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  1. I'm going to have mine outside, as well! Oh, the joys of retirement after 46 years of work!
  2. Freezing fog has cleared and now the sky is blue and the sun is shining. There was even a red admiral butterfly in my garden! He fluttered away before I could take his picture! I hope he finds somewhere warm and safe for tonight. There was also a fly, but I don't care if he finds somewhere warm and safe or not! ?
  3. So windy again. Hate the wind...what purpose does it serve other than to blow a few cobwebs away? Rain is fine, a torrential downpour is exciting, but wind is just damaging and being out in it feels like a physical assault. Plus, it mucks up my already horrible hair! ??
  4. 2.20am and the wind has woken me up too! Shall be checking roof and fences as soon as it gets light.
  5. Stayed dry all day so was able to get my gardening done. Feeling worn out and quite sleepy after a day in the fresh air. Didn't come in until 5.30......it's staying light for much longer now, which is great for gardening. Sometimes in the Summer I don't come in until after 10!
  6. Re February being our lucky month...I was born in Devon in February 1956 (yeah, I'm old ?) in the midst of snow and freezing temps. All through my childhood there was snow falling or lying on my birthday, but by the time I got to about 20 it stopped. Now it seems that February is becoming a snowy month again and it is most welcome. Funnily enough, if I recall correctly, my very first post on Netweather was about this very thing! What a soggy night we've just had. Combined with the soggy and windy forecast, my hopes of getting some planting in the garden done today have been thwarted. Mind you.......I see glimmers of hope in the MAD thread for later in the month ?.
  7. Day 3. Actually, would this be day 4,seeing as the snow started on Thursday evening? I can heartily recommend the studded slip on things to go on over your shoes for grip. Get big ones though, as mine wouldn't go on over my wellies, but were fine on a pair of sturdy flat shoes. ?
  8. Today's remains! Lovely to see snow with a blue sky. Have spent the morning clearing snow from the drive/path/side of house that doesn't get the sun. So glad I've got a snow shovel and a sturdy yard broom!
  9. Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. ?? Nearly 7 inches (17cms) now! Where the heck is it coming from? It just gets heavier and heavier! ??
  10. This is getting silly now! ?? Nearly 6 inches/15cms! Another train shot..and a general back garden one!
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