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  1. Look at the 100k or so people who actually get to vote for the next PM. Generally white, male, relatively well off, straight... hmm. Is this evidence of a functioning democracy? Just seen a couple of painted ladies here, flitting along in the breeze.
  2. @CatchMyDrift - ooh yes please! Sunny in Maud this morning
  3. Some / many beefy showers heading norf up m74 to a9 this morning. Wipers earning their keep.
  4. Carcassonne can be like an oven, be prepared for extreme heat in July... As in, stay indoors or at least in the shade in the middle of the day. I generally like it hot but Carcassonne can be too much. Big billowy cumulus now and the promise of some showery action this afternoon. Better than the grey stuff earlier.
  5. @CatchMyDrift yes! Dunno how far apart we are - I'm in Kendal for the weekend but definitely no blueness here. Megashowers yesterday followed by 15 mins sun and a bright ish evening, otherwise just grey. Looks like I'm missing or have missed a very brief burst of warmth at home too. Some of my clan here are contemplating moving north to escape the mop-topped cretin and brexit. What other elements of Balkan politics can we import? Thanks again for wrecking the UK, Dave.
  6. I would usually defer to @Northernlightson agricultural matters but I don't think there's much value in bulk greenfly. Even in Johnson's cloud cuckoo sub-atlantic deregulated hell. Pleasantly warm at cairn stodge services although £3 for a cup of crap coffee is a bit steep...
  7. Just stuck my head round the door expecting to see @CatchMyDrift posting pictures of beech trees against a blue sky... sadly not. Anyway I got a short fix by watching today's Criterium stage on ITV4 - at last south-east France was warm and sunny today. Unlike north-east Scotland for the last couple of days which has been a total wash-out. I'm home now with the stove on, hoping to get 2 pairs of boots and lots of waterproofs dry before they're needed next. It's chilly out but some cheery tourists are wandering around in shorts. A quick look in the garden this evening and dwarf runners are looking a sulky yellow colour while cabbages and kale flourish. I'm never too sure about potatoes in very wet soil for extended periods - I've never had a total failure but they can get full of pests... Any tall perennial flowers not staked have flopped. One plus is that the greenfly have possibly got washed off?
  8. Pish again in Aberdeenshire. Anyone else been remembering the weather this time last year?
  9. Damp and cool in Aberdeenshire. It would only take an hour of sun to warm things up but it doesn't look likely.
  10. Bloody southerners, always moaning, even when they ADMIT IT'S WARM.
  11. Is it anywhere other than Sky? Oh and it's raining. I'm doing a good impression of a paper bag, according to Ms HC who has put her coat on and is weeding. Actually I'm doing very important things. On the sofa.
  12. Some photos from yesterday below a small hill a few miles west of here. Lovely small sheltered glen with loads of history, I'm sure, just looking at all the odd bumps, lines and hollows in the ground. Bugle flourishing among the rushes The sky just as the cloud was starting to build in the middle of the day The way of all of us eventually.... (afternoon despondency after morning optimism) Today is grey but bright so far; better than forecast anyway.
  13. This is better! (apart from the ticks and flies and midges) nice sunny morning although heavy cloud building now.
  14. Last few days we've gone from splish splosh to paddle paddle to blub blub to quack quack. Sick of it. Some muppet got a jeep stuck on a field that he could barely walk over. My old faithful boots are leaking. Farmers over in Aberdeenshire (don't read this, NL) are using the rain as an excuse to sling all their farmyard muck into watercourses. Come on summer, let's 'aving yer.
  15. Yesterday morning and early afternoon were ok but since then it's been non-stop rain in Aberdeenshire, either thick wetting fine stuff or torrential bursts of splattery blobbings. Also it's cold and everyone is grumbling about the weather. I should have emigrated years ago when I had the chance, nothing is going well in the lemon heap of a country these days. Roll on summer! Oh...
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