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  1. -2 band not far away poss sleet or snow we will see!
  2. all i say is i hope the highways have got it right reg our bridge and they not shuting it!!
  3. people in ipswich you better get up early thu all you wont get anywere in ipswich due to the road works on the main roads!!
  4. with the weather warning and the advance warning that they could shut the main bridge over the A14 in ipswich with roads works on norwich road,nacton road ipswich could be a no go area !!
  5. its not looking good this could get nasty
  6. bbc lookeast weather winds poss 50 , 60or even 70 mph could fun!!! geting about
  7. jenny not looking forward for this week one little bit it could easy send ipswich in a mess!!
  8. just watched country file we in ipswich havent got to worry about the snow the thing which we need to worry about is the wind and on there it could get very windy in our neck of the woods this week. and with the amount of roads having work done if they shut our bridge over the A14 any time this ipswich will come to a big halt
  9. yep all eyes on country file weather reg the wind to-night plus what could be heading our way later reg wind!!
  10. mod thread talking about possible 80 mph in our neck of the woods should make things interesting!
  11. morning all if this is going to happen it should be fun!
  12. if the mod thred right it could get interesting down our way wed thu mod theard talking about storm coming in
  13. looking forward the take the express comes up with if the models are right more like the film day after tomorow headlines!!