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  1. Looking West from Northampton and there's some massive dark grey clouds overhead, nothing on radar though which is odd! Maybe some surprise snow on the way?
  2. Is anyone around the Haslingden/Ramsbottom area? I've got to drive up there tomorrow afternoon for a few days and I've heard there's a bit of snow around...
  3. Been snowing in Northampton since about 5.30am. Light, but looking at the radar I wouldn't be surprised if it carries on for most of today!
  4. Yeah there's a lot of fuss in the MOD thread about a surprise shortwave which is looking to extend the easterly and potentially bring us more days of showers piling in off the coast. As close as 72hours!
  5. Could someone explain in layman's terms what the shortwave would mean? Cheers
  6. I think everywhere except Northampton has had a bit of snow today Radar has a massive snow shield in full swing!
  7. ICON looks very much of an upgrade re the cold pool to our East. Fantastic stuff! Deeper and gets to us sooner!
  8. Northampton/Pitsford: 3.3*C temp, -4*C dew point. Has definitely dropped a few degrees since this morning.
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