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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    I could not believe my eyes. I took this picture this afternoon. Not only is a woman holding a baby near the front, there is another letting her toddler lean through the railings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with people????????? They stayed there for some time. (Just to add the waves are 4 STORIES HIGH!)
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Just to give some perspective in West Wales, My County of Pembrokeshire 692 properties without Power, Ceredigion 706 and Carmarthen 296. Thats 1700 current properties. and 7000 across the Western Power Area in total. They must have been busy!
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Its alright, The BBC at lunchtime barely mentioned Wales, Then BBC Wales came on, warned of dangerous conditions in North Wales, spoke to a reporter in Bangor who didnt even mention Pembrokeshire other the the fact the Cleddau bridge was close partially closed. And was far more interest in Ireland! Typical BBC, we dont exist here in West Wales, Even BBC Radio Wales went on and on about the M4 delays didnt say anything about us and just said if you know of any other problems let us know!
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Oh well, off to bed now. Bit like lampost watching for the snow this is,LOL. G'night all see what tomorrow brings
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Sadly that is the SE centred BBC all over. Unless it is London or Kent they are just not interested
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    Narberth is just a sales office now, with a spare studio (that Jim uses occasionally I believe). I tried to report an accident about 6 weeks back and the presenter wasn't interested and didn't know the A477 by Lewis Vauxhall garage was a main rd... asked me if it got much traffic there... sigh.
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Jen, just for info. Radio Pembs now broadcast from Cardiff, and their news is now produced and presented by a company in Leeds! They are very tardy in responding to information.
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    Whilst I do agree with you, really they are on a hiding to nothing. If they issue one and nothing really happens (like with say, snow) then Joe Public gets peed off and takes less and less notice of them. If they issue one too late people moan they werent told. The other thing to bear in mind is that as soon as it goes Amber, HUGE forces of emergency plans are put into operation with Millionss of pounds worth of manpower being put on standy by. If they then get it wrong people want their blood! I worked on an LNG gas plant for a while. An Amber alert would mean partial shutdown, maintenance stopped etc etc.
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    No. Perhaps try CTRL+F5 to clear your cache?
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    Actually it is interesting as when I got out of my van about 15 mins ago, there were literally approximately 200 Crows landing on the sheltered side of the roof to the flats where I live. Never ever seen so many here before. Blooming Racket too LOL. So yes I do wonder if they are sensing something.
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    Too Late. Stena have already cancelled all crossings on that day
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    Crimsone, I think thats a bit unfair and condescending towards the lady in question!
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Have to agree about looking at the colour
  14. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    With all the wind activity forecast for our region, I'm surprised its so quiet in here now, lol
  15. Hurricane Ophelia

    Oh yes, was there only about 10 days ago looking at the baby Seals. Really nice day but blowing a hooley by the cliffs :-)