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  1. Uncanny timing with the arrival of the Autumn Equinox the weather turns increasingly unsettled with wind and rain at times in the coming week. Cooler than of late too. Read the full update here
  2. It's a little late for this type of weather, with the autumn equinox on Monday. But in timely fashion, this weekend also heralds a breakdown of the summery spell. Read the full update here
  3. Michael Fish presents his latest weekly forecast with the fine, warm weather about to end. There will at least be a mostly sunny Saturday, but from Sunday and into next week, low pressure will be in charge. With periods of rain, showers and strong winds to come. Watch the video here
  4. Warming up into the mid 20sC by the weekend but the settled sunny weather will fade from the SW. Fine and dry for today's Climate strikes. Windy and unsettled for next week. Read the full update here
  5. High pressure brings sunshine, light winds and temperatures in the 20sC for the end of the week. Windy on Saturday and then turning more unsettled with a blustery late September. Read the full update here
  6. Jo Farrow looks ahead to the weather this weekend. Watch the video here
  7. High pressure stays in charge until the weekend, keeping the fine weather coming and temperatures will be on the up too. Changes are afoot though with unsettled weather arriving by Sunday. Read the full update here
  8. Mid to high 20sC later this week as the flow turns around to the south. High pressure brings a lot of settled and sunny weather to the UK, away from the far north. Read the full update here
  9. High pressure will be in charge of our weather this week, bringing a lot of sunshine, but you'll be doing well to see much of it today. Read the full update here
  10. There's some rain across the northern half of the UK today but warmer and drier further south. Next week, with high pressure taking hold, there'll be plenty of fine, dry and increasingly warm weather on offer. Read the full update here
  11. The weekend will see some increasingly warm sunshine in the south, cloud and rain spreading down across Scotland reaching northern England and N. Ireland on Sunday. Gales in the far NW. Read the full update here
  12. Michael Fish is back from his holiday in the Channel Islands and looks ahead to a mostly settled spell of weather this weekend and through next week. Watch the video here
  13. Plenty of fine weather today and for many on Saturday with warm sunshine. Fronts from the NW keep a more unsettled them for parts of Scotland with blustery winds. Nippy by night. Read the full update here
  14. Ex-tropical storm Gabrielle will bring some rain to the north today, tropical warmth and some sunshine in the south. Cooler on Friday, but high pressure builds, so dry for many into the weekend. Read the full update here
  15. Ex tropical systems have brought some blustery winds and rain for the middle of the week. There will be extra warmth on Thursday thanks to ex-Gabrielle, then more settled for the weekend. Read the full update here
  16. A low pressure linked to what was Hurricane Dorian is heading for Iceland and will bring wet and windy weather tonight and on Wednesday. Remnants of TS Gabrielle mean UK rain on Thursday. Read the full update here
  17. There'll be wind and rain at times this week, thanks in part to the visits of ex-Dorian and ex-Gabrielle. But then a fine weekend beckons as the jet stream buckles and moves north. Read the full update here
  18. Ex-hurricane Dorian and ex-tropical storm Gabrielle will both be on the scene during the coming days, playing their part in a changeable, often unsettled week of weather. Read the full update here
  19. High pressure will ensure a mostly dry and fine weekend, but nights will be chilly. Unsettled at times next week, as the remnants of two ex-hurricanes pay a visit. Read the full update here
  20. Michael Fish is away, so Jo Farrow brings us the forecast for the weekend and next week. And after a fine, cool weekend with some chilly nights, next week will bring some unsettled weather. Both (by that point) ex-hurricane Dorian and ex-tropical storm Gabrielle will be mixed up in the Atlantic flow, bringing some extra energy to the atmosphere. Currently, they're not expected to bring anything too severe, but they are likely to play their part in bringing some spells of wet and windy weather and with a changeable week forecast, it's worth staying up to date with the latest forecasts. Watch the video here
  21. Not bad this weekend, with a lot of bright and dry weather. These winds will ease and the patchy rain clearing later on Friday. The new storm list is out #NameourStorms 2019/20 Read the full update here
  22. Cool & breezy next few days, dry in the south today, rain moving southeast for all on Friday. But the weekend looks to be mostly fine and settled as high pressure builds. Read the full update here
  23. A cooler second half of the week with some fair weather this weekend. Temperatures will be in the mid to high teens but noticeably cooler nights particularly this weekend.a0A cold front on Friday will bring a band of heavier rain across the UK with blustery winds. After that, the weekend should be more settled.a0 Watch the video here
  24. Winds from the northwest for the rest of the week, meaning cool days and chilly nights, some rain at times too. Weekend drier but still cool, as high pressure builds. Read the full update here
  25. A bit mixed and unreliable this week. Wednesday looks blustery, very windy in the far NW and there is a band of rain heading SE later today. Cooler air will follow, feeling more like autumn. Read the full update here
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