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  1. Been out in the Dales for the day, sun was out but showers on the road. Got back to Darlington and floods. BMW burnt out his turbo trying to get through one flood. Rain gauge has 26mm of rain so far. Hoping for something from the south later
  2. My American friends are happy to adopt them as their 'Royal Family'. Well fine. I agree that the press have not been kind to them. They have said their bit, they want their own life so go live their life in private.
  3. If you search D-Day on the Met Office site there is a lot of information on there for you to read
  4. 2c according to the car but felt colder than yesterday with frost. I guess more moisture in the air makes it feel that way?
  5. Currently -6.7c after an overnight low of -7.8c. I'm not sure I remember such low temperatures. Possible chance of some snow later the radar is correct on the movement out over the coast
  6. Strange accumulations overnight. West side of Darlington has about 1.5 inches, North east side hardly half an inch. Still gently snowing though
  7. Breaking the ice in the water fountain is a must. I think Blue Peter drilled this into me in the late 70's or was that having a tennis ball in your pond to let the air in ?
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