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  1. Good luck with the Update Paul and looking like it a big update
  2. had our 1st storm of the year did not last long but i sure there be a lot more on it way over night and in Tommorw
  3. look really misty and bit chilly temp only 15.9c so no hope for thunderstorms in Nairn
  4. It raining here right now but the big question what will happen later on in the day when the sun ☀️ come out
  5. Look like all the lighting die of so look like it just going be just rain 🌧 the day still young
  6. Today warming been removed for the highlands but still no change on the Tuesday and Wednesday warnings hope there don’t get removed or I still be in the no storms club this year 😂
  7. there go our weather warning for my area for the highland it gone and removed for Monday 😞
  8. I bet in the next the few days the yellow warning be all gone for the highlands but cross my fingers it dont get removed 😂
  9. Day 1 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Fri 31 Jul 2020 - 05:59 UTC Sat 01 Aug 2020 ISSUED 09:38 UTC Fri 31 Jul 2020 ISSUED BY: Dan UPDATE 09:38 UTC SLGT introduced to northern / eastern Ireland into SW Scotland (see text discussion below for more information) Upper ridge over eastern Britain will amplify further as it drifts eastwards across the North Sea and substantial warm advection occurs. Meanwhile, a relaxing upper longwave trough will approach from the Atlantic, the net result drawing a hot, dry airmass northwards across western Europe in the broad sout
  10. There probably updates tomorrow there be waiting for a few days
  11. sun is out now after the fog clear now hope 3rd time lucky might see a storm in Nairn but not holding any hopes ?
  12. hope the inverness storms have not takeing the thunderstorm energy from us all it be no go for thunderstorms here
  13. Still ? waiting for my 1st storm in Nairn
  14. look like that storm move right in to Invrness all well maybe next time ?
  15. I had a few big rain drop on my head when I was out but at the moment not much happing
  16. still waiting for my 1st of of the year up here but look like yet agan at the moment it all going to wase
  17. most of the storms was in the west on Thursday but one good thing the sun is out so that will give a lot of day time heating to help the storms and LI -3 here later in the day that off the GFs model so i cross my fingers????
  18. Day 1 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Wed 10 Jun 2020 - 05:59 UTC Thu 11 Jun 2020 ISSUED 06:52 UTC Wed 10 Jun 2020 ISSUED BY: Dan A disrupting upper trough will result in a deepening upper low sliding southwards across the British Isles on Wednesday, primarily centred over Ireland / Irish Sea and reaching the northern Bay of Biscay by 06z Thursday. Its timing potentially coinciding with diurnal heating results in a very messy forecast evolution, with a mixture of dynamic and convective rainfall in various places. Two main frontal boundaries are identified during Wednesda
  19. just had a Graupel shower here in Nairn 10 mins ago
  20. Sorry I have not been in the room or posting much it all because of personal Stuff 

    1. shuggee


      Hope you are OK Stuart ?

  21. yes here as well just hope for some thunderstorms tomorrow Afternoon/evening
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