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  1. But what if it doesn't happen? You will become a social pariah. Or something.
  2. That's exactly how I'm feeling. It's looking a little bit border line. If we don't get much/any here, I think I might cry, or be a right miserable old baggage, snapping people's heads off.
  3. Welcome, young man! This really is the nicest place to be! No courage needed....just be yourself.
  4. Right, hopefully I get it right this time....thank you and bless you (with lots of lovely snow!)
  5. Almost testing, testing 123..Ignore this, am just trying a quote and respond.
  6. I would love a repeat of last March, as long as everyone stays safe. Don't want to sound like a snow-party pooper, but in the midst of last March's blizzards my daughter, who lives in the edge of the Mendips was due to give birth at the RUH in Bath. Thankfully they called her in early and my lovely grandson was born safely in the wee small hours of 2nd March. I was stranded at their house. They were stranded in the RUH and my other daughter was isolated here at home. It made me realise how dangerous snow can be....I was terrified that my daughter might go into labour stranded miles from help, can hardly bear to think about it. BUT,, it was all OK in the end. I shall not pontificate and party poop any more. Let's hope we all have a safe mega snowmageddon and have loads and loads of FUN!!! I look forward to sharing in the fun and excitement!
  7. Hello, fellow snowlovers. It's such a relief to be able to join in again.. Have had such a busy 2018 and couldn't for the life of me remember my name and password!I Anyway, it seems that there has been lots of snow about and I hope those who have had it are enjoying it, but I am fee!ing rather left out here as all I have seen is a few measly flakes in with a lot of rain! Fingers crossed that the next few days/weeks/month(s) will be very snowy for everybody in the SW and CSE!
  8. Driving home yesterday (only local), out of the corner of my eye, I saw trees looking distinctly Autumnal, I think they were oaks, but couldn't get a proper look due to traffic and road conditions. Also, berries aplenty and ripe windfallen apples! Add this to the chill in the mornings and the dew, and hey presto, Autumn is just around the corner! I am so glad that the hot sweaty weather has gone. Time for something refreshing and beautiful now!
  9. Been busy all evening and have just looked out of the window.......what a brilliant top-up and it's still coming down! Have we done better than the SouthEast, does anyone know? Not that I'd feel smug or anything..........
  10. MetO Filton forecast is for snow from 7pm until 3am, with it being heavy at 1am and 2am. So I shall have to clear the blooming drive again in the morning. Having mixed feelings about this...............
  11. Bless the RUH.........for the wonderful care they have given to my daughter and her baby. ☺☺
  12. B%&&+y thing. I'll be glad when it's finished, it's a PITA. But no, it's the other PITA, railway electrification!
  13. Just me still up and awake here. Plus about 20 Network Rail operatives with tons of illuminated cranes, engines and goodness knows what else working on the railway embankment 50 yards away. Got a fair old covering of snow now and it's coming down nicely. ☺
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