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  1. Where's your axe? A chop saw for firewood, you heathen!!
  2. I'm just glad it's Friday night, Monday is a long way off and we may yet get blizzarded. Unlikely though, far less likely than the chances of me drinking more than I really should tonight. ('No lemon', says Ms HC.)
  3. o see, i hv a cat bn my jkeyvburd persistent wee feline she is too. 6C and sort of bright grey in Caithness, now quite dark at home, odd drizzly stuff o a nd orrff. Cmon cat, enuffer that well bugger me, p u s s y is verboten!
  4. Oh bog off !!! 4C and a rash of crappy little showers in Caithness.
  5. This is extraordinary. I've not had the heating on today, which for me is now unheard of in January.
  6. it's all a plot to deprive us of our rightful share or zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Fkn americans stealing our slightly lower temps. string em up. <bedtime> No. 80llox. They're fkn colder than us. Fk em. Wot??? In Florida? W T F ???? is going on?
  7. <yawns> aome sefkjwef dkjnd kdrgoo s41t I fell asleep looking out the window at endless grey krapness again <YAWN>
  8. Grey, drizzly, dreich and generally miserable and dull this morning. Is everyone having a long lie?
  9. Halkirk reporting. Mostly cloudy today, although clearing somewhat towards dusk, and a max of 7.5C and little wind.
  10. Nice sunny morning in Caithness (apart from the wrong temperature, 10C) then a brisk wind picked up and spoiled the afternoon. Somewhat cloudier later too but without yesterday's pyrotechnics. Rate we're going, I might have wasted my money on another set of Weatherproofs - I could have gone straight to summer tyres. That might be a plan actually: if we all dress and behave for summer weather, it might encourage winter out of its shell.
  11. Excellent . I can experience your pleasure from a distance - while working on a construction site in Caithness it's always good to have a few ways to escape...
  12. @Northern Strath - yes, that last one was what I saw in Inverness too
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