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  1. A keen easterly wind will bring showers to eastern counties Saturday, and some outbreaks of rain will feed up from the south during Sunday and Monday too. Otherwise, a good deal of quiet, cool weather on the way, but warming up a little into next week. Watch the video here
  2. More of the same today and over the weekend, with cool and bright days with showers in the east. Chilly at night, with rural frost where skies clear. Windier in the south on Sunday, rain arrives across England and Wales by early next week. Read the full update here
  3. Overall the next week or so will see a lot of settled, mostly dry and bright weather to end October. We will pickup brisk easterly winds, see clusters of showers from the North Sea and up from the Channel at the weekend, but nothing too severe. Read the full update here
  4. High pressure brings a settled spell of weather, but it'll be cool with some chilly nights. Watch the video here
  5. High pressure building back over the UK is set to bring another prolonged period of mostly dry weather, but it will be chilly. Read the full update here
  6. Even if you've popped outside and don't think it's that nippy at the moment, the cold air is on its way. It will feel damp and chilly with a brisk wind even as the skies brighten. Read the full update here
  7. Blustery winds and cooler air arrive for Tuesday, but with high pressure moving toward the UK from midweek the weather will soon be settling down. Watch the video here
  8. Plenty of blustery showers about to start the week, with even a bit of snow for the Scottish mountain tops overnight as cold air takes hold. If you have been considering whether to get out the winter clothes, this week may convince you. Read the full update here
  9. Outbtreaks of rain spreading north for Sunday, followed by sunshine and showers, feeling quite mild. Unsettled with showers Monday and Tuesday, drier but cooler from mid-week, as high pressure builds. Read the full update here
  10. Low pressure is dominating this weekend, and with various fronts crossing the country, it's going to be quite an unsettled few days. Read the full update here
  11. A change in our weather this weekend as low pressure brings some unsettled, but milder weather. Watch the video here
  12. Low pressure taking over from the west this weekend, bringing heavy showers or longer spells of rain, but winds turning southerly bringing warmer air. Unsettled early next week, drier and sunnier from mid-week. Read the full update here
  13. Cool again today, with further showers spreading from the east, particularly across the north - where they will be heavy and perhaps thundery. Drier in the south Friday, wet in the north. Warmer in the south over the weekend, but turning unsettled across all parts. Read the full update here
  14. Another chilly start today, and again we'll be seeing sunny spells and some showers being brought through on the easterly wind. Changes are on the way, though, as we finally start to break out of this pattern. Read the full update here
  15. After another chilly start this morning, the weather pattern of the last couple of weeks continues, but a change is expected to arrive by the end of the week. Read the full update here