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  1. like wise soon off to north norfolk for the weekend the wind stuck in the east cant ss much of hot weather for the coast it could be a bit on the chill side up there
  2. diff weather forcast i seen norffolk 22 c if your liucky on saterday!!
  3. moonsoon rain here at the moment and looking at the radar flooding in our area could be a problem
  4. That blob over frace is huge could get very noisy later
  5. We could be in for an interesting night if the radar right and what coming out of france
  6. i see on the radar thunder storms popping up on the 12 mile limit in the north sea might need to kep a eye on them
  7. a little bit in fantasy world it might get hot the only thing which might spoil it is the low in the bayof biscay which could set of some mighty thunder storms
  8. morning all looking at the radar and what is near the west country things could get very thundry soon
  9. yep bbc are saying we can expect some monster thunder storms in the mix as well!!!!!!
  10. you better look at the bbc news its not nice tuesday night wed
  11. this the last thing our area needs at the moment bbc are talking about flash flooding tue/wed
  12. this the last thing we need in our area at the moment
  13. if country file right tueday is a wash out with possible flooding very easily mind they did say it could get a bit more drier by the end of the week
  14. http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?mode=2&ech=6 all i say its not great no sigh of any longer term dry weather at the moment and fantasy world it about the same
  15. might get 2 days warm but looking in to fantasy world its not looking that great
  16. just looked at the radar the poor areas all ready flooded this lot not going to help at all
  17. all i say lookibg at the gfs is dredfull up to june 28 at the moment
  18. Looking interesting stuff in the east soon could get a bit heavy soon
  19. Plenty of rain heading our way off the north sea it seems at the moment
  20. morning all after last night rain dare say will be pumping out our yard, plus ot looks like their some more on the way later
  21. that line of rain heading towards gatwick could be interesting there soon looks like moosoon rain very deep red
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