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  1. As expected the second big batch of showers approaching yorkshire is now lightning up as it hits the warmer air
  2. I think where storms have already developed today are the places where they will continue to develop. No wonder when this zone in northern england has currently reached 23c
  3. I don't think we've missed out just yet. Plenty more stuff to come up from the south! Onion ring ripples of showers
  4. No way just been for a long hill run and was chuffed to see a good cg strike! Yet get home just to see I've narrowly missed good storms to the north..
  5. http://www.coastwatch-felixstowe.co.uk/webcam.html#deben-entrance-webcam
  6. I kind of expected that storm that developed over north wales to be the first of many, apart from that that turned into a beast later in it's life there has been nothing. Just hoping that something can fire up in the next couple of hours but highly unlikley
  7. Can't believe things aren't firing off over the midlands, 30c+ air in place, cooler air from west pushing in and to add to that plenty of showers.. What more do we need!
  8. A few rogue strikes appearing all over the uk west of the main action, we live in hope
  9. So annoyed, thought we had a great chance of big storms today but looks like it's not to be..
  10. I wonder if anymore storms of the calibre of the one now north of newcastle, can develop today?
  11. Clutching at straws but a few models do have things vastly pepping up/ kicking off later on for yorkshire
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