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  1. Yes sadly the players won't be affected too much. Feel sorry for the fans, but they have become used to being a yo-yo club and they had their moment of glory last season that will live long in their memories.
  2. How many neutrals who so lauded up last seasons triumph will be hoping Leicester get relegated now. I certainly will, that will teach the selfish owners and lazy players a lesson. By the end of Sunday they could be at the bottom of the premier league and that is where they deserve to stay. Good luck to Claudio,
  3. Put simply, it's the direction and momentum of travel from a tropospheric wave that is seen from a blocking pattern. Look at the recent large EAMT which will have assisted this process.
  4. Check this out. Best strat data compendium ever!
  5. Snizzle in Burgess Hill when I left for work. Showing up on the NW extra radar as well - quite often it doesn't.
  6. Sometimes it is easy to second guess where the run will end up, but with this type of Atlantic pattern and with a strong wave 1 trop displacement I am struggling here.
  7. I doubt that there are too many times when this has been seen before - but the stagnated Atlantic pattern can certainly verify.
  8. What kind of Atlantic jet stream pattern is this? Answer: one that you may not have seen too often before! (where has the jet gone?) No wonder it appears that the pattern is stagnant and time has stopped still.
  9. Yes and one has to say that even though the mother of all cold pools has not hit the UK, a Strong Scandi high has developed and a cold pool is due to hit this weekend so synoptically not far from the mark. And I would not rule out a Greenland block yet. Whether it is strong enough to send a northerly to the UK remains to be seen but yet again synoptically @Tamara can herald this a success for the closeness of the suggested pattern. I don't ever remember her touting a strong Atlantic and we have certainly not seen that. In meridional flows there is always an element of polar temps dropping south but in order for this to happen there is an equal and opposite element of transfer of warm temp anomalies transported north. And for a small country such as the UK we can always miss one and get the other or in this case get both. And isn't the output a tease with the block retrogressing over Iceland and then retreating back to Europe?
  10. Funny enough I took that tweet as meaning that 42 members were milder and more unsettled than the Greenland Block scenario that Matt favours after day 10. He didn't say that they were mild and the Atlantic is roaring in so I don't know why you would think he means that, Nick - especially as you have seen the mean at day 10?
  11. As I said last night - mid term mild for long term gain. Could be stonking NEasterly on this GFS run in FI. Look at the jet profile off Canada. No northern jet.
  12. From the moment the Azores high ridged further north in the earlier frames one could tell that the Greenland high was coming. It may not evolve quite like the 18Z shows, and certainly I wouldn't bother taking the low res into consideration, but I would be very surprised given all the background signals if we didn't end up with something similar in 10 days time. And in the meantime we have the Scandi cold thrust to look forward to. Happy days.
  13. For what we are offered in the short term, and what we potentially achieve in the long term this is a great run without ever hitting the nail on the head. It would only take a slight shift in orientations and the 850's would be very different indeed.
  14. Only if you take the Op as gospel rather than the trend. Generally without looking at the 850 temps most of us would be rubbing our hands at the thought of this chart at T+165. Longer term great. Better than a sinking Scandi.