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If you're wanting to learn more about weather, Lyn-M has a couple of weather books she'd like to give away to a good home. :) 



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  1. back in the Freezer mid feb ???

    1. geminitracie


      part of me wants to say yes please but i worry about how the mild blip may have confused our wildlife !

    2. gottolovethisweather


      historically the wildlife would have adjusted to these patterns which were the norm BUT the zonal mush from much of the 90's and 00's winters had tempted the willdife to get active when they should have been dormant. Thankfully these RECENT WINTERS have returned to the good ole days, with yet more cold n frost to come. Bring it on I say and as March progresses further then SPRING can then very slowly return.

    3. geminitracie


      now i feel better saying " bring on the cold"!!