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  1. wonder if some will see some thunder snow next week 

  2. Hope to get a lot of snow from the east in Nairn

  3. yes but it could mean down east of the UK as well let see what tommorw update bring
  4. it say as well The location and intensity of any snowfall will be uncertain so might not happen like that
  5. you wont do that well with a northwest winds I found that out when I lived there
  6. none here in Nairn temp now 3 c so when it reach here sure it be rain
  7. this time next week December 25th moves into range of the 16 day computer models. That means daily forecast updates begin and continue until a call can be made on the Christmas weather. At the present time there continue to be signs of colder than average spells of weather between now and the end of the year. Therefore the fourteenth update increases the chance of a White Christmas in both the north and south of the UK. But please remember: 1) There is a long time for things to change 2) Even during milder than average winter months cold snaps can bring snow Chance of snow on Christmas Day North of Yorkshire / Lancashire:18% South of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 13% Update 14 02/12/2017 Updates are usually weekly. https://www.theweatheroutlook.com/forecast/Christmas-weather-forecast
  8. maybe there like the UKMO model the best
  9. It my birthday today I am 35 

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    2. shuggee


      Many happy returns Stuart :D

    3. Stuart


      Thank you all I had a great day some of you know me for a long time on the forum 

    4. Paul


      Happy Birthday Stu :D

  10. UK Outlook for Friday 15 Dec 2017 to Friday 29 Dec 2017: At the start of this period confidence is low, but high pressure is more likely to dominate to the north and west of the UK, which will give us mainly dry and cold conditions, with a mix of sunshine and showers. The showers are likely to fall as sleet or snow, chiefly over the hills but also to lower levels at times. Temperatures are set to be cold, with widespread frosts overnight. However, through this period, there is an increasing chance of seeing Atlantic weather systems cross the UK, with an associated increase in rainfall, especially across western areas. This would also bring about generally milder conditions. Updated: 01:31 on Thu 30 Nov 2017 GMT https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcpvj0v07#?date=2017-11-14
  11. UK Outlook for Tuesday 5 Dec 2017 to Thursday 14 Dec 2017: Through Tuesday and Wednesday next week a band of heavy rain will push southwards across the UK. For much of the south, ahead of the rain it will be dry and mild with some brightness. Brighter colder conditions will follow into the north with wintry showers. The rest of the week looks uncertain. However it is more likely to stay rather unsettled with frontal systems bringing rain and strong winds to western parts. Brighter conditions with wintry showers are likely across the north and milder conditions are looking more plausible in the south, but cold and frosty is more likely further north. Towards the end of this period weather patterns are likely to be slow moving bringing a mixture of colder drier periods and short lived milder, wetter, windier interludes. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcpvj0v07#?date=2017-11-14
  12. wont be as much as that for sure but we can do well with polar maritime / northerly flow
  13. This is still a waiting game