morning all, what a wonderful weekend we are having, shame it has to end.
  3. Evening All, thought I would pop in to see whats happening. Currently near Cadiz watching an amazing electrical storm, proper strobe stuff
  4. Sat at my desk in work in Gloucester and at 4-15pm there was one single clap of thunder followed by a heavy shower, 10 minutes later it was bright sunshine again.
  5. According to the netweather radar app we should be being rained on at the moment but its dry.
  6. Good afternoon all, grey and meh describes the weather here today although its mild. Looking forward to some sunshine and some warmth now, i'm done with cold. (Until November)
  7. Yup its gorne quiet, they'll be back if the Easter cold firms up
  8. My gut feeling (no science) is next winter is going to be a stonker You heard it here first
  9. I'm hoping for a good summer to balance out these late cold spells
  10. Anyone know what summer 2000 was like I can't remember ?
  11. Well I went to work in a winter wonderland and came home on a chilly spring day, that snow went fast.....
  12. Are you Columbo ? Seriously though thanks for all your efforts it has been fascinating to read.
  13. Indeed this could end up being very interesting, that's spawned from something very small and is now turning into a monster