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  1. Yes. For me I'm hoping ENE but for you guys in south yorkshire ESE is probably your best easterly.
  2. I think the wind direction and strength should change time to time, this will affect the distribution of showers. I think these streamers will wiggle about hopefully giving us all a turn, but yes some places will hit the jackpot and get epicentre of these.
  3. It's a tug of war between us to the north and you guys to the south 🤕 🤣 Hopefully the area is not narrow like 2010 and is fat and covers must of yorkshire and lincolnshire! Wishful thinking though as there is unfortunately going to be winners and losers over the coming days.
  4. lol I must admit I hope they a tad further north than that 😂
  5. They have zero patience 😂 It will start rapidly turning to snow down there later this morning/ afternoon.
  6. Yeah they look relentless 🙂 Uppers of -10 now upon us and dew points well below freezing. Snow all the way!
  7. Very sloppy from the met office, they usually miss things like this 😂. I seen surface water flooding all over the place today!
  8. Yeah should do, will be a lottery to exactly where get's highest total next few days.
  9. My current thoughts regarding snow showers next few days from my weather page: 06/02/21 23z - 09/02/21 12z It is now likely that large parts of eastern scotland and eastern england will see frequent snow showers in many places depositing some large amounts of snow. Widespread accumulations of 5-15cm. With as much as 30cm where showers align into snow streamers. Perhaps more on high ground in eastern scotland, cumbria and north east england. North York Moors/ Tan Hill possibly 40cm+ A red alert may be issued in due coarse. Extra attention payed to 2 areas ~
  10. I'm not far from you, we have similar scenes 🙂 Was some nice big flakes falling at one point, lighter now though.
  11. Keeping a close eye on this stuff about to come in from the east. Think areas around leeds could be about to join in the fun with rain turning to snow ❄️
  12. Yeah your area looks slap bang in heart of that. That yard stick they have put down (convergance zone) I would have thought the showers will still be piling in just north and south of it two, so I wouldn't be too hung up on the exact placement of it.
  13. Looks like met office agrees with ya Scott. A tasty looking convergence zone for south yorkshire tomorrow from the looks of it 🙂
  14. Just driving from Otley to kippax, mostly rain but was sleety slightly higher up through Bramhope and Adel.
  15. Hey sorry for late reply. I would say so yes, in my opinion north and west yorkshire see to miss most of the showers/ streamers in a more SEE to SE flow whilst newcastle north get hammered. Probably due to the longer fetch across the north sea to those areas. Further south linconshire/ south yorkshire don't do so bad can still get a decent feed of snow showers develop time to time. Looking at the data I think were good though, thankfully it looks like it is going to me more East than anything else. Latest Euro and Aprege look great 🙂 Euro shows classic, orographic lift snowfall east
  16. Indeed got to be great full for that, at least it won't be marginal! And some dam good radar watching to come 🙂
  17. Looking at gfs essemble mean, it does look good, but could go either way regarding NE to SE corrections.
  18. Yeah like you say something could still set-up and big but for me that's too focus on one area and I wouldn't count my chickens on me winning that jackpot lol
  19. Yes I'd assume so, maybe they are from earlier though and not the most recent 12z data. Don't want to worry anyone regarding tue-wed being dry or frequent snow showers but I will be viewing tomorrow mornings runs from behind my chair. This could go a bit wrong but if all data reverts back to what was shown this morning we should be home and dry (except locally lol )
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