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  1. Evening all, I was reading something on twitter earlier, anyone know what a polar vortex is ?
  2. First rain in a month here this afternoon, soom blew over and made everything steamy.
  3. Mowed my lawn last night and it was like Weetabix....
  4. Garden thermometer is showing 28c wow!
  5. Stopped for a beer on the way home from work (Not driving) I am so loving this warm weather.
  6. what a stunning 2 days, cool in the mornings but it has soon warmed up
  7. Good Morning all, what a wonderful weekend we are having, shame it has to end.
  8. Evening All, thought I would pop in to see whats happening. Currently near Cadiz watching an amazing electrical storm, proper strobe stuff
  9. Sat at my desk in work in Gloucester and at 4-15pm there was one single clap of thunder followed by a heavy shower, 10 minutes later it was bright sunshine again.
  10. According to the netweather radar app we should be being rained on at the moment but its dry.