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  1. Just starting to rain, thunder and lightning to the south of us in Darlington
  2. Lots of lightning now and almost instant thunder. I stand corrected but happy
  3. Lots of lightning now and almost instant thunder. I stand corrected but happy
  4. Currently near Le Havre in France. 37c today and very humid. Keeping my eye on the activity to my West.
  5. My daughter comes out later than most schools so hopefully it’s done by then
  6. It’s called graupel https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graupel
  7. Been some nasty accidents on the A19 in the space of around 10 minutes tonight. Maybe no snow but rain in these temperatures are deadly
  8. Just heard thunder in Amsterdam. Looking at the radar we may be in for a bit more later
  9. Some good strikes nearby and lots of thunder and rain in Darlington might get some more later looking at the radar
  10. For me it has to be the Ottery St Mary storm. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/learn-about-the-weather/weather-phenomena/case-studies/ottery-hail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1081758/Hailstorm-swamps-small-town-6ft-drifts--October.html I lived nearby about 15 miles away. We spent the night with constant lightening so bright we didn't need to put the light on to calm my daughter The following morning I set off for work (at the Met Office) and was listening to the local BBC news interviewing a farmer in Ottery St Mary saying he had 'snow' in his farmyard feet deep. I was confused as I was now about 3 miles away and no sign and this was October and not that cold. Went to go over the river and a guy was stopping everyone saying the bridge was flooded. Long alternative trip to work. When I got there I was gobsmacked at the data (see above) I do remember the day before there was a huge wall cloud straight outside the Met Office and Mammatus cloud on the way home but this caught everyone by surprise
  11. Just skirted North of me. Looks like you had a good shower in Aycliffe
  12. Having experience technical wobbles in the Middle East we always had a bit of back up cash for down time be it planned (but not always communicated) or just a random "your card has been stopped" Why??????? I hated bartering though. I got ripped off big time as I was too polite to barter. One time I was truly to tired, hot etc to buy a rug and walked out. They cut the price from 5000 AED to 1200 AED. I still said no (they would have gone lower) Always have a bit of cash handy
  13. Having lived out in the Middle East for a few years I can concur that it never gets below 40c in the 3 summer months. I watch with interest to see if this year is likely to be a record setting year
  14. Cakie

    Did you know.

    Not in my car they didn't and won't until Autumn
  15. From reports from friends down in the South West I would check if schools are open in the morning
  16. Whiteout in Darlington. Supposed to be taking my daughter to ice skating lessons but might pass on that today
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