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  1. It's just a brief visit this time, but bitter air from the east is invading the UK and Ireland this weekend. Bringing with it the risk of some disruptive snow. Read the full update here
  2. We're back into the cold this weekend as winds swing into the east again. Disruptive snow is likely. The cold will ease into next week though. Watch the video here
  3. Temperatures will be 12 degrees lower by tomorrow as bitterly cold conditions replace the mild air in the south. Snow from the east as well. Winter hits back. Read the full update here
  4. Heavy rain has caused flooding for Ireland and SW Britain. This rain is heading NE and as cold air approaches, there will be snow, ice, hard frosts and bitter cold through the weekend. Brrrrr! Read the full update here
  5. Mild for some midweek out of the rain and blustery winds. By Friday night there will be snow showers for eastern Britain and it will be bitterly cold everywhere this weekend. Be warned. Watch the video here
  6. Cold weather will be making a return this weekend but for now it's milder and with low pressure nearby in the Atlantic, there'll be some rain moving through over the next 48 hours. Read the full update here
  7. Quiet enough today before a wet and windy spell midweek. The brisk southerly flow will lift temperatures but beware the easterly cold for this weekend. And some snow. Read the full update here
  8. An unsettled, mostly mild week on the way, but it does look possible that colder air will be moving in from the east again, this weekend. Watch the video here
  9. Apart from Tuesday, rain times for much of the week. Turning much colder from the east at the weekend. Read the full update here
  10. Showers in the south, dry in the north today. Unsettled but mild in week ahead. Read the full update here
  11. Milder air is pushing north today, with 16c a possibility. It's not all about the mildness though, as there's also some heavy rain moving north with it. Sunny spells and showers follow behind. Read the full update here
  12. For Michael's part of the country, this weekend will be some 20c warmer than it was at the same time last week, but the mildness will be brief and accompanied by some wet weather. The remainder of the next 7 days stays unsettled, with temperatures close to normal. Watch the video here
  13. Rain spreading north across all parts today & tomorrow, increasingly mild, Sunday drier & brighter Read the full update here
  14. There is snow this morning for parts of Wales, the Midlands and northern England. Better by lunchtime and then plenty of rain to come but it heralds much milder air. Read the full update here
  15. The unsettled weather continues with low pressure to our northwest spawning children today and tomorrow. Read the full update here