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  1. 4 hours ago, bazookabob said:

    I hope so, what makes you say this by the way because so far, its been a let-down, despite low expectations! Even the 2 heavy showers have left a dusting that's then melted away. The showers don't seem to be accumulating as much as they look like they should! 

    I just think the shower activity currently is much better than last night and there just seems more energy, than this time yesterday.

    I don't know why but in these snow shower situations from the north sea, a lot of the time it really peps up late evening/overnight! Maybe it's to do with once it gets dark it starts to get colder and rather than picking up more moisture from the sea, these big clouds over us and north sea, just come back down to earth. Could be wrong but just a theory. I just sense that somewhere could get hammered tonight. There's obviously the south yorkshire/ lincolnshire area. But I think NW leeds could get a nice surprise, over the years I've seen many times when no snow is forecast only for a streamer to come in from the north sea and deliver the goods!

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