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  1. UK Outlook for Tuesday 21 Sep 2010 to Thursday 30 Sep 2010: Early in the period rain will affect western areas at times, with drier and brighter conditions in the east. Some of the rain could be heavy. The wet weather may spread to the rest of the UK on Wednesday, although the far southeast should stay drier. Cooler, more showery weather is likely to move into the west behind the rain. Later next week there may be a drier and brighter period over the northeast of Britain, before more unsettled weather spreads to all areas from the west. There is a risk of gales and heavy rain in western areas. Later in the period the unsettled weather will probably continue, with more windy and rainy weather. Temperatures will tend to be near-normal, but perhaps above normal in the east at first. Updated: 1205 on Thu 16 Sep 2010 http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/uk_forecast_weather.html
  2. You can try emailing net weather [email protected]
  3. day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Mon 09 Apr 2018 - 05:59 UTC Tue 10 Apr 2018 ISSUED 19:09 UTC Sun 08 Apr 2018 ISSUED BY: Dan Upper low to the west of Ireland will slide SE-wards, eventually merging with an upper low over northern Iberia / southern France by Monday night. Diurnal heating over Ireland in particular will lead to a few scattered showers developing during the afternoon, though with unimpressive mid-level lapse rates and warming aloft this will tend to limit convective depth - so a few locally heavy showers are possible, but lightning will be isolated (if any). Instability will build over The Netherlands, Belgium and NE France on Monday afternoon. A shortwave is expected to lead to destabilisation here on Monday evening, and with the approach of the Iberian upper trough merging with the Atlantic upper low ultimately backing the flow across central and southern Britain, any thunderstorms that do develop over the nearby Continent associated with moisture plume will begin to drift west or northwestwards across the North Sea. At this stage there is some spread as to the exact track of these thunderstorms - general consensus would put the risk higher over East Anglia and perhaps NE Kent, but some model guidance offers a more southerly option, even as far south as Sussex (and a minority of models keep any deep convection offshore to the NE of East Anglia). In either case, it is questionable as to how much lightning will actually occur over land (assuming deep convection does move inland) given the gradual reduction of instability through the evening/night. The risk (albeit lowering) will continue to migrate NW-wards along eastern coasts of England through the early hours of Tuesday. For now, a low-end SLGT has been issued to cover the threat of weakening thunderstorms arriving late Monday evening / early hours of Tuesday over East Anglia / Kent, but it is certainly possible this SLGT area may need to be altered or perhaps even removed, depending on trends during Monday. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-04-09
  4. need some interesting weather

  5. yes happens a few time this winter not sure if something wrong radar
  6. are there any plans to use the new met office radar Paul :)

  7. Yet again snow showers missing Nairn had 2 light snow showers
  8. Good night all after not had much snow in nairn been as let down maybe have some tomorrow again  but not holding my luck  



      You never know, better luck tomorrow.:)

  9. had a few showers that all today I am a bit
  10. well what bad day for snow not had much just a few snow showers
  11. We are in theAmber warning here now
  12. Had some snow showers in Nairn over the last few hours
  13. not sure how well i do with the east winds as it my 1st time up here with a east winds
  14. snowing in Nairn and lot more to come
  15. Only had had a dusting here but don’t think I will see much of the snow showers in Nairn due to the east winds
  16. wonder if some will see some thunder snow next week 

  17. Hope to get a lot of snow from the east in Nairn

  18. yes but it could mean down east of the UK as well let see what tommorw update bring
  19. it say as well The location and intensity of any snowfall will be uncertain so might not happen like that
  20. you wont do that well with a northwest winds I found that out when I lived there
  21. none here in Nairn temp now 3 c so when it reach here sure it be rain
  22. Hope Paul don't mind TheWeatherOutlook says The meteorological autumn has only just begun and December 25th is still well over three months away so at this stage it's too early to gauge how the autumn is playing out. Current indications are for a good deal of high pressure dominated weather during September as has often seemed to be the case in the last couple of decades. Moderate or strong El Nino conditions are expected to continue beyond Christmas and the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) is expected to be in a westerly phase. Both of these factors are thought to favour milder and more unsettled weather. North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) are below normal to the south of Greenland and west of the UK so this could help to reduce the strength of the jet stream which would favour colder and drier spells. Given the current overview there is little at this stage to suggest a greater than average chance of a White Christmas this year in the UK. In this scenario the best chance of seeing snow would usually be over high ground in the north. Probabilities of snow falling on Christmas Day North of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 14% South of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 7% Forecast issued Update 1, 05/09/2015 The computer says [issued 05/09/2015 16:32:42]The regional Christmas weather predictions are updated daily using medium and long range forecast data. They may indicate very different prospects to the TWO forecast above. Who will be right? It's expected to be too mild for snow in the south. Cold but dry conditions are expected in Wales Cold but dry conditions are expected in the Midlands It's expected to be too mild for snow in the north. Snow is expected in Scotland It's expected to be too mild for snow in Northern Ireland. Cold but dry conditions are expected in the Republic of Ireland It's expected to be too mild for snow in the Netherlands. http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/forecast/Christmas-weather-forecast
  23. this time next week December 25th moves into range of the 16 day computer models. That means daily forecast updates begin and continue until a call can be made on the Christmas weather. At the present time there continue to be signs of colder than average spells of weather between now and the end of the year. Therefore the fourteenth update increases the chance of a White Christmas in both the north and south of the UK. But please remember: 1) There is a long time for things to change 2) Even during milder than average winter months cold snaps can bring snow Chance of snow on Christmas Day North of Yorkshire / Lancashire:18% South of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 13% Update 14 02/12/2017 Updates are usually weekly. https://www.theweatheroutlook.com/forecast/Christmas-weather-forecast
  24. maybe there like the UKMO model the best