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  1. It never usually does though does it, the channel doing it's usual trick. However as it all pushes north east I would expect lightning to start pepping up again as the storms hit britain, although probably not as widespread as current in northern france..
  2. Hey what's happened to steve murr? Please tell me he hasn't joined the dark side and joined up with that big dosser from hull's site as rumour has it?
  3. I've got a feeling showers will be heavy enough to give parts of NW leeds a covering today, Slightly colder uppers of -12 should do the trick aiding convection. Unfortunately showers dying out by evening..
  4. I don't know about anyone else but I got major model/ snow fatigue, have barely slept in days . In its own right tonight is radar watching at its finest! No marginality and the chance of heavy snow showers
  5. I'm surprised there not higher. Either just -2 uppers not cold enough, not a far enough fetch across the North Sea or all showers are just sucking the energy out of each other ( too many chefs) ??
  6. Looks like the stuff over east anglia / London is expanding and spreading North. Might be good news for our Lincolnshire contingent later
  7. I felt really confident at start. Scary thought though that -10 uppers haven't been cold enough Either for the convection or the fully settling snow through the day..
  8. The showers are just too scattered and the height of the shower clouds are not high enough. Last throw of the dice might be tonight into tomorrow, uppers will be -2 colder (-12) and showers expected to pep up tomorrow afternoon. This might just tip the pendulum in our favour..
  9. Terrible, look at all heavy showers south east scotland are getting, yet ours are just light and rubbish.. lol
  10. Absolute pants for snowfall here so far, 3 days of snow showers and no more than a sprinkling on ground lol. Still not giving up hope yet of a good 2-5cm but time is running out.
  11. Could really do with those big bad boy ones like edinburgh are getting though
  12. Might just catch that shower that clobbered Aiden here in Kippax, might be too far north though.
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