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  1. Heavy Rain in Haverfordwest at the mo
  2. Guys, stop the bickering. This is supposed to be a thread about Model rants, raves and model banter. Lets leave it and get back on track. We may see SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just need to write this in the Diary, "Andymusic might actually be on target for once" HAhahaha ;-) (Where WelshGritter Now???)
  4. Just to remind us all. This was taken today in 2010 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. (credit to local town councillor Sue Murray for letting me share this.)
  5. From the album Various Weather

  6. Oh Blimey, Must be right then. I'd better get the snow blower out and fill the freezer ;-)
  7. Good grief. I know this is the rants and moans thread but for goodness sake. There is so much negativity - both towards the weather and other members! I LOVE snow but hey ho, we might not get any, we can still measure the rain, or be grateful for the warmth etc. I still remember the unexpected snow in April 30 odd years back Take yourselves out for a walk and enjoy what ever we're given, and dont take it out on others ;-)
  8. The only thing that would bother me is how often the windspeed is sampled. If it is only every 16 seconds ( as I found inferred on one site) that would miss many gusts. Would be interested to know the specs on that aspect. woody
  9. I flipping hope so A_T. I am getting really fed up with the mild damp or very wet conditions, with winds touching gale force - but even they haven't bought any excitement this year
  10. My Vue, records that fine, but the temperature board as a whole has been very tempermental. Have you tried removing the little case around the sensor, taking out the little mesh sheild and giving it a damn good clean? Mine was full of teeny bugs, dust and bits. Perhaps that may not be helping??
  11. NMM

    Morning from a rather wet and bedraggled Pembrokeshire. Looking at Nw Extra it talks about NMM. But I cannot seem to find what that actually is, or means? Could somebody please explain it to me, and also, is it worth explaining some where on the Extra page about it so other novices can also know. many thanks guys Woody
  12. The M.O. have increased the forcast to cover Monday here as well, still a chance then!
  13. Temps rising here. Now 5.1 :-(
  14. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UKMO Pembs SNOW SUNDAY