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  1. waiting   for frank to arr!!

  2. be  safe in the nw  its looking horrible

  3. any one got a boat might need one soon its pouring down in suffolk !!!

  4. had moonsoon rain here over night silverstone could be a lake later heavy thunderstoms expected bt race time

  5. just think it might get worse their another monster low coming friday

    1. Scorcher


      you really are a ray of sunshine aren't you!

  6. been up north norfolk kingslynn,cromer hunstanten for 4 days its been cold like winter summer no!!

  7. well with the storm warning for later the golf should be good!!

  8. well its pouring down here

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      It was raining this morning, but it swiftly cleared and now it's quite pleasant.

  9. me wife told to do all the washing she looked at the weathe/as its summer here at the moment till winter comes back for the next 4 days!!!r

  10. just seen the weekend weather we are in summer god its looking horrible

  11. like some else said windows wide open fresh air !!!

  12. first signs on the rardar of heavy rain monday

  13. very heavy showers here in ipswioh at the moment

  14. still dry in ipswich were the rain not here tet!!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      it should be with you tonight if you can believe the beeb

  15. will we get the washing dry its wal to wal sun gere at the moment in ipswich

  16. as long last rain in the east

  17. we badly need rain in the east 25c here again

    1. lewisosd


      God your right there! Bury has not seen a drop for a while! Really gagging for a decent storm too!


  18. first time for weeks got the washing dry out side with out using the tumbler driar

  19. once it start how long before the sever blows up

  20. i need a lay down aftwr looking at models just out of this world!!! this morning

  21. rock salt bq before it all go!!

  22. i just hope the councils are ready for next week !!!

  23. all i say next week is looking goodfor cold lovers!!

  24. just seen the update on here for 7 days time were my snow shoes!!!

    1. Eugene


      Hidden behind your wellington boots ;)

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