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  1. i know its a long way off and its fantasy land could go back in the frezzer
  2. gfs is saying poss breckdown by 186 hr turning mild !!
  3. its been snowing very stedly since 5 pm nearly had 2inches of snow and still coming down over the east side of ipswich
  4. their been heavy snow in the ipswich area for the last couple of houres roads very dodgy
  5. https://meteoradar.co.uk/zoom/959/886/sneeuw lots of snow in the north sea blowing a blizzard here with very fine snow. with now frezzzing up the road will very slippy with all the rain we had on saterday so be verycarefull in ipswich in the morning
  6. https://www.camsecure.co.uk/felixstowe_beach_webcam.html its snowing so hard in felixstowe it keep blocking the web cam
  7. https://meteoradar.co.uk/realtime-snowfall another radar to watch
  8. https://www.buienradar.nl/nederland/neerslag/buienradar/24uurs the dutch radar is out standing
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