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  1. A front across the country is dividing fresher air in the north and humid air in the south. That front will also bring some increasingly heavy rain into the north later today and overnight. Read the full update here
  2. Still dry in the SE but getting warmer again. Fronts will snake across the UK bringing pulses of rain with cooler air to the north. Royal Ascot this week. Warm for England's World Cup match tonight Read the full update here
  3. High pressure will be back this week, firstly in the south, as low pressure continues to bring rain at times further north. But then the high looks set to build across the UK toward the end of the week. Read the full update here
  4. Sunday the better half of the weekend, becoming dry and increasingly warm in the south next week, perhaps 27C on Wednesday. Read the full update here
  5. After a mixed weekend with a sunnier Sunday following a showery Saturday, next week brings the warmest, driest weather to the south of the country with cooler, wetter weather further north. Watch the video here
  6. #StormHector caused a stir yesterday and has left the UK in cooler, fresher air. Saturday looks wet for many with a better Sunday. Much warmer in the south next week. Read the full update here
  7. Storm Hector will bring gales or severe gales to the north of Britain today, with gusts of 60-70 mph possible. Read the full update here
  8. A fine day for many as the SW breeze picks up. Rain will reach Norhtern IRleand and Scotland today with more rain for NW UK overnight as strong winds and high gusts affect the Thursday morning rush Read the full update here
  9. Change is on the way, with low pressure moving in off of the Atlantic from tomorrow to bring a spell of rain and even severe gales in places. Read the full update here
  10. The jet stream is firing back up and is going to bring a change in our weather this week as low pressure from the Atlantic makes a comeback. Watch the video here
  11. More settled, mostly dry weather to start the week but a northerly wind will pull the temperatures down tomorrow. Then back to wet and windy from the west. It's been a while . Read the full update here
  12. After a long spell of blocked weather, Atlantic weather systems will be making a comeback later next week. Read the full update here
  13. A mixed weekend on the way with varying amounts of cloud, some warm sunshine but also the threat of some heavy, thundery downpours in places. Read the full update here
  14. Continuing warm and humid into the weekend, some sunshine for many, but also risk of thundery showers in the west. Read the full update here
  15. Warm sunny spells for most to end the week and into the weekend, but with increasing humidity a risk of thundery showers too. Read the full update here