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  1. Good Morning All, welcome to Monday. As like those above there was some early mist here which has quickly burnt off and its now warming up quickly. Looking like its going to be pretty warm for September.
  2. A very pleasant afternoon, sun is even coming out! A former work colleague who now lives in Montana had heavy sleat yesterday, looked a bit grim TBH
  3. Good Morning all, A lovely weekend and that has continued this morning with strong sunshine, although a little chilly than what I have been used to, looking in the MOD thread looks good for a warm week next week which will be good, one final plume will be good before we enter Autumn properly.
  4. I had reason to visit Weymouth over the weekend they seem to have a collection of cruise ships as well.
  5. I watched a couple during lockdown and you really had to know what you were looking for so I think they achieved that.
  6. Its worth keeping an eye out for Starlink launches as they are spectacular on a clear evening.
  7. Well today feels like the aftermath of a noisy party, calm and rather pleasant when I was walking between buildings at work earlier
  8. Wow I thought the wind was strong this morning but it has really picked up now, I really wouldn't want to be on some exposed moors at the moment.
  9. Plenty of clouds bubbling up earlier, no Thunder that I am aware of here today but a couple of hefty showers came through
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