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  1. Driving home yesterday (only local), out of the corner of my eye, I saw trees looking distinctly Autumnal, I think they were oaks, but couldn't get a proper look due to traffic and road conditions. Also, berries aplenty and ripe windfallen apples! Add this to the chill in the mornings and the dew, and hey presto, Autumn is just around the corner! I am so glad that the hot sweaty weather has gone. Time for something refreshing and beautiful now!
  2. What? All of it? Isn't there any left in shady spots?
  3. A couple of rather splendid South of the M4 images there!!
  4. Been busy all evening and have just looked out of the window.......what a brilliant top-up and it's still coming down! Have we done better than the SouthEast, does anyone know? Not that I'd feel smug or anything..........
  5. Ha ha!! Sky looks promising though, fingers crossed!
  6. MetO Filton forecast is for snow from 7pm until 3am, with it being heavy at 1am and 2am. So I shall have to clear the blooming drive again in the morning. Having mixed feelings about this...............
  7. Black and white has quite an arty look to it though.
  8. Bless the RUH.........for the wonderful care they have given to my daughter and her baby. ☺☺
  9. B%&&+y thing. I'll be glad when it's finished, it's a PITA. But no, it's the other PITA, railway electrification!
  10. Just me still up and awake here. Plus about 20 Network Rail operatives with tons of illuminated cranes, engines and goodness knows what else working on the railway embankment 50 yards away. Got a fair old covering of snow now and it's coming down nicely. ☺
  11. I must be looking in the wrong place then. Happy to be proved wrong though. Mind you, I'm not much good at this sort of thing........I'll just sit quietly on the sidelines for a bit.