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  1. I guess it might roughly follow a sine wave but the weather will do what the weather wants which these days is pretty random! The diurnal range seems all over the place, sometimes many times greater (for a few days) than at other times. The joy of being an island downwind of a big ocean... Iceland is a similar story but even more extreme: winds and precipitation are really extreme at times.
  2. Ah, here comes summer! 10C and horizontal rain
  3. A max of 5C till mid afternoon then the cloud rolled away and the sun warmed us up - a bit! Finally got 8C at 6pm in Thurso. This was at about 8.30am
  4. Heavy sleet and hail showers again this morning including one that woke me up at about 6 - that was really crazy for 10 minutes. Glimpsed Morven briefly, streaked white down to low levels now. Strong north or north-westerly breeze in showers making it feel very unpleasant.
  5. Getting this front hammering through Caithness just now, very wet sleety rain and blustery as it clears out. Car thermometer says 4C and it feels nasty. It's coming your way!
  6. Wyvis again this morning, showing smaller and fewer old patches and yesterday's snow already limited to a thin, melting dusting above about 900m. Tomorrow morning looks unpleasant to be out in in the north. Yay, I'll do it.
  7. Well quite. It wasn't really winter. I went for a solitary walk this afternoon, looking for something to wipe the gloom. Fkn politicians, can't they get something RIGHT for a change? The view west from up the hill, couldn't see the hills to say whether they were white or not Then above the wood, it tried to snow for a few minutes pretty poor really Looking across to Nairn (which about where the brightest bit of low cloud is) and @Northernlights And more sun through the fresh leaves on the birch And home to catch up on Ms HC's t
  8. 15 mins rather light snow a couple of hours ago. Groovy, not seen that in mid May for a long time, not at sea level anyway.
  9. We're averaging about 90% cloud cover this morning although no ppn of any sort since yesterday evening and no sign of white locally at all. Quite breezy and feels like February out there, not May. Got all the delicate babies tucked up in the porch last night so they're safe. Now to get some layers on...
  10. So who is hot, sunny & beautiful? Erm, now 4.5C but the rain's off.
  11. @chemikal - by coincidence, we're just back from a very wet stroll round our local golf course. I have always found golf courses rather depressing places, not being a player and always thinking what interesting plants could grow on them and then what birds and small animals would move in. I'm sure our local groundsmen (or whatever they're called) remove birds nests first thing in the morning, and this probably happens on many courses. Illegally of course. This evening I found meadow saxifrage on the edge of a fairway - just waiting for the next mowing to come along. Bah. Still hammering d
  12. Temp dropping. Now 7.5C. The moat is expanding.
  13. News, good and bad, guys. My shift first thing tomorrow cancelled due to the weather. Good means I can sleep in my own bed tonight, bad cos I won't get the required snow shots. We have a moat here now, first time since February.
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