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  1. I was lucky the rain storm everyone is talking about happened before I left work.
  2. Yeah a lovely day, the temperature started to drop quite quickly once the sun had gone down.
  3. Rich_Clements

    Autumn 2018

    I noticed Montana had several passes closed due to heavy snow this week
  4. Just had quite a sharp shower here, was quite nice until then.
  5. Evening all, I was reading something on twitter earlier, anyone know what a polar vortex is ?
  6. First rain in a month here this afternoon, soom blew over and made everything steamy.
  7. Mowed my lawn last night and it was like Weetabix....
  8. Garden thermometer is showing 28c wow!
  9. Stopped for a beer on the way home from work (Not driving) I am so loving this warm weather.
  10. what a stunning 2 days, cool in the mornings but it has soon warmed up