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  1. Looks like some places are going to get an unbelievable night show of lightning, what I would give for that!
  2. The gap of no storms which were in, seems to be getting smaller towards the south and west of our region. Could see some develop soon in these areas. Looks poor for east of the region. Watch otley where I've moved from get hammered later...
  3. Keep the faith cheese. I find gfs 0-24h precipitation charts quite good in situations like these. latest 12z charts is massive improvement on 6z and has showers (storms exploding over our region in due coarse. Our window of opportunity is now til 3am. We have bags of time.
  4. Pitifull storms over uk, what does it take to get a good nightime display of lightning with torrential rain all night. I've seen it happen once must have been around 1992... And I was so young I paid little attentin to it
  5. Admire the optimism but can't see anything happening tonight apart from that storm in holland tracking up the north sea and giving eastern fringes scotland a good hiding come the morning. Just look at that big storm i9n france die as soon as it hit the english channel... Some nice photos of clouds but none look that threatening at all.
  6. Are you shaw you haven't just taken one of those 'humdingers' we usually see over Germany/France and stuck it on a uk map??
  7. Now that is a propper storm! well isolated and not part of a messy cluster, lots of lightning and affecting a location for a good amount of time.
  8. It is moving NW but is also growing and expanding out so has that look about it.
  9. High level clouds firing up over central southern england now, coinciding with expected increased activity on latest gfs run 18z - 24z. Can see an large area of storms thundery rain developing and pushing north in next few hours, should be an interesting night.
  10. Looks like anywhere north and west of cambridge could get a storm this evening/tonight. Very encouraging that a storm has broke out so far east.
  11. Stop moaning, you get all the snow in winter can't have all the best weather! 2010 you got a fall of about 16" snow! while most missed out
  12. That's mother nature sticking her big middle sasusage finger up at each and every one of us! ?
  13. Haha that's definately cursed it! Be strange if storms tomorrow were more severe with temperatures upto 10c cooler though. I'm not expecting anything
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