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  1. What a stunningly beautiful country we live in.
  2. Morning. I don't post much but I thought it would be prudent to remind those that are a bit pessimistic of our chances of a severe spell of cold weather that winter 1947 did not start until January 23rd and lasted until the middle of March. Snow fell somewhere in the UK every day for 55 consecutive days. After having read the brilliant post by 62-63 last night I am hopeful that something similar may be just around the corner. Have a good one.
  3. Don't post much, but been here since 2005 and can honestly say from a selfish point of view that next week holds more potential for my part of Scotland than any other event in the last 12 years. I am genuinely excited. northerlies, north easterlies, easterlies and most other directions provide diddly squat here so i am hoping next week brings back memories of the '80's when snow days were a semi frequent occurrence. Its sad that my children want to experience their first snow day before they finish their education when I had so many. Next week might be the week.
  4. Took a picture from the same view a fortnight ago. The river hadn't frozen then. Had a little snow since but the prolonged cold has had it's affect on the river
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