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  1. 25C and muggy here. I'm not at home!
  2. Still cloudy here. At least it's mild though.
  3. Obviously. That's where I'm taking my tent.
  4. There'd better not be a storm as I'm venturing out with a tent for the first time in far too long!
  5. Autumn's here. Not sure where the bullets came from though!
  6. Yeah has cleared up here nicely too. Time to sit out with a cold beer. **slap** ok, cup of tea then...
  7. Or just keep them for his own pleasure, along with midges, mosquitoes, clegs, ticks, head lice, fleas, bed bugs, and some wasps, jellyfish and politicians. Not a bad day here, enough warmth to keep us happy. A puppy day?
  8. Thunderflies we used to call them, when we lived darn sarf, ie somewhere hot enough for them to live. They'd only appear on the hottest, most humid days. Not had the pleasure for about 25 years now. Weird about 'dog days' too. I agree with the 'crappy end of summer' thing, but looked it up and found what I said. Not so warm here today, so barely warm enough in just a t-shirt outside despite being busy. Busy lifting garlic - you'll be able to smell me down the telephone wire soon!
  9. Anyone want to pull me up on my misuse of 'dog days'? I just checked on a whim and found it really refers to the hottest days, the uncomfortable hot ones, which we just don't get here, ever!
  10. Getting into the dog days now... a decent enough day for late summer but a high of 19C tells its story, with a couple of sharpish showers to boot. However, we had a red admiral and a small tortoiseshell on the buddleia today. Seems strange that this is noteworthy! Currently 12C, damp and time to crunch some snails. Too much damage being inflicted to ignore.
  11. ss T ss T ss T ss T .......... enough, ye gods of everlasting faeces, stop the wet torment!!!
  12. Oh look it's raining... I can rest easy knowing that we're not about to have a drought declared, I suppose.
  13. I think you should keep away from the windows for a few days!!
  14. No, it was the inestimable Hogg who claimed expenses for having his moat dredged. Or something just as despicable. He even looks like a hurd. Spitting here this morning, sometimes full on footballer style spitting mind. Biggest laugh of the month so far. Watching a youtube of some French guys doing a bivouac up a scary mountain in the Devoluy. They're chatting away merrily in the dark in the tent, and they're sharing a bottle of nice St Emilion. Except cos they're travelling light, no glasses, so they take turns to swig out of the bottle.