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  1. December 2010 was unique in the fact that tropospheric wave 2 breaks into the strat occurred in the perfect position to reinforce a Greenland high. The split of the vortex was high into the stratosphere. At the time I called this an ‘internal wave break’, ie very much tropospheric led and not one that leads to a traditional SSW. These are far more beneficial to the UK than the more easily recognised over the top type wave 2 break from negative EAMT scenarios that force pressure up and from the surf zone of the strat vortex before leading to a collapse of the SPV from top to bottom.
  2. I don’t care if this has already been posted. Classic roasting supercell. Wonderful!
  3. Great timelapse. Sadly you weren’t in the best position due to the precip to see any rotation, though can certainly see the shear and change in wind direction when comparing the approach and departure of the storm
  4. I’ve heard of splitting right movers in the USA but this one is something else. In the us the right movers will generally head SE, but in this easterly flow we have a north east mover
  5. That’s what us storm chasers pay good money for. A good few pics of structure too in this feed
  6. Looks like original core of supercell has faded leaving dominant new cell to the east. Still a beast
  7. Second photo looks excellent. Will this be on your regular timelapse or wrong direction?
  8. Been watching the Cheshire storm on radar for an hour. Would love to see more pics of it because on radar it certainly looks supercellish. Long lived and keeps restructuring too. Would love a clear timelapse from the se of the storm!
  9. Further to the funnel cloud reports I managed to timelapse the developing storm about 12 miles further north and you can see the rotation develop before the storm matured. By the time I chased it was too late. Doh. Also pics of the storm to the south of East Sussex. And a most beautiful sunset from Ditchling beacon with the added bonus of a red rainbow
  10. If the moon is new and the forecast good then there is a great chance of a spectacular display on northward facing coasts during June and July. If faint then a camera will pick them up best.. on Saturday night they were really bright around 2am and could be picked up easily with the naked eye and even a camera phone. Well worth it if you can get a clear northward view.. First pic is Iphone, second is dslr down to 2 secs iso 400 low f number
  11. Yep. Remember for storms you need more than just cape. You need moisture, Cape, and a forcing mechanism to allow the moist parcel of air into the CAPE. Add a bit of shear to that mix then you have a far stronger environment for a more persistent storm.
  12. Thanks for this link. I use it all the time for the USA and didn’t realise that they had exactly the same for the UK. Brilliant and just what I wanted
  13. Besides the lack of directional shear the 12z sounding isn’t too bad storms but wouldn’t expect a supercell on that. As ever more info needed
  14. Thanks. I have just found some on weather online for Cambridge and Norwich
  15. Does anyone know where I can find a forecast skew-t for Thursday 12z and 15z for around the Cambridgeshire area for this Thursday? Thanks
  16. Keeping an eye on thursday. Possible chase day. Will need to look at temps, CAPE, cloud clearance, dps, bulk shear, lapse rates and position of upper trough on Wednesday night before assessing supercell chance though. But as the USA is a no go will certainly chase if within reasonable reach
  17. I’ve seen a few storms today but no persistent rotating updrafts lol. So no supercells here but great storm structures today and wouldn’t rule out a brief funnel or two
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