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  1. Met Office still forecasting gusts of 59mph here Weds night/Thurs morning. Although I do love wild weather, I always fear for my roof and fences when it's really windy. We really are at the mercy of the weather! 😯
  2. I wondered why I suddenly had a big N, in a manner of speaking! 😁
  3. Even if I don't have any more snow, I shall be satisfied with this Winter as I have had a blizzard, albeit during the night, where the snow lay for a couple of days, plus a smaller fall, although it only lay for about an hour. I took photos and look at them frequently.....gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! Haven't even seen any blue sky for several days now...........just miserable, nondescript and unrelenting greyness. 😕
  4. Some torrential hailstorms here............I thought it was the roof caving in! It has certainly been a memorable Christmas/New Year period, weather-wise.
  5. Still a fair old covering in the back garden and on roofs which don't get any sun. Hope to get another day out of it tomorrow, then I think it'll probably go. It has been quite a good few days.......best since 2010 I think, given how long it has hung around. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. ☺
  6. Still plenty lying here. Roads are now clear, but still lying snow on pavements, gardens and roofs. Nice to have the power back as well, after two power cuts! Oh, and I got to use my snow shovel for the first time, to clear snow from our sloping drive. I bought it in 2011 and was beginning to think it would never get used!
  7. This is bonkers....it's still chucking it down. MetO Filton forecast says sleet between 2am and 5am, then just cloudy. Am dreading the drive in the morning.😨😨
  8. Shrubs in the garden are bending under the sheer weight of snow! Street lights have now gone off. Still no sign of gritting......I imagine the council have been caught unawares by this. It was certainly a big surprise!
  9. No gritting here yet.....doesn't bode well for the morning. May have to drive daughter to work....she only passed her test 2 weeks ago!
  10. Yep. 1a.m. I think. It's a winter wonderland out there.......everything is PLASTERED! It' so exciting!
  11. I hope the council will start gritting! Ridiculously heavy now.
  12. Almost a blizzard now, settling on pavement and roofs! Wasn't expecting this!
  13. Snowing quite heavily and starting to settle! What a nice surprise!