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    Playing rugby (worse as I get older!!!) hoping that it might snow when it's winter and Liverpool FC.

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  1. North west regional discussion

    Coming down heavy now in Warrington, wasn’t expecting any near coast tonight. Is there more expected in this part of Cheshire/Merseyside?
  2. North west regional discussion

    Coming down heavy now in Warrington. C898D1DC-F49B-4F69-817E-3AD4076DC70F.MOV
  3. North west regional discussion

    Heavy snow in Warrington now, brilliant!!
  4. Snow in Warrington! If it keeps going for an hour like this it should stick... 12F1C10E-F253-4E03-9F68-B7E26864444D.MOV
  5. Light snow in Warrington, nothing to get excited about though....
  6. Snow now in Warrington and feels raw out there!
  7. A couple of flurries, a hail shower, not much else in Warrington today. I live in hope for Sunday!!
  8. Blue sky in Warrington, hail shower earlier but our snow dome is in full effect!! Not confident about Sunday either. Reverse psycology........
  9. North West England - Weather Chat

    Do I stay up and see if we get anything more in Warrington or head to bed? Sky looks full of snow but nothing here.
  10. North West England - Weather Chat

    Snow in Warrington for last 5 mins now back to rain! Been on and off like that for last hour or so!