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  1. Forget the technical models - there's a much better indicator here - the sound of Flymo's echoing around the local gardens.....cutting the grass in March, what happened to the severe winter?

  2. Just had an e-mail from St John's Newfoundland, it's -22 with massive amounts of snow and more expected tomorrow. Luckily the Isle of Wight is 9.5, the Rabbits are going mad and everything is showing signs of spring - roll on the summer......can't see any meaning ful cold spells now - the sun is too strong and the ambient temperature increasing daily

    1. butler_son


      St John's has a pretty dreadful climate though! I'd hate to live there...

  3. The biggest model - Nature - is saying in the UK south that winter is over - OK hard frost today but can anyone see snow now - just enjoy what we did have and look forward to some spring warmth

    1. Optimus Prime

      Optimus Prime

      None of the ingredients for the 4 months are strictly over. Such as any month in any season contain all of a seasons weather. Such as winter in June, early summer in February, Autumn in August and Spring in December.

  4. It's a gorgeous Isle of Wight day, blue skies, sun and no snow whatsoever....

  5. Next Tuesday - Seaview Regatta - light winds please!