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  1. Lightning getting closer and can see the crawlers rather than just the light
  2. Seeing horizon lightning now every 1-2 secs and heard thunder for the first time tonight.
  3. Beachy Head will be a prime spot tonight..
  4. It's getting closer.... I have seen numerous flashes to my south and lightning now less than 20km away from south coast
  5. Massive expansion in the number of cells in the MCS over the last 30mins
  6. One can never tell, but upper steering winds suggest that any storms will be further inland than just the Kent clipper. and more cells should develop in the next three hours.
  7. Looking forward to tonight's possible show. Currently have;r=0;t=3;s=1;o=0;b=;n=0;z=8;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;y=50.4113;x=-1.8158; on in the background with the sound on. I like to set it with the nearest thunderstorms just out of range and then wait until it sets off. Then repeat until the storms are overhead!
  8. Ha - I've cunningly offered to take my children bowling tonight this evening at Brighton Marina, followed by food. Window seat please!
  9. Impressive couplet
  10. Looks like a nice little storm to start the tour off. Golf ball sized hail. Did I hear that 1 car has a sunroof this year? That'll be fun lol.
  11. Good Luck to all. GPS has the car in DFW? Though live stream is showing motel room door!
  12. It is a rolling 24hr period Mark, and you are upto 15 as far as I am aware unless there is a bug in the system.
  13. Without the previous strong EN offsetting things then the eQBO should be far more favourable for next winter. And with solar output descending hopefully we shall see better conditions for wintertime northern blocking. I am already thinking that 2019/20 could be another cold one, but next winter 'less above average' .