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  1. Looks like more showers heading towards leeds, heavy two Looking at forecast we got chance of snow showers all day and night, some might be pleasantly suprised with final totals
  2. Looking at the radar lots of very heavy snow showers around the newcastle area with red echoes. I've noticed over the last few big cold spells, showers from the east or north east are always a lot heavier there than in yorkshire, anyone else notice this? I can't imagine it to be anything to do with high ground cos newcastle aint that high
  3. Hmm further south of yorkshire the showers seem to be dying out as they hit inland, hopefully this changes for you soon.
  4. Yeah Im hoping the big ones maintain intensity and head a little further south. With the wind changing to more of a northerly direction this is possible.
  5. A nice little covering here two, did well out of that streamer overnight Think that might be it now
  6. Who's that hanging from the tree? I think It's the moisture from heavy fog in sub zero temperatures, causing it to lightly slow or whatever the phenomen is called.. I don't believe it's actually falling from the clouds high above
  7. The northern extent is further north. But the heavy meaningful precipitation is behind on 7am chart and will likely be exactly the same as the 9am chart come 9am.
  8. ECM is a peach this morning, just wish it had more support. Good luck for those in the south for snow today, I'm hopefull those in the north might get a feed of snow showers from the east overnight. And fair play steve you called out just how far south the models would correct the northern extent of todays precipitation a long way out, even though fair few big hitters was stubborn to do so.
  9. Its GFS and a couple other big guns against APREGE/ICON, some of these models are going to be majorly wrong.
  10. Yeah your probably right mate. I've lost count over the years how many times these type of set-ups shift further south nearer the time! Deep down I'm kind of anticipating the southward corrections but live in hope lol. Was pleasantly suprised this morning when checking the charts though, were still well in the game.
  11. Oooo infact gfs 06z does correct a tad south, I hope this doesn't become a trend. A few crucial runs yet to come
  12. I think when the precipitation comes into view on the day, If it reaches northern ireland, good news for the north.
  13. GFS 78h still looks good for more northern areas. Also bbc had the snow on thursday night reaching as far north as southern scotland!
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