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  1. The council here used to have a pavement gritter which actually did a half-decent job for folk who are less steady on their pins, even if the result is an aesthetic disaster. Not seen it for a few years though. I went out for a potter this evening. I was out for 90 minutes and saw not a soul I went up into the woods and at one point almost spooked myself with my own shadow The most interesting bit was doing the detective work on the footprints from earlier to deduce when the snow had fallen. I got up to about 180m and a couple of km from the shore and there was about 6cm of lying snow, compared to the 2cm here. It looked like the extra 4cm had fallen early in the day as there were many footprints, with just the extra 2cm still untouched. The radar currently shows me getting obliterated - some rather pathetic snizzle drifting around. This is the first proper westerly snow event I recall here (I will stand corrected by NL perhaps) and it hasn't delivered in the way a northerly does. YET. C'mon...
  2. I'd be worried if she's saying that and you're not there...
  3. From the lack of expletive-expedited posts from @edo, I reckon he's out in it with family...
  4. Is it quite small stuff now? Radar shows your snow very well but hard to pin it down to lake effect. I shall quiz my American friend... She says 'maybe'... Good enough, I guess.
  5. -2C now and the dripping has stopped. The snow is very fine now.
  6. Presumably. I'm not shooting the messenger but these various values are jaffa cakesing me right off.
  7. -1C at sea level. First time today I've seen snow falling at this temp and not settling!
  8. Damn daffodils. Still don't get it. This lot of air must be near saturation surely, so WB temp should be very close to DB temp? Fknose.
  9. Get this then. It's been snowing on and off all morning (ok, it's still snowing, I know it's afternoon), temp's been between -1C and 0C all the time, yet it's just melting away almost as fast as it lands. Mush in the yard. Everywhere else is fluffy
  10. Dig that amber snake across to Ireland...
  11. Ha. Someone in the street chucking snowballs at my window. Off to investigate...
  12. Indeed! Heavy snow on now....
  13. Most of the traffic cams I've just looked at from central up through the middle and west are either U/S or showing serious snow, making driving difficult to hazardous. Yet there are minimal warnings on trafficscotland, and just wee advisories elsewhere. Is this another case of complacency or are folk really left to their own devices? We've had the internet for 20 years so who's not been bothering to think about how to use it?
  14. Yup. Wee dude in melt down now it seems. TOORP.