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  1. Freezing rain here, north shore, Isle of Wight. Snow gradually disappearing but the wind is as strong as earlier....... I suspect that this represents the end of the Beast
  2. Absolutely cracking day in the Solent area.....gin clear skies and not at all cold out of the wind. What is noticeable is the strength of the sun. Looking at the MOD thread it seems likely that the end of the week sees wet and milder rather than the blizzards forecast recently. By this time next week spring will be in the ascendancy
  3. Lol, tittus verticalis in MOD thread,, big downgrade but hey let's ignore that model because we don't like the result. Rain coming albeit cold rain
  4. Spring is coming but MOD thread is in denial....... Just awaiting the first "see you in November" post. I find it all rather bizarre when "we deserve it" and similar are posted...
  5. The sun is strong today and the cold models are weakening.... Roll on spring Double digit temperatures in the South and absolutely no indication of deep cold.
  6. It's starting to look like the bosoms are pointing vertically in the model thread. In the real world in the South there's no hint of winter, the sun is noticeably stronger and as a result I cannot see the cold being as described.
  7. As I write this the sun (Solent area) is streaming through the window and is clearly now starting to be a factor. Is there a model which gives any solar strength.... Please excuse me for a lack of technical terms. Thanks
  8. Chimet showing gusting F8 and its increased in the last 30 minutes.... As I wrote that it's now hit F9
  9. It's a strange half light around the Solent area....... Yellow cast over everything, very odd, all the birds have stopped singing
  10. Ahhhh, never mind the first Daffodils.... The first sight of the traditional "winter's over" comment on the models forum signals the official start of Spring
  11. What's not to like with weather like this (taken yesterday). So warm at 3pm that outer layers came off and a glorious sunny afternoon
  12. Spectacular over here - crisp wind from the NE and best described as 'bracing' - long may it continue
  13. Happy to be proved wrong but having looked at the models I see nothing to change my mind. In fact the other day the car in shadow was frozen but the rear was in the sun and steaming. It always surprises me to see the sheer power even at this time of the year.
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