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  1. Hi I left a garbled message on the NetWeather answerphone regarding renewing my subscription and keeping the same user name. Just to let you know that I've sorted it and renewed OK. Cheers 'Dizzy' Daisy
  2. Thanks Mondy and GW, for all the extra info, interesting stuff. Need to read and digest properly now! So quite a rare event if a G4 storm only occurs 100 times each solar cycle? X40 that would be the biggest solar flare ever recorded? You'd have thought all of that energy would have had more of an effect. Even if a lot of it is deflected away... Looking forward to see what happpens in the next 11 years, if the solar activity is set to be as intense as anticipated.
  3. Hi Mondy, Is this article about the same solar flare that caused the activity on the 14th/15th? An interesting read, I don't suppose you know if the fault on the space station is serious? It must be pretty worrying for the astronauts up there... This is what I love about NetWeather, I know nothing about the sun's activities but other people find stuff that is so facinating I want to find out more! Do you know if solar flares like this are an often occurrance and do they cause harm to our environment? Cheers D
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