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If you're wanting to learn more about weather, Lyn-M has a couple of weather books she'd like to give away to a good home. :) 



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  1. roll on spring and summer so i can use my thunderstorm unit what i got from usa cost me over £400

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    2. abbaman


      Backtrack no roll on spring and summer forget winter

      it's over for good.

    3. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      abbaman, it seems you are either attention seeking, or simply not listening to anyone.

      a) Winter ends on either Feb 28 or Mar 21, always has done, number two, January has been below average temp wise here, and February should start cool.

    4. odd_bob_todd


      Leave abbaman alone, for christ sake, he's 9 years old. Haven't you got someone your own age to bully?