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  1. I must be looking in the wrong place then. Happy to be proved wrong though. Mind you, I'm not much good at this sort of thing........I'll just sit quietly on the sidelines for a bit.
  2. From what I've see it looks like a downgrade. The amber warning on the MetO warning map has shrunk markedly and faded to yellow. Don't know how much to trust that, but on their video thing, it shows the big snow only for the far SW and the Bristol area isn't anywhere near the yellow warning area. Looking proper pants now. If someone can give me some hope, I would be grateful.
  3. Well, I think it's time to get some housework done now, then I can come back for the big event later tonight with a clear conscience. May even try to have a bit of a nap this afternoon so that I can try for an all-nighter!
  4. I hope I can say this without rendering myself or netweather liable to a libel case, because he did actually say it, but I'll spare his blushes and not mention his name: In March 2000 a senior person at the CRU (UEA) said that "within a few years Winter snowfall will be a thing of the past" and that "children just aren't going to know what snow is". Roll on 18 years............
  5. Well, at least I don't have to worry about heavily pregnant daughter this time around. I'm now worrying about t'other daughter who has gone on a coach day trip to Bletchley Park! The Beast from the East sure does pick his times.
  6. Sorry for the quoted posts with no reply!!! I just wanted to ask Bristle boy if he was referring to the M4, as I moved to the North of it 5 years ago and it has made a difference! Anyway, tis a blooming blizzard here now!
  7. Because we are not sure exactly where Bletchley Park is, being strangers to the Southeast. I had checked Met Office for Milton Keynes' forecast thinking that might be nearby, but also thought it would be good to have local input. Do you object to visitors or something?
  8. Thank you Stu, that is reassuring! Our knowledge of Southeastern geography is sadly not very good and as Nweatherers are a fine bunch of folk I thought I'd pay a visit and ask! In the last lot of snow my other daughter was heavily pregnant, in Somerset, and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 2am on 2nd March, at the height of the blizzard. Whilst I love snow, it is happening at inconvenient times lately! Thank you again and love to all in the SE.
  9. Hello Southeasteners! Today (Saturday) my daughter is going on a coach day trip to Bletchley Park. We live in South Gloucestershire. Can anyone advise what the weather is likely to be en route as we are slightly panicking! Thank you very much.
  10. Yesterday I drove from Coalpit Heath to Bath, then on to edge of Mendips and back to Coalpit Heath and I saw 6 burst water mains. That was just on main(ish) roads........goodness knows how many bursts there are on other roads. I understand that the government has castigated the water companies for a lack of planning, especially as they had been forewarned of last week's weather. Tut tut! PS Really looking forward to Spring now.
  11. Thank you, Jethro. If it was up to me, I would give him perhaps a third name to reflect the circumstances, which he could use or ignore as he wishes. As Ellytech said earlier, it almost feels like the snow was a dream now. It certainly feels strange, looking back on it.........it was just such an INTENSE couple of days!
  12. I've shortened your post to save space Elly hope you don't mind! Thank you for your congratulations.......I have been referring to him as a snowbaby, but I rather like "child of the snow"....... I was actually a snowbaby myself as well! Re shortages...we'll just have to have an odd combination of food for tea. When I saw how much milk the dairy farmers were having to throw away, I did wonder if that might affect supplies for a day or two as well. The Bath half marathon for yesterday was cancelled, but coming through Bath on the way home yesterday we saw that a lot of the runners were doing it anyway as there had been such a quick thaw along the route.
  13. I just went to my Sainsbury's Local to get some carrots. There is no fresh veg, no frozen veg, hardly any fresh fruit, milk, pet food or chocolate. This is just reporting the situation, it's not a complaint, because I have something much better........my first grandchild, a beautiful boy born at 2am on Friday, in the middle of the blizzard, in Somerset. I only managed to get home yesterday! I just saw something in the Daily Mail which said that we were going to have an extreme Summer, this was apropos tons of sea creatures being washed up on Yorkshire beaches due to the sudden drop in temperature and storm force winds. Is this likely to be pure speculation or is there some indication that this might be the case?
  14. I am stranded 20 miles from home, in Somerset, as my one of my daughters gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 2am this morning. WiFi is dodgy to say the least. Car surrounded by 2ft drifts and road impassable. What a time he chose to be born..........we shall be dining out on this for years!!
  15. Cracking lot of cloud just arrived from the East here....getting ready for a really good hefty shower by the looks of it.
  16. Just hope we don't get the freezing rain. I remember it from Jan 1996.......accidents galore and people falling over like ninepins. Horrendous stuff.
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