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Status Updates posted by Stuart

  1. Sorry I have not been in the room or posting much it all because of personal Stuff 

    1. shuggee


      Hope you are OK Stuart ?

  2. Did you all missed me ?

    1. Paul


      Of course Stuart, hope you're well ? 

    2. shuggee


      Good to see you Stuart ?

  3. Look like it good bye to storms for Friday up here in the Highlands as there be moving out the sea before it get up to the Highlands



      You may be lucky Stu, not set in stone just yet.:)

  4. storms here or not met office saying no bbc weather saying yes wonder who right 

  5. need some interesting weather

  6. are there any plans to use the new met office radar Paul :)

  7. Good night all after not had much snow in nairn been as let down maybe have some tomorrow again  but not holding my luck  



      You never know, better luck tomorrow.:)

  8. wonder if some will see some thunder snow next week 

  9. Hope to get a lot of snow from the east in Nairn

  10. It my birthday today I am 35 

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    2. shuggee


      Many happy returns Stuart :D

    3. Stuart


      Thank you all I had a great day some of you know me for a long time on the forum 

    4. Paul


      Happy Birthday Stu :D

  11. no flash bangs here again this morning  now I am running out of time 

  12. running out of time of thunderstorms here only have 1 storm 

    1. Mokidugway


      Forecast  has me down for a jaffa cakes and a fart at 6 am :nonono:

  13. most  of the storms this year been European areas 

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Nothing new come winter most of the areas in the oven now will go into the freezer whilst we remain mild and wet

  14. is it me or the  cold front moving slowly then forecast 

  15. bbc weather still got the met office data 
    should it not been spring when there change over ?? 

  16. I wonder if this is the last day for bbc weather getting data from the met office

  17. what a let down look like no storms here now as met office removed the warning 

    1. Mapantz


      The warnings are still there from what I can see?

    2. shuggee


      Did you get anything Stuart?

    3. Stuart


      not at all maybe Sunday night and in to Monday might be better

  18. sun is out day time heating starting all go bang if it fall in to place here:)

  19. Have Paul moved again lol

    1. Paul


      Hi Stu, yep I'm back in Pershore now - moved last Autumn :) 

    2. Mokidugway


      Bought a tractor from near there last year , well nearer to Tewksbury,lol

  20. much be end of may when bbc weather get taking over with meteogroup 

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Likely to be yes the weather presenters night shifts come to an end at the end of this month

  21. need some storms been boring weather so far

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      2017: The Year Without Exciting Weather. :(

  22. 1st post for a long a long time

    1. shuggee


      How you doing Stuart?  You OK?

    2. Stuart


      Yes all ok here

    3. shuggee
  23. Happy birthday to me  I am 34 today:oops:

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    2. Daniel*


      Happy Birthday! 

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      happy b'day Stuart, but the amount of Dec birthdays is unreal, quite a lot in Nov too, people do have fun on Valentines day I suppose

    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Happy birthday Stuart! :)

  24. I am fully back online

  25. Just head up I wont be online from the 9th of oct to the 24th of oct as I moving and no line going be install tell the 24th of oct

    1. alexisj9


      I hate that, I don't see why when you phone then with plenty of notice they don't arrange to set you up on or the day after your move day.

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