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  1. Met office warning updated to extend further south and west.
  2. Looking at where the bulk of showers are devloping at the moment, I would think the warning should be for north west england and parts of yorkshire.
  3. A huge storm looks head on for munich, might be worth a watch http://www.earthtv.com/en/camera-destination/munich-germany/
  4. Looks like norwich is going to get battered, any good cams there?
  5. 85 strikes/ min now near cambridge!
  6. If I lived in sheffield I would be in the car now on the A61 to chesterfield!
  7. At the moment these just look like typical thunderstorms, nothing like the monster that clobbered bournemouth last year and the one that tracked up from chester, alway up western yorkshire to newcastle with 300+ strikes a minute.
  8. We need something to kick off around burnley
  9. They seem to be moving ENE so really can't see it
  10. Would love leeds to get in on the action but just can't see it! Nether the less interesting viewing : ). I think this will be a midlands and possibily south yorkshire/linconshire event only...
  11. In the space of 5 minutes we have gone from nothing to a really quite active stoke cell, a sferic elsewhere and the radar really pepping up!
  12. Cloud building over wales on sat24, hopefully could be something developing inland.