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  1. 2 hours ago, jethro said:

    Morning all, grey and gloomy here but at least it's stopped raining - for now.

    Facebook did one of those memory things this morning...apparently it's 10 years to the day since we had our monumental 2009 snowfall, if memory serves me correctly we weren't forecast to have so much then either and we were the only part of the country to get it. Around here levels, were even deeper than those of last week, February must be our lucky month.


    Re February being our lucky month...I was born in Devon in February 1956 (yeah, I'm old 😁) in the midst of snow and freezing temps. All through my childhood there was snow falling or lying on my birthday, but by the time I got to about 20 it stopped. Now it seems that February is becoming a snowy month again and it is most welcome. Funnily enough, if I recall correctly, my very first post on Netweather was about this very thing!

    What a soggy night we've just had. Combined with the soggy and windy forecast, my hopes of getting some planting in the garden done today have been thwarted. Mind you.......I see glimmers of hope in the MAD thread for later in the month  😀.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Lorraine said:

    Still going 🙂



    Seeing your avatar reminds me that yesterday morning I went out and bought a really nice bird feeder, with a lovely copper "roof" and some suet energy balls to put in it. I fixed it up as soon as I got home and am really glad that I did. Poor little birds will be struggling tomorrow...I hope people will feed them and provide water too.

  3. I have just woken up! It is still snowing...unbelievable 😂. Have just checked the MetO forecast and it is to continue until 4o'clock THIS AFTERNOON 😮. That will have been 20 hours of continual snow 😮! Temperature struggling up to 1 degree by about 1o'clock 😮! This must be our most memorable snow for donkey's  years. 😁 Can't wait for first light to go out and take some pictures of this wonderfulness. 😃

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