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  1. Jo brings us an update on the weather for the rest of this week.
  2. Cold in the east with a chilly wind and frost. Still cloudy and damp further west but Saturday looks horrible, wet, windy with rain and snow. Read the full update here
  3. The east-west battle continues, the eventual winner will be the wet and windy weather from the west though, as it breaks through by the weekend. Read the full update here
  4. The latest forecast for the week ahead with Jo Farrow, as East and West do battle. Watch the video here
  5. Fair and bright for many today and tomorrow before rain and more of a breeze edge in from the west. As that hits the cold air further east, there will be snow on northern hills. It is December after all. Read the full update here
  6. High pressure brings a dry start to the week, chilly in the east. Atlantic fronts making erratic eastward progress from mid-week, perhaps bringing snow, mainly hills, as fronts bump into cold air. Read the full update here
  7. Heavy, blustery showers will become widespread on Saturday but by Sunday the weather becomes quieter with less showers and lighter winds. Read the full update here
  8. After a wet, wild end to the week and start to the weekend we're will see a brief colder, calmer period but more Atlantic low pressure systems are set to come head towards the British Idles by mid-next week. Watch the video here
  9. Deep low will bring gales or severe gales to the north, western showers once morning rain clears. Showery over the weekend, colder on Sunday as winds turn northerly. Read the full update here
  10. More rain today from the west with blustery winds but after more heavy rain tonight there will be gales and gusty winds for Friday. This could affect end of week travel. Read the full update here
  11. Frost and ice in the north, mild in the south. The Atlantic will bring more rain and stronger winds over the next few days. Friday and Saturday look interesting. Read the full update here
  12. A quieter day today with sunny spells and just a few showers, but the next bout of wind and rain is already showing itself to our southwest. Read the full update here
  13. Quite a divide through the UK with temperatures up into double figures in the south but a frost and ice furhter north. As rain hits the colder air there will be a bit of snow on the hills, Wales, N.England and Scotland Read the full update here
  14. The weather this week stays unsettled with more spells of wind and rain as a strong jet stream drives low pressure systems our way. Read the full update here
  15. Rain at times this weekend, Monday and Tuesday colder, drier and brighter before more rain arrives by Wednesday, with further rain Thursday and Friday. Read the full update here