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  1. Still plenty lying here. Roads are now clear, but still lying snow on pavements, gardens and roofs. Nice to have the power back as well, after two power cuts! Oh, and I got to use my snow shovel for the first time, to clear snow from our sloping drive. I bought it in 2011 and was beginning to think it would never get used!
  2. This is bonkers....it's still chucking it down. MetO Filton forecast says sleet between 2am and 5am, then just cloudy. Am dreading the drive in the morning.
  3. Shrubs in the garden are bending under the sheer weight of snow! Street lights have now gone off. Still no sign of gritting......I imagine the council have been caught unawares by this. It was certainly a big surprise!
  4. No gritting here yet.....doesn't bode well for the morning. May have to drive daughter to work....she only passed her test 2 weeks ago!
  5. Yep. 1a.m. I think. It's a winter wonderland out there.......everything is PLASTERED! It' so exciting!
  6. Almost a blizzard now, settling on pavement and roofs! Wasn't expecting this!
  7. I have an ice volcano in my birdbath. I assume that it's due to the water freezing at the edge first and so the only place for the rest of the water to go is inwards and upwards where it has frozen and exploded! Well I know what I mean and if it was at all possible for this techno-twit to post a picture........I would! Beautiful morning, though.
  8. Looking out the window, you wouldn't even know that it was snowing for hours yesterday! BUT we had a good 5/6 hours of falling snow AND it was in broad daylight, so I'm taking that as quite good, compared to the last few Winters.
  9. I haven't any idea what may cause it......I was so shocked when I saw it! PS In case kumquat is reading this..........I don't seem to be able to do replies without my previous quoting of one of your posts coming up.....sorry!
  10. Quite a large area, with Bristol right in the middle. Certainly South Glos was buried under it......so a radius of that size around Bristol. The words Bristol Channel streamer have been mentioned in some quarters!
  11. Gritter has just gone past my window. Good, because I am quite anxious about having to drive later on, after seeing the blizzard forecast for 5o'clock.
  12. I have just seen the forecast on TV for later on. All around the wider Bristol area is going to be buried come 5o'clock and I have to drive my daughter to her works Christmas do in Filton.
  13. Yep, coming down much better now and starting to settle. A bit! Long may it continue. I am going into the back garden now so that I can really feel it!
  14. Coming down a bit heavier now and starting to settle a bit on grass, car and shed/garage roof. Lots more, please!
  15. I can only hope it's heading this way. It's not much more than a few soggy flakes blowing about in the wind here! But you do have elevation in your favour.....I suppose that's got something to do with it. Enjoy it though! ☺
  16. A light, wet snow shower here. Not settling due to 6 inches of standing water from earlier torrential and prolonged rain. A slight exaggeration, but there is an awful lot of surface water lying around. Never mind, hope springs eternal and all that. Hope everyone with decent snow is having a wonderful time! ☺
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