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  1. Warmer next few days, sunny in the southeast today, but cloud and patchy rain spreading southeast elsewhere. Thursday cloudy with rain in places. Showers for all on Friday, before becoming confined to the south over the weekend. Read the full update here
  2. Don't worry if you gave in on Monday and put the heating on, temperatures are rising as the rain clear the south. High pressure is trying to bring more settled, fair weather our way. Read the full update here
  3. Summer Solstice and the start of astronomical summer, but it won't feel particularly summery in the south under cloud and rain. Sunnier weather in the north will reach all areas on Tuesday, showery conditions spreading southeast later in the week Read the full update here
  4. The upcoming week brings more of an Atlantic influence to the UK's weather, but with high pressure never too far away there will be some sunnier, drier spells in amongst the wetter, cloudier weather. Read the full update here
  5. Summer is on pause at the moment, with over a months worth of rainfall falling in parts of Kent on Friday. There's further heavy, thundery rain to come as well, moving up from the south later today and again late Sunday and into the start of next week. Read the full update here
  6. Michael Fish brings us his latest weekly weather forecast, and it's quite a change from last week as thundery rain continues to pulse north from the continent. Watch the video here
  7. There has already been heavy rain and storms this week for the SE with rain this morning across more of England. With further episodes, there is the risk of flooding this weekend. Read the full update here
  8. Further pulses of heavy rain will move up from the south in the coming days with the threat of torrential downpours from thunderstorms. Read the full update here
  9. A Spanish Plume will visit southern and eastern areas today, with heat returning to SE England, where temperatures may reach 30C. But the plume will become unstable later, with thunderstorms moving northeast tonight. Read the full update here
  10. 29.7C in SW London yesterday but there is a fresher feel for more of the UK. The hot, humid air remains over SE Britain as thundery pulses head up from the south. Read the full update here
  11. Hot & humid conditions again for SE Britain today, cooler and fresher elsewhere. Heat relaxes Tuesday, before returning to the south and east Wednesday, thundery breakdown second half of week, as cooler air from the west eventually wins out Read the full update here
  12. For the UK as a whole, the heat and sunshine will peak today (Sunday). But hot, humid weather will still have big a part to play next week, even as cooler, fresher air tries to move down from the northwest. And that combination could result in fireworks. Read the full update here
  13. June has been an excellent month for sunshine and warmth so far, and we're now into another mostly dry, warm weekend that'll turn hot tomorrow. But the weather pattern is changing. Read the full update here
  14. Temperatures and humidity are on the rise into the weekend with widespread warmth and heat on Sunday. The hotter weather will be squeezed further southeast next week as low pressure exerts its influence further north and west. Read the full update here
  15. There's a partial eclipse of the sun this morning (Thursday) although with cloud drifting in from the west it may be tricky to view for some. Beyond today, heat and humidity will be on the rise. Read the full update here
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