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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Wow. Taken with an I phone just before it clouded over! Looks fake but isn't.
  2. Hopefully if these upload here are a few lightning strikes from Tuesday night's extravaganza
  3. I don't think that I have ever witnessed a storm in the U.K. With such frequent lightning. Amazing spectacle!
  4. 200 strikes per minute for the storms in the south. Not bad!
  5. Great lightning in the distance here. Already some great flashes
  6. First lightning and thunder here.
  7. Lovely cloud formations overhead here
  8. Quite a lot of activity already over north Pennine region, more than expected this early
  9. Great to see a level 2 over the country today, we have an AC field over East Grinstead already this morning - trending Castellanus, so I see that as a positive sign for those further north already - and I wouldn't rule out a surprise further south too. It all depends on the timing of the upper trough eastwards.
  10. Lightning getting closer and can see the crawlers rather than just the light
  11. Seeing horizon lightning now every 1-2 secs and heard thunder for the first time tonight.
  12. Beachy Head will be a prime spot tonight..
  13. It's getting closer.... I have seen numerous flashes to my south and lightning now less than 20km away from south coast
  14. Massive expansion in the number of cells in the MCS over the last 30mins