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  1. lol was just tongue in cheek. Really hope we can get something but can't see it now with all this stubborn cloud inhibiting our chances
  2. I really hope so! Cos if I get nothing again I'm throwing myself out my third story window..
  3. The cell over north wales seems to be heading our way, Im hopeful for this evening!
  4. The cell over wales seems to be expanding/intensifying as it edges NEE, could finally be our turn (leeds) for some action later!
  5. Does ''raintoday'' and ''uk live lightning'' keep crashing for anyone else on here?? Seems to allways happen when there interesting weather.....


    1. jamesbhx


      I get a javascript error on raintoday regardless of which device I view it on.

    2. Snipper
    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      yes, only allows me on it for 5 secs, not every day though

  6. Strikes even in the irish sea now, storms could break out just about anywhere tonight!
  7. I think tonight's storms in the south will be elevated, lots of spectacular lightning but little in the way of disruption. Tomorrows storms in northern england look like being surfaced based and much more severe in nature (possibility of large hail,frequent lightning,flooding and maybe an isolated tornado.).
  8. Last ray of hope for west yorkshire, can those showers approaching from the pennines ignite??
  9. Not a chance, its all moving west to east
  10. Hoping today is not a bust like that shocking effort a couple of weeks ago! Clear sky just to my west, hopefully this should help todays chances!
  11. Berlin cam should be good soon http://www.earthtv.com/en/webcam/berlin-brandenburger-tor
  12. Wake up to see that huge storm about to batter hamburg! Disgraceful! .
  13. Yeah fantastic conditions in place. I'm still hopefull