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  1. Mr Optimist! Hello Edo, hope the little ones are well. Horribly mild up here today. The car thermo maxed at 16.5C in Nairn today, NL must have been sweating in his tractor. Heading west to chase the $$ tomorrow for a short while. Camera charged, hoping for some interesting skies and autumn colours to distract me.
  2. I'd probably go for old-fashioned coal as it burns more easily and is cheaper I think. It's a few years since I've burned it myself, see what @CatchMyDrift says...
  3. Probably better to use smokeless stuff in a stove if you have the choice. Soot and creosote are the stove owner's enemies.
  4. We have a pile of chunks of gnarly knotted wood that have resisted splitting that go on for cold nights in midwinter. Nice to find the stove still going on Xmas morning when there's snow lying, although it leads to awkward Santa-related questions....
  5. Lots of things burn well. Plastic, peat, pallets, petrol....
  6. depends on the wood. fast grown crappy sitka will be dry in six months if given space to dry off but dense hardwoods up to 3 years. I like ash and sycamore - good compromise of fuel value, easy to split and seasoned in a year. A tip - avoid elm like the plague as it's an absolute bugger to split!
  7. Burning unseasoned wood is usually only done in desperation - so much of the heat is wasted in just drying it out. You're also risking messing up your flue with creosote which is a fire risk.
  8. Is your wood seasoned? If not, stick to oil till next winter. If it is, burn it as fast as you like to save the oil. You can do some rather woolly sums about relative costs in terms of time and money too. We've been using oil and wood in varying proportions for donkeys now and have found that over the last 10 years, the availability of burnable cheap wood has dwindled as the boom in log burners has taken place. So we now burn a bit more oil than we used to, but I'd say it's still 90% wood. Warms you at least twice!
  9. No wind to speak of up here today. The low tracked straight over us in the night.
  10. Didn't last long though!
  11. That's nuts, blue sky now.
  12. Stove on already! What a miserable dull brown, wet day. I wonder if this is a taste of things to come? Hurricanes barrelling up the eastern Atlantic bring Europe's muck with them. Brexit now, folks!
  13. Maybe. Maybe not. Somewhere might get a good soaking.
  14. Such a rapid change to the weather in Lochaber today. Started dreadfully wet, low cloud and was so till late morning. I went inside to drip for a bit, when I came back out it was dry and by 3pm it was gloriously sunny and very breezy. The weather changes, yes, but this was so dramatic.
  15. Bit chilly near Watten this morning - car said 5C. Got milder through the day though, and very grey by the end.