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  1. Its shaping up very nicely now looking at the overnight GFS and UKMO, Looks like an easterly wind of sorts setting in on wednesday/thursday looks nailed on now. I honestly have just completly dismissed the ECM, without even seeing its esembles. It just looks way way off the mark. And not because it shows what I don't want to see lol
  2. -5 uppers is more than sufficient if the feed of air is dry and from the continent. Other things like wet bulb temperature and height of the 0 degree isotherm also come into play.
  3. Look at how far north the scandi blocking extends, almost through the north pole splitting the vortex. . I think this will come good late in the run. The ECM might just be showing us the slow route to deep cold rather than the gfs quick route! Please refrain from knee jerk reactions run to run people.
  4. Excellent run we couldn't really ask for much better! And to have the UKMO/GFS/ECM all aboard in regards to blocking/easterly feed of winds within 150h is excellent. Anything after that is just pure and utter guess work. Im amazed at some of the utter drivel being spoken about *it's mid feb, temps will be negated as the cold air crosses the continent... *were nearly in spring... * the high isnt quite right..... I'm sorry but at this stage everything is running smoothly and quicker than I thought possible a couple of days ago :)) In terms of its a bit late in the year, what happned in 1947??? Also in march 2013 we had subzero minima for nearly a week and a foot of snow fall, move on please!
  5. Yes they are good (144/168) because look what they lead to : )) But to the untrained eye they was poor because they wern't showing howling easterlies with deep snow. You get what I'm saying?
  6. Im sorry guys but this is why I tend to stay away from the model thread now, too many unfounded knee jerk reactions every single run, sometimes before a run has even fully come out.. O when will you learn :/
  7. Your all saying ecm 192 is bad but look at the big picture (NH chart) The PV is now split
  8. Sorry but all of your expectations are far too high, we are never going to get anything worthy within a 6-9 day time frame. It's after that, attempts 2 or 3 that will possibly deliver. In tune with what steve murr says and the met office's thoughts at around day 15+. This is going to be a slow burner and take a few attempts, look at the big picture and be patient folks.
  9. I think you need to change the lens in your glasses mate. This is just part of the transition, wait and see what 192 onwards will offer ; )