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  1. Exactly the same here and of course it counts.....snow is snow! There is a light covering here and still a few flakes drifting down. Yesterday I lowered my snow expectations, having been annoyed with myself for believing the nonsense in the MAD thread and hey...........we have some snow now. This is obviously the way forward for next Winter!
  2. Oh, yeah........it's snowing.........just about! Excuse me whilst I go back outside to enjoy it again!
  3. Lesson learned, I think. I have been following the Met Office forecast for the past week. It didn't hype anything, there was no hysteria, just a calm and measured forecast which has turned out to be correct so far. Silly me for having believed the hype in the MAD thread, or for having been unable to sort the wheat from the chaff on that thread. Maybe we see what we want to see. I am pleased however to see the Met Office has mentioned the POSSIBILITY of some snow showers to us in the Wild West for tonight and in the South over the weekend. Anyone that does get any..........enjoy!
  4. I don't the look of that rainband nosing down towards the Bristol Channel..........I think it's got my name on it. Snow to the North of me and snow to the South. Blooming typical! It won't snow here, that's for sure (might as well try tempting fate!) Well, to anyone who gets some.........get out there and have some fun with it!
  5. When I think of what we were being tantalised with last week, it really is a let down. I was expecting sub zero days with lying snow! Should have known better really. Ah, well, lesson learned...........until next time!!
  6. Ah, OK, I wasn't aware of that. I can never make head nor tail of what they're talking about on the MAD thread. I appreciate your encouraging post though and will allow myself one more bout of excited anticipation.
  7. I thought it was all due to kick off today? Heck....it ain't even COLD outside. This has been the biggest let down/flop/disappointment/anticlimax for YONKS. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. Second try at replying to this! I remember this. I opened the back door as the cat wanted to go out, but when he realised how cold it was he wouldn't go out. It was an unworldly cold without a breath of wind........I thought that this must be how it would feel on another planet.......it really was bizarre. I think it was also the time that Michael Fish, doing his TV forecast, said he had to have some new temperature stickers made for his map as he didn't have any which said minus 28!! Minus 28!!
  9. So was I. To this day I remember trudging to school (in Devon) and I think the best way I can explain it now is that it totally blew my mind and there was also the absolutely breathtaking beauty of it. I know all about the bad bits, I have osteopenia which has caused a few broken bones on falling over the past few years. I also have to do a fair bit of driving for my work, BUT I still want snow! It would be challenging, but exciting!
  10. Yep, it's down on the ground we want it.........not up in the air. Have only had that one light bit of snow a few weeks back which disappeared as quickly as it came. Can't keep taking all these knock backs.
  11. Talk now in the mod thread.......epic, beast from the east is coming, countrywide snow and many more excitement-inducing phrases........I want to believe it......
  12. I don't think my nerves can stand much more! Sadly, despite my best intentions, I just know that I will be inexplicably drawn back in.
  13. I think I'll get my info from this thread in future, it seems far more rational and grounded than the model discussion thread. This will be the last time I ever get sucked in by the hype of a possible repeat of 1962/3. Apart from anything else it's embarrassing when you have told your family to be prepared and then you end up looking like a right twit! Ah, well, as someone once said "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Now to gather my dignity and advise family to stand down!
  14. Good morning. A lovely sunny day, with some warmth from the sun......so much so that I've been able to hang the washing outside for the first time in weeks. A leisurely inspection of the garden sees the snowdrops looking at their best, daffodils poking through and one periwinkle flower in a sheltered spot. I am also positive that I saw a wasp, isn't that a bit early, or is it just a particularly foolhardy wasp? I cannot make head nor tail of the model discussion thread. Are we getting snow or will it just be a particularly cold spell? Can anyone kindly clarify? Ta very much!