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  1. There seem to be flurries popping up all over the place, and some only a few miles from me, but there has been nowt here. Yet!
  2. I am now confused. According to BBC forecast at 1.30 the whole of the South is going to get plastered on Thursday/Friday. Am I missing something and/or being a bit dim?
  3. My boiler condensate pipe in the loft has frozen, despite being lagged. I have rigged up an alternative system in the boiler cupboard, using a length of plastic tubing and a bucket. It is working so far, but I am on "bucket watch" and hope the pipe thaws out asap! Stay safe and warm everybody.
  4. Quite. I have just read through the last few pages and was "bothered" by some posts........there actually seemed to be some nastiness creeping in. Not nice.
  5. Is there a pm facility or is the stickynote thing the way to do it? I am technically incompetent and do not understand these things, but want to contact another poster privately (nothing dodgy ). How do I go about it please, both sending and receiving? Thank you!
  6. knocker, I really appreciate your continual updates on this thread. It is so much easier to follow than the "main" model thread. Thank you! ☺☺
  7. There are precip charts in the MAD thread which show no snow South of the M4. What's that about? It doesn't tie in with the MetO further outlook. I feel a mini panic coming on....
  8. Re North of the M4 and South of the M4, in 2012 I moved from about 2 miles South of "it" to about 2 miles North of "it" and it has made quite a difference! It was out of Bristol and into a more rural area. Having said that, just a few miles further North from here gets more snow again. Perhaps instead of the old phrase "go West, young man" it should be "go North, young man". I'm wittering again.
  9. Have stocked up on bird food. I don't think there's much that I haven't stocked up on........even mouthwash and facial wipes!
  10. Same here, nettie. FB and all that sort of stuff is beyond me! I think I'm doing well posting on here!
  11. I have stocked up on stuff. As well as a bit extra of everything, I have: 2 sliced loaves in freezer 3 packs of half-baked baguettes 3 litres long life milk (almond) Tinned meat, fruit, puddings, beans, spaghetti Plentiful supply of loo rolls.....wouldn't want to be caught short there! Batteries for radio and torches 2 boxes of household candles (and matches) Rock salt, de-icer, screen wash, trusty snow shovel My freezer and larder are full, but it's all stuff that we can eat afterwards anyway, if we don't get snowed in. We have a Sainsbury's local and a small (and expensive) local shop, otherwise it's about 3 miles to a supermarket. Filled up with petrol too. I could see an issue with heating though, if power lines come down. Let us hope that this is our time but also that everyone stays safe. Love to all, from noggin Xxxxxxxxx
  12. A light sleety, haily sort of wintry shower thing going on here! It's coming from the Southeast, which is an odd direction.
  13. It would be different now, because things have changed. I remember walking to school in the Winter of 62/63, I was living in Exeter back then. We all walked, teachers and pupils, because the pupils all went to nearby schools and the teachers worked in nearby schools. Today, pupils and teachers can live 5, 10, 20 miles from school so getting there in very deep snow would be difficult. Also, most married women didn't go out to work then either so there is a big chunk of the population that didn't need to be getting to work. Nowadays people have to travel much further during the course of their days so there are massive travel problems when there is deep snow lying. That is just my take on "getting around" in such conditions. If I could put my weary mind to thinking about food supplies, I would, but I can't. People generally didn't have food freezers back then, but there were more local shops. Things have changed since the early 60s and as my old driving instructor used to say "you can't compare peas and carrots"! So I won't be one of the old whingers who complains that 'it wasn't like that back in my day" and that "we just used to get on with it"....... we all live different lives now, things that were problematic back then aren't problematic now and vice versa. I'll shut up now. PS Aren't we lucky to have Ian Ferguson doing our local weather forecasts!
  14. It is snowing! Quite wet snow, but starting to settle on cars, grass, roofs and fence tops. Wonder how long it will last........it doesn't seem terribly cold at the moment.
  15. I don't pretend to understand charts, but after a quick look in the MAD thread it looks to me like there will be snow to the East of us and snow to the West of us and that we will be stuck in a dry bit in the middle. Also, there are no snowflakes in my local MetO forecast. Can anyone offer any crumbs of hope, because I am feeling deflated already, having got my hopes up, despite trying not to. I was really hoping that this would be OUR TIME, here in the SW..............
  16. Met Office still forecasting gusts of 59mph here Weds night/Thurs morning. Although I do love wild weather, I always fear for my roof and fences when it's really windy. We really are at the mercy of the weather!
  17. Even if I don't have any more snow, I shall be satisfied with this Winter as I have had a blizzard, albeit during the night, where the snow lay for a couple of days, plus a smaller fall, although it only lay for about an hour. I took photos and look at them frequently.....gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! Haven't even seen any blue sky for several days now...........just miserable, nondescript and unrelenting greyness.
  18. Some torrential hailstorms here............I thought it was the roof caving in! It has certainly been a memorable Christmas/New Year period, weather-wise.
  19. Still a fair old covering in the back garden and on roofs which don't get any sun. Hope to get another day out of it tomorrow, then I think it'll probably go. It has been quite a good few days.......best since 2010 I think, given how long it has hung around. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. ☺
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