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  1. Rain, wind, sleet, snow and hail have all featured today, and the unsettled often cold start to the week will continue. Watch the video here
  2. Hefty showers today and tomorrow with thunder, lightning, hail, sleet and hill snow mixed in. It's quite an unsettled week with the threat of frost remaining Read the full update here
  3. Met Eireann have named a low bringing severe gales to Ireland today Storm Ewan, which will also bring gales and heavy rain to northern and western UK. Colder conditions with heavy and thundery showers bringing hill snow to start the new week. Read the full update here
  4. Low pressure dominates this weekend, and into next week, so expect rain and strong winds to be frequent visitors. Read the full update here
  5. We're into a lull now that Doris has left the scene, but wind and rain will be back later and into tomorrow, followed by another spell moving through on Sunday. Read the full update here
  6. Land gales, damaging gusts, disruption to travel and power supplies possible. Heavy snowfall too for the wintry north. What a day #StormDoris. Read the full update here
  7. Storm Doris arrives overnight and moves through during Thursday - disruption is likely. Watch the video here
  8. Storm Doris is developing as we speak and will be bringing a spell of treacherous weather overnight and during tomorrow, with severe gales, heavy rain and snow all included. Read the full update here
  9. After the very mild Monday, it's a cooler start but southern Britain will stay mild until Thursday. Windy tonight, then watching developments for Thursday morning central swathe of Britain. Gales and snow Read the full update here
  10. A really mild start to the week will be followed by some wet and windy weather into midweek, which in turn will be followed by a change to colder conditions for the end of the week. Watch the video here
  11. A rather mild but windy day, temperatures reaching mid-teens eastern England, rain and gales across northern areas. Unsettled at times for rest of the week, gales on Thursday while turning colder. Read the full update here
  12. Westerly winds bringing in tropical maritime air could send temperatures as a high as 17C on Monday. But turning increasingly unsettled, windy then colder northwesterly winds on Friday with risk of hill snow in the north. Read the full update here
  13. Temperatures could reach 16-17c for some on Monday, as our mild run of weather continues. Not all will see the sunshine and spring-like weather over the next few days, though. Read the full update here
  14. Michael is in trouble this weekend, as for her birthday his wife was hoping for some snow, instead, we have unseasonably mild temperatures. Next week sees that continue, with rain and some very strong winds potentially moving through too. Watch the video here
  15. Mild temperatures stay with us through the weekend, with highs perhaps reaching 15c early next week. There will be some rain at times, though, this chiefly in the north and west. Read the full update here