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  1. The baggies lost to Sheffield Wednesday on Friday. This didnt suprise me one bit as sheffield are one of 3 clubs who have produced more wins than anyone this season [away from home ] they have now notched up 10 wins on their travels ] Im still hoping we can get a play off place , [The Baggies that is] it would look good if their ws a play off final between The Dingles [Wolves] and West Brom though. A Black country Derby Final . WOW , The whole of the Black Country will be deserted , nigel
  2. Good win for the Baggies today 2- 1 at Norwich , last minute winner .much needed win , especially with Birmingham losing again, puts us up to 4th place with 70pts Preston drop to 6th with 68pts. West Brom still 4 points behind Birmingham and they still have a game in hand! west broms final games west brom v sheffield wednesday live on sky friday night Monday 23rd Burnley v West Brom kick off 1945 |Saturday 28th Coventry city v West Brom kick off 1500 Sunday 6th May West Brom v Barnsley kick off 1300 Looking at the remaining fixtures im going to settle for a play off place , two tough games away from home then last game at home , i reckon 8 points from the remainding 4 games nigel
  3. Disappointing result for the Baggies [however i did expect this] as Stoke have been one of our bogey sides even at home in recent years. I will settle for a play off place all going well nigel
  4. Morning everyone Good game on Saturday [ as expected] especially in the second half , looked like it was going to end up as a draw . SUNDERLAND / BLUES / WEST BROM Should go up this year , hopefully we will go up automatically , but if not via the play offs , [LOOKS LIKE A DAY TRIP TO WALES IS IN THE MAKING] FOR ME NIGEL
  5. Below are the winter stats for my area since winter season of 2000/ 2001 WINTER STATS SO FAR THIS YEAR 2006/2007 DEC=== 2006= 4.5C JAN====2007= 5.0C FEB====2007= 6.11C SO FAR AVERAGE TEMP THIS WINTER SO FAR 5.20C ======================================= WINTER 2005/ 2006 SEASON DEC 2005= 1.75C JAN 2006= 3.0C FEB 2006= 3.25C TOTAL= 2.66C AVERAGE WINTER TEMP ================================= WINTER 2004/ 2005 SEASON DEC 2004= 4.0C JAN 2005= 1.5C FEB 2005= 3.25C TOTAL = 2.91C AVERAGE WINTER TEMP ================================== WINTER 2003/ 2004 SEASON DEC 2003= 2.75C JAN 2004 = 3.5C FEB 2004= 5.25C TOTAL= 3.83C AVERAGE WINTER TEMP ================================ WINTER 2002/ 2003 DEC 2002= 4.75C JAN 2003= 3.75C FEB 2003= 3.25C TOTAL= 3.91C AVERAGE WINTER TEMP ================================= WINTER 2001/ 2002 DEC 2001= 4.25C JAN 2002= 4.25C FEB 2002= 5.0C TOTAL = 4.5C AVERAGE WINTER TEMP =================================== WINTER 2000/ 2001 SEASON DEC 2000 = 2.5C JAN 2001= 1.25C FEB 2001= 3.0C TOTAL 2.25C AVERAGE WINTER TEMP ================================
  6. evening Zerouali lives I must admit there was a few out there ,, !!! with me ive always said you cannot judge a new manager on just a few games , even 6 months , you have to give them time , and with Mowbray he has clicked straight away , ive followed the baggies for the last 40 years now [ last 5 years ive been living in newcastle , so i cant get to has many games as i would like to ] and ive seen that many managers come and go its unreal , nigel
  7. Morning everyone Is anyone having probs with Nw xtra charts this morning ???? all im getting at the moment is the 18z from last night .. No 00z coming through nigel
  8. I am 44 years of age this year current line of employment. delivery driver hobbies... driving / countryside/ wildlife/ weather mainly stormwatching/ gardening/ main ambition. to travel to the states and go stormchasing career ambition.. im studying to be a senior support technichian [ computers]
  9. My interest is watching for storms , i have been interested in this subject for a number of years now. My main ambition is to go Stormchasing out in the states , every spare minute i get im always watching the charts for any developments out in the Atlantic , and i try and plot there movement , i would one day like to be able to predict tornadoes for the Uk , but im still a long way off from doing that , [one day]
  10. BOING BOING Excellent win for the Baggies , fourth consective away win , 8 games unbeaten ,18 goals scored in all competions last 8 games, only 8 conceded ,up to second now 4 points behind Derby , with Birmingham dropping to 3rd , however blues now have 3 games in hand on us , and only 2 points behind , NEXT GAME FOR THE BAGGIES West Brom v Cardiff city Tuesday kick off 1945 COME ON YOU BAGGIES NIGEL
  11. Paul Thanks for that ,,, sorry i wasnt looking properly , nigel
  12. Morning everyone Im having problems , with the view new posts , and my assistant, also i tryed to download a image this morning and it would not let me , any suggestions please!!! Ive just emptied my attachment file , and ive emptied my inbox in pms and its still coming up as error nigel
  13. Boing Boing Another win , and it was away from home ,, at last ... we finally get 3 points away from home , NOW LETS CLIMB TO THE TOP I hope Derby get promoted as well ,, my uncle has been a long suffering Derby fan for years , season ticket holder every year without fail. and i was born not far from their ,, [kirkby in ashfield ] nigel
  14. Another win for the Baggies at home on Friday night ,, left it very very late indeed though to keep our promotion push alive , thats 6 out of 6 in the last 6 matches at home now ... all we have to do is concentrate on our away form , if we can get that together , then who knows , Personally i think TM has done a wonderful job so far ... Koumas is playing the best football he has played for quite some time , Phillips is playing out of skin , we just need to tighten up at the back , Come on you Baggies A life long baggies fan ,, even though im now living in Newcastle .. i still follow them , The wife tryed to convet me to going to watch the Toon , {GOT NO CHANCE] NIGEL
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    sunrise early january 2006
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