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  1. Too many variables, thats the beauty of weather. Trouble is we still dont really understand how a lot of the interactions affect one another enough. If some of the most powerful computers on the planet cant agree then we have no hope! lol
  2. As Mandrake commented, the delay to the UK is apparently due to them being caught a bit off guard by the volume of UK and EU orders. They are basically having to make them to order at the factory currently due the the Frequency issue. They are aware of this and I gather are putting things in place to improve shipping times in the near future. As Lucy has said, they are however on a weeks shutdown now due to the national holidays celebrating the 70th anniversary of the start of communism in China, which just exacerbates the delays at the moment.
  3. Probably a silly question, but have you got any chargers nearby? I have one plug in charger that creates all kinds of RF interference. Affects my wireless phone and my wireless mouse! Took me ages to discover what the problem was until one day I turned my radio on... woody
  4. I think you need to send a gentle email. Sounds like something has got forgotten somewhere
  5. ARW, take a look at the new Ecowitt Range then. I am about to move from a Davis to one of theirs for a fraction of the cost. If you send Lucy in support an email she gets back really quickly with price including shipping to uk. Worth a look... http://www.ecowitt.com
  6. Sorry ARW, but if as you say, you have had many stations previously, then you should also know that you pay for what you get. Sub £150 is never going to get you an accurate temp reading in the manner you are implying you want it to. Like most of us you have to do the best you can with what you can afford. Now, times your budget by 6 and you can probably get a VP2 with Fars unit. I've got £200 hundred pounds and would like my new station to be as good as a VP2... but it aint gonna happen!
  7. That shows why we're not getting it in Pembs ?
  8. was very heavy sleet in Johnston (pembs)15 mins ago
  9. Radio 2 just said Cambourne and Redruth in Cornwall are now having heavy snow moving northwards! Hopefully coming our way soon!
  10. I dont personally think Wales will see much apart from a few showers and the higher levels. Just my personal tuppence,lol.
  11. The Met Office said the UK has officially broken its record for the lowest temperatures for March in a 24-hour period. Temperatures in the town of Tredegar in south Wales did not get above -5.2C.
  12. Well, at 55 years of age, I cannot remember a snow drift up against my back door like this. I've lived in Milford for 14 years and never seen it here either.
  13. Haha, yes good old Sodium lights. Here in Milford they are the latest technology ;-)
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