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  1. you have to edit within about 30 minutes of first posting I think. (type a bit faster!)
  2. I didn't know / hadn't been told you were getting it so wet recently... bummer, especially as we had generally good weather on the windy island. Apart from a few hectic mornings when the winds picked up, backed 180 degrees in a couple of hours and gusted to force 7 while we tried to decamp. The weather gods have an evil sense of humour they reserve for campers. I've settled briefly in central southern Sweden... crikey it's flat here! Name this song: 'Sweden, the only country where the clouds are interesting' and that's one of the reasons I'm here, strange enough. However yesterday there were no clouds and today there was leaden stratus and rain. Tomorrow perhaps? Yesterday I visited Tivedens nationalpark which is a large bit of conifer forest that's escaped exploitation because it's a mess of glacial debris and completely unmanageable. Here's the blaeberry in fine autumn colours: and some upside down trees in a small stream I hope to get out for some more pictures tomorrow, possibly see Hugh's clouds.
  3. Evening all, just popping in while I have a bit of wifi. Currently on a ferry approaching Denmark after a mad time on Iceland. I won't be home for a while yet though as Pt 2 is about to start. This is something that moves very slowly called Skaftafellsjokull The weather on Iceland is a bit like ours except more extreme and changeable. We camped and learnt quickly. After some rain there are lots of these - this is near Djupivogur They do scary mountains that turned wintry rather quickly too - this is Storud (wrong characters on keyboard) HHope to get online again in a week or so. It's all a bit hectic just now. Good to see some wintriness at home!
  4. Ok, my time in Denmark is finished. I've loved nearly every minute - easy-going, friendly people of all sorts, the countryside is gently rolling at its hilliest so definitely not for the mountaineers, and it's not choked with cars - partly because so many folk us bicycles on the cycle tracks that connect everywhere to everywhere. The weather's been mixed, eg yesterday morning started drizzly but turned out really warm and sunny and there was thick fog till mid morning this morning. Further north (Jutland) it gets even quieter apart from bloody German drivers. Still fields of maize, also potatoes, oats, barley, silage, cows, sheep, etc. Lots and lots of tortoiseshells and painted ladies here still. These pics are all from around Hald Sø, just south of Viborg. Some little bits where animals have been excluded have lots of heather in flower and could almost look likeparts of Angus? Now on the ferry heading north-west from Hirtshals. It's a lovely sunny evening, almost flat calm and I'm off out to enjoy the last of my summer - where I'm going, it's not looking summery!! We're sailing straight into the setting sun!
  5. Battling against technology a bit now but here goes... Boy is it flat out here! Not been above about 10m since Tuesday until last night, often below sea level (Holland, NW German, Denmark) and yes, they are worried. Some land will be lost, often some of the best agricultural land. Wednesday I went from Rotterdam to Schleswig, nice little coastal town called Busum that is nothing like Nairn apart from being made of bricks - it was warm and sunny all that day with just enough wind to keep most of the huge numbers of wind turbines spinning. Came across the Elbe on a small and very busy ferry - photo wants to insert at top. Yesterday started warm again as I came up the west coast of Denmark but turned cloudy and steadily to heavy rain by late afternoon. Excellent curry in Holstebro! Lots of permanent pasture with trees for shade and shelter in Germany and southern Denmark, more sheep in north Denmark; maize common everywhere I've been (including an amazing maize maze) and other cereals already harvested. No shortage of cauliflowers here. Trump and Johnson are figures of utmost ridicule. Less driving from now on, hopefully more sky pictures.
  6. Sort of warm and dull in Hull this afternoon. Just heading out into the Humber and looking forward to a few days of warmth courtesy of the Low Countries and Denmark. Could be a last blast of summer for me....
  7. Radar is winter torture for coasties... Incoming snow it says, prepare for drizzle it means.
  8. Piddling down and rather gloomy. Don't care though, hols start tomorrow.
  9. Looks kind of er quaint? end of the road? might be haunted? distant banjos? (with apologies to any Tarbraxers) And what happened to today's deluge? We got one very short, light showers. Nice and warm and was sunny mostly.
  10. Somewhere to keep an eye on your illicit arboriculture. Bring back the birch!
  11. There'll be more than tree of them... unless they're Irish!
  12. There'll be a knock at the door soon Supposed to be raining this morning but unless my eyes are lying, the ground is dry.
  13. A reptile that encouraged you to burn beech, to boot. (Always wanted to use that little phrase.) It's been a pleasant day up here for a change, as was yesterday(ish) - up to 18C according to the car and plenty of sunshine.
  14. How's the webbed feet and swim bladder evolution coming along?
  15. She's told us before that he hates snow so we're probably safe. Another flutterbye from last month, a large heath. This was a sunny day but I've seen these flying on dull, damp and windy days, out on the bogs in the middle of nowhere.
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