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  1. What a crap day. Rain gave way to thick drizzle (undetected by the radar of course), which continues. It's my fault too for getting the hose out last night and giving various fruit shrubs and veg a good dousing. We have swallows and house martins but no swifts - we never do here. The potatoes are all just above ground, broad beans are settling in nicely and for the first time for many years, we're doing some decorative gardening too. I can hear cars splashing up and down the road for the first time for weeks. And the stove's on for the first time in about a month.
  2. A little fluffy clouds day, albeit not very warm. Very pleasant.
  3. Just a touch of ground frost this morning, hopefully not enough to mess with the recently opened plum blossom. Spent yesterday battling dandelions, buttercup and daisy. Not cows, weeds.
  4. Cheery reading from @Northernlights this evening ;-) Like everyone else, I'd like some warmth to go with the sun now. We had an extended heavy hail shower on Friday that was most unwelcome, specially trying to coax a garden into life. Driving back from town just now, the car was pinging a warning about frost. Wimp.
  5. https://raptorpersecutionscotland.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/snh-issues-licence-for-mass-raven-cull-in-5-year-experiment/ Is this for real? I can't quite believe that SNH are so inept. Perhaps they're just in the pockets of the hunting and shooting lobby.
  6. @Quinach, sodding daffs but nice photo! The sun is trying to break through but I'm going back to bed anyway.
  7. With apologies to @CatchMyDrift, I am sick of daffodils, they're taking over. They're so showy, unlike the cheeky little snowdrops. Anyhow... Mixed would describe this week, with warm and sometimes very wet by Glencoe, then a bit cooler and some brilliant sunshine in Caithness. The warmth will take a bit of getting used to after this winter. My little pocket camera is still drying out after a drenching - who can I sue for weather-related damage? There were the first signs of native plants flowering this week in Caithness with King Cups / Marsh Marigolds flowering nicely in ditches. The moors are still very late wintery grey and yellow with little growth on heaths, and I've seen several dead deer out this week - starved. Happens every year but I think more this year. I've also seen 2 badgers dead on the road on the Black Isle this week - 1 is unusual, never seen 2 in a week before - as well as roe deer dead by the road.
  8. 18C in Fort William at teatime too. Ms HC says it was 17C in Inverness earlier. Oyestercatchers are dippy birds, nesting in all sorts of unsuitable places. I do like their manic call though, shrieking like the Russians are landing.
  9. Great. I'm working in Glencoe tomorrow!
  10. @scottish skierSummer rubber enjoyed, briefly (going for a test drive, dear) - I forgot they're needing replacing imminently at £125 a corner. Blue sky and warmth. Unreal.
  11. Yep. Haar burned off here about midday and the thermometer has been between 13C and 15C since. Very pleasant indeed, a day to shed the winter blues. Ms HC flapping blankets out of the upstairs windows. Re swallows - we saw 2, separately, fly swiftly past on Islay a few days ago. They didn't hang around and I can't say I blamed them.
  12. My stupid joke is hanging around to spoil my day. Still cold and foggy here
  13. Is this an agricultural joke? Haar, haar. (foggy here too)
  14. Home! Almost warm and sunny! And internet, and I don't have to wave and sound cheery with everyone. Lol. Winters coming off tomorrow, at last, as Southern Skier (sic) says. Ha.
  15. Dull grey wet miserable pish on Islay, had one and a half decentish days out of 6 and no warmth at all. Useless internet, rip-off pubs and restaurants (Gaelic Centre a splendid exception) and sheep everywhere.... Hope they get plagued with midges soon Be glad to be home tomorrow. God do I sound sour?