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  1. Turning increasingly windy over the next few days with gales in the north, as two deep Atlantic systems pass to the north. Cloud and patchy rain moving east today. Sunnier and rather warm in the south on Wednesday, while turning wet and windy in the north. Read the full update here
  2. Low pressure regularly on the scene will mean a blustery week on the way, with some spells of rain to go with it. In between, some drier, and pleasantly warm periods. Watch the video here
  3. This week will bring blustery conditions to all, with gales and strong gusts for Scotland. There will be warm air over the next few days though with temperatures up to 21C (70F). Read the full update here
  4. After a wet night for many, the front which brought the rain will clear east around lunchtime, to leave sunshine and showers. Into next week, an active jet stream will mean a few bouts of wind and rain. Read the full update here
  5. Very wet in the western Scotland to start the weekend, the rain will eventually spread to all parts before clearing east tomorrow. The mild southerly wind will be gone by tomorrow too, replaced by a fresher southwesterly. Read the full update here
  6. An unsettled week of weather on the way, as the jet stream powers up and sends Atlantic systems toward the UK. Watch the video here
  7. Summer has had an extended run, but the starters gun is about to be fired on something a bit more Autumnal. Read the full update here
  8. The Autumn Equinox brings fairly quiet weather, most places dry and bright or sunny today, though cloudier with patchy light rain for central and eastern England. Friday and Saturday fine for most, though wind and rain moving through by Sunday morning. Read the full update here
  9. Still some warm sunshine this week, especially in the southeast, but also some chill nights. By the weekend, low pressure moves nearby, bringing gusty winds and rain eventually spreading to all parts from the northwest. Watch the video here
  10. A band of rain is approaching from the west today, although the southeast won't see much rain from it once it arrives into tomorrow. A near repeat performance follows later tomorrow, although the rain band will be weaker. Read the full update here
  11. Another quiet day coming up, barring a few showers in the southeast, it's dry for most with varying amounts of cloud. An Atlantic front will be arriving from the west on Wednesday and into Thursday though. Read the full update here
  12. A quiet start to this week, with just some patchy rain in places. More rain turns up from midweek, though, and the north and west in particular turn wetter and windier toward the end of the week. Watch the video here
  13. The weather you have now not really changing much over the next few days, cloud and showery rain for central and eastern parts, northern and western areas fine and sunny. Sunshine and showers for all from mid-week. Read the full update here
  14. With temperatures closer to normal, a quieter, less dramatic week of weather is expected this week. With some rain at times, especially in the north and west but also some dry, sunnier spells. Read the full update here
  15. With the heat, humidity and thunderstorms out of the way now, there's a far more seasonal feel to the weather to start the weekend. Read the full update here