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  1. My only hope is that fingerof rain just passing liverpool, doubt it will be electrified though.
  2. Yes certainly game on, for anywhere east of leeds
  3. Storms just developing in northern areas in the last hour. I bet East yorkshire, places like newcastle, north york moors get paggered in a few hours! Always thought it would develop just east of me.
  4. Looks like Eindoven is about to get pummeled
  5. I would have thought about 3am, but my fear is that the storms will break out just east of us as the cold front passes, with north/east yorkshire, durham, Tynside doing quite well.
  6. I've noticed the dew points are really quite high, I have a temperature of 20C and a dew point of 19C, really is a loaded gun out there!
  7. Think I spoke to soon, If I lived more than an hours drive away I wouldn't bother chasing it now.
  8. To be honest this storm is nothing special, 30 strikes/min I bet it dies when it hits that cloud and mess coming in from the west, just like that storm 20 miles NW of bournemouth did. Still though I expect a few good storms to pop up or be imported as the evening/night wears on.
  9. I think this storm is going to pass way north of salisbury.
  10. Met office warning tonight for us further north ''Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop more widely across central, southern and eastern parts of England during Thursday night and Friday morning, whilst rain spreading from the west may also turn locally heavy and thundery. This all moving eastwards during the course of the day, but not clearing East Anglia until evening. Please be aware of the risk of disruption due to localised flooding and also from lightning strikes.'' Were still in with a shout
  11. I wonder if they will die out as soon as it gets dark, just like yesterdays storms
  12. Looks like a line of storms are developing, Shrewsbury stretching SEE to Nothampton.
  13. Was just thinking the highest temps today are near coventry, something could kick off here and boom! 2 sferics have appeared, could be game on for the midlands.
  14. what the he'll is going on, UK live lightning goes down with that storm next to Derby looking like tracking up the pennines, 20 mins later and it's now tracking north east towards Sheffield! you couldn't make this up! could this storm be super cellular as they have a habit of just turning east?
  15. I think it's going to track up the western side of the pennines, perhaps just reaching as far east as eastern upslopes of the pennines.