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  1. A bit of a dog's dinner of a day for weather really. Started with a lurid sunrise quickly passing to strong wind and lashing rain that cleared out to a glorious sunny, breezy middle of the day. Then the cloud built from the south again, wind falling, and we got another couple of hours of heavy rain. Some shorter bursts this evening and now the wind has picked up again for a last blast. Autumn is already outstaying its welcome but there may be several more months of this before summer returns.
  2. We are certainly getting our fair share and more of the old H2O this evening. Ye notorious Net Wx SR undercooks the ppn far more often than overcooking.
  3. I'm jealous. I've been stuck in inland Caithness since July - they don't really do woodland around here. I confess to wishing away the rest of this month till the job finishes and I can get my life back, and see some different places - hopefully with some combination of trees, hills, coastline, anything but muddy fields and muddy fields. (rant over) Crowbar that one in - Alsace in October a few years ago.
  4. Here it comes... jaffa cakesing down now after a dull, foggy start. Gosh I'd forgotten about the Jaffa cakes. Prefer shortbread anyway.
  5. Agents of Satan getting what they deserve. Not the residents of FW... Cripes... instant Karma for me - the sky opens and the clouds weep.
  6. Rivers are up a bit! The Strathy Just keeps on coming. @mistyqueen - webbed toes, webbed fingers yet?
  7. Not bad this morning, but we're getting a right drenching now. After the first burst eased off at teatime, we had an hour of fog. Then the rain came back on and hasn't stopped since. Ms HC was up Glen Affric at the weekend and said she's not seen Loch Beinn a'Mheadhoin so low. She could see the tops of the remains of houses flooded whenever it was dammed - early 1950s? I've never seen that and I've been going up there on and off lots for 20 years. (Fair enough, the level is controlled, but still...)
  8. Next week looks like a Mogwai-marathon-inducing monsoon-misfortune...
  9. Bloody anaprop. Look at the radar, you'd think it's hammering down. Damp at most.
  10. Overcast and 5C in the north-east corner of Caithness, first thing. The sky is getting greyer and greyer this morning, it looks as if it's building up to something... wet possibly?
  11. Showers of rain and hail near Wick today. Nasty stuff.
  12. on the prowl... he'll 'impress' them!
  13. Crap day here. Dull, mild, damp, lifeless, disappointingly dreary for what's likely to be that last day that is promised to be warm. Anyone still want any damsons? I've picked about 10kg and it's made hardly any difference - never seen the tree so loaded.
  14. Now it's getting very windy!!