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  1. could the gfs be saying something and have we got to rush to the bookiies!!
  2. o what the heck its friday night been out for a couple of pints !!! gfs in fantasy world deep i n fantasy got this lot heading our way just waitimg for the pub run!!
  3. there will be people jumping of cliffs to day went to bed with a nortly now the gfs has gone the other way model watching not got for youre health!!!
  4. yep looking at the gfs la la land just might see some cold weather about 15 dec mind that a long way out
  5. i know its lala land but the gfs might be on to some thing early december
  6. After this morning deluge looks like we got more to come just in time to flood the roads again !
  7. yep that blob coming out of france could make us very wet in the morning!!
  8. just looking at the bbc weather looking very damp !! to say the least for us
  9. i know its la la land but things might be starting to get interesting for the coldies on here!!!
  10. morning all after yesterday gfs runs there could be some white stuff about now all i can see is some very nasty . storms coming dunping rain were places dont want it, even fantasy world is not looking at all nice
  11. sorry been down the club had a coupler of pints i know its fantasy world but it looks nice!
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