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  1. Cheers Ian, as far as I am aware that was the last one whereas there were numerous during the 70's. A big question that @lorenzo and I have asked in the past few years is why is that?
  2. Hi Ian, I have looked at CW's in the past - and not only is it difficult to pin down an exact definition ( Do you know what criteria the met office use?) but that they have been very infrequent in recent years. When previously looking at past winters influence on our side of the Atlantic it has been difficult to pin down any specific correlation to the CET - though obviously they disrupt the strat PV to some extent Pacific side.
  3. A few flashes and shotgun thunder here. Torrential rain for last 15mins too, just easing now.
  4. Most truly amazing ? Asperatus type line cloud on edge of Brighton storm. Very unstable atmosphere! IMG_3527.MOV
  5. The Brighton storm shield is breaking. Heavy rain, T&L and the heart of the storm is yet to be overhead.
  6. Seem to have a storm trying to develop overhead in Brighton rather than out to sea as has been the case for the last vfew hours. First rumble heard. Though the formation of these showers is slow and laborious!
  7. Shows what a good call it was not to go with spc forecast
  8. I think that this was one of the best net weather virtual chases from here as well - though sadly marred by the loss of life. I would have loved to be out there and well done to Paul for the I35 hunch. Was watching the NW feed, the other storm chase feeds, the local TV output and on radarscope and followed the storm from its echo tops inception to the original messy non organised cell. This looked like the storms further north for a while but once it started to organise and root down then a couplet appeared within 2-3 mins and a tornado soon after - It was probably the short time taken between the start of rotation to a strong tornado that was responsible for the lack of warning and casualty count.
  9. Another tornado to the teams south as well now
  10. Impressive debris cloud
  11. Jeepers that is strong
  12. Hmm multi vortex?
  13. Back on the ground
  14. That is a monster
  15. Nice couplet developed