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  1. Morning everyone West Brom 1 Stoke City 1 2 points dropped tonight , however , Stoke have always been one of our bogey teams , , Stoke took the lead through Ryan Shawcross after 26 minutes then Leon Barnett equalised late in the second half {72minutes} BOING BOING nigel
  2. Evening Paul Yes unfortunately i do like a moan, especially when it involves football Ok i agree i did have a moan at the start of the season, Reason being i just couldnt see the point in breaking up a decent team . Then again Im not the GAFFA. There must have been some unrest in the dressing room, with a few players ,But it looks as though Mowbrey has got this one right> He knew what players he wanted and he went out and got them. and they have blended in well. I didint think it would work , but the new players have done well so far { ive never even heard of the majority of them} Just goes to show how much i know .And thats why i suggested it could take some time , for these new players to adapt., instead of taking half a season to adapt , they have played very well so far, and i hope they continue to play well! Ive followed the Baggies for 40 year now {last six years whilst ive been living up here in the North East} and ive seen that many changes , Managers come and go , The Heartaches of losing in FA Cup Semi finals { one against Ipswich} ,The year when we beat Beat Valencia in the UEFA Cup 3 - 1 {with Mairo Kempes in the Valencia team as well! , then losing to Galatarasay in the next round away from home . Finishing second in the Old first division only to be pipped at the post by Liverpool . Yes those were the days . Oh the ups and downs of football,, Yes things have changed since then , I wish i could get to more games then i am going to at the moment , last year i went to about 3 or 4 games , reason being its around £140 for me just to go and watch the game now , thats hotel money, petrol, and beer money and food money as well. Its an expensive hobby for me now . All i can say is that i will still follow the Baggies no matter what happens , even the wife{yes my wife is a Geordie} has tried to convert me to go and watch the TOON. I said no way , am i going to watch the TOON ,even though i only live about 3 miles away from the ground , Nigel
  3. West Brom up to second place, one point behind leaders Watford. after 5- 1 win at home against Q>P>R , Kevin Phillips scored two goals again Come on you Baggies Nigel
  4. Another win for the Baggies , this time at Sprunehorpe. 3- 2 to west brom {so far its looking good } i still reckon we could go up atomatically this year , { no play off heartache like last season} Still along way to go though Nigel
  5. Evening Paul Better luck next time West Brom 4 IPSWICH NOWT BOING bOING NIGEL
  6. Win for the Baggies against Barnsley, 2- 0 What gets me is why oh why sell all our best players , and get medocre players i havent even heard of before, Ok in a way i dont blame the players for leaving , wanted to play in the premiership , but doesnt that just show you its the money they are after , not recognition, Curtis Davies , we paid just over 3 million for him from Luton a few years ago , Friday he signed for Villa on a season long loan with a view to a 6.5 million rising to a possible 10.0million Kamara went to Fulham Koumas went to Wigan Ellington went to Watford Darren Carter has gone thats nearly 15 million alone for 3 players, and what do we get , players on free transfers or players on loan from Hearts ,coincidently where Mowbray came from West brom have got to start playing as a team now before its to late , otherwise its going to be a struggle to even get into the play- offs WHY OH WHY BREAK UP A HALF DECENT TEAM???? i will never know im still going to go with a atuomatic promotion but my heart and gut instinct is telling me otherwise,I hope im wrong nigel
  7. The Pit Unfortunately yes it was around the £150 a game , reason being , £40.00 fuel ,roughly there and back, [between a 4 and 6 hour journey] depending on traffic and breaks,Overnight accomodation at the Travel inn . Too shattered, to drive all the way back to Newcastle , after a game, Money for the Ticket which i already purchased, Drink money , believe me there wasnt much change left from £150 Nigel
  8. Evening everyone THE PIT: The Blades had the chance to win by a comfortable margin from what i saw on Sky , against a very poor West Brom performance {Yes im a Baggies follower} i have been for around 40 years now , and still follow them even with me moving to Newcastle 6 year agao< i dont get to go to as many games as i would like to ,{£150 for for a home game for me.} i know i went 3 times last year . Anyway back to the game , mowbray has just signed about 8 new players , and they have got to start performing together sooner rather than later, , Thats why i say the Blades should have had more than the 1 goal today , you had 3 good chances , which you never put away, You have a Decent Gaffa at the Blades , in Bryan Robson , and he WILL get you back into the premiership , give him chance , if he never had a blazing row with the board at West Brom he would have stayed , Nigel
  9. Morning everyone Saturday 18th AUgust Bham 2 v West Ham 1 Fulham 1v M` Boro 1 Newcastle 2 v A villa 1 Portsmouth 2 v Bolton 2 Reading 1 v Everton 1 Tottenham 3 v Derby 1 Wigan 2 v Sunderland 2 SUNDAY 19TH AUGUST Blackburn 1 v Arsenal 2 Liverpool 2 v Chelsea 1 Man city 2 v Man Utd 2 Nigel newcastle
  10. Morning everyone Excellent goal by Gerrard for Liverpool ,although i still stay the free kick should never have been given in the first place. Also best goal of the day for me came from Martins for Newcastle . Excellent win for Newcastle , (Must say so even though my team failed miserably } west brom beaten by burnley{not premiership i know } Nigel
  11. Morning everyone Would just like to say Good luck to the 3 teams which were promoted last season {Sunderland/ Derby/ Birmingham} personally i think Sunderland should do quite well this term especially with Keane spending just over 21 million anyway good luck And i think Liverpool stand a good chance of winning the premiership this year, they have been knocking on the door for a few years now , and i think its there turn this year,.especially if they start well My prediction 1. Liverpool 2. Man utd 3. Chelsea 4. Arsenal 5. Tottenham Hotspur 6. Newcastle Utd 7. West Ham 8. Sunderland 9. Blackburn Rovers 10. Aston Villa 11. Everton 12. Man City 13. Bolton Wanderers 14.Derby County 15. Reading 16. Fulham 17. Portsmouth 18. Middlesbrough 19. Wigan 20. Birmingham City Nigel Newcastle Upon Tyne nigel
  12. West Brom will be there abouts! However there are a few of the players who have handed in transfer requests , Kamara/ Koumas/ I also believe Sunderland are after Perry and Robinson. Fulham have put a bid of +4million + a player for Kamara, and Villa are interested in Koumas Just hope Tony spends wisely and well Nigel
  13. Mark I think (if i remembered} i up dated using my user name { i dont think you have to change names } nigel
  14. Ive always disagreed with the Play off system ever since it started , it should go back to the old ways , 3 down 3 up automatically .. simple really, and im not just saying that because im a west brom follower nigel
  15. Derby 1 West Brom 0 IM GUTTED ABSOLUTELY GUTTED Im off down the pub to drown my sorrows HOWEVER WELL DONE TO DERBY NIGEL
  16. Half time West Brom 0 Derby 0 Kevin Phillips had a great chance, Personally i think we have just got the edge , All to play for in the second half nigel
  17. COME ON YOU BAGGIES BOING BOING BOING BOING BOING BOING LET BATTLE COMMENCE Good luck to you Rams , but sorry im Baggies through and through nigel
  19. Boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing These only one Kevin Phillips WEST BROM 1 The Dingles 0 COME ON YOU BAGGIES NIGEL
  20. Come on you BAGGIES BOING BOING West Brom 3 The Dingles 2 0 - 0 on the night Jason Koumas , what a first half he has had , Couple of excellent balls , all we need is Phillips to be on the end of one of those decent crosses, Kamara , He has played brilliant , My opinion west brom were all over Wolves , first five minutes a bit nerve racking , but TOUCH WOOD its looking good BOING BOING nigel
  21. Boing Boing Excellent win for the Baggies , now lets not do anything silly on wednesday night !! nigel
  22. last nights result blew the final play off positions wide open , Dreadful goalkeeping to let Burnleys first goal in However im dissappointed with last nights ref ,that decision cost us the game , No way that was a sending off , in my opinion both players went for the ball , Mcshane had is eye on the ball al the time , and unfortunately from what i saw it looked as though both players challenged for the ball. Mcshane {west broms defender] and when they challenged both players heads collided with each other , unfortunately the BURNLEY player ended up worse, especially when he fell to the ground {I hope the Burnley player is alright] it looked a nasty fall. Eventually the report i got , was that Mcshane was sent off for violent conduct , how can you call a chalenge like that violent conduct?? Like i say both players went for the ball , even Sky sports reporters said that it shouldnt have been a sending off. That changed the complex of the game altogether , Trouble is with West Brom we go out guns blazing from word go and 9 times out of 10 they forget the game lasts for 90mins , how many times have we lost the game in the last ten minutes , we need to pace ourselves , We also need to buy a couple of Defenders in the summer. Curtis Davies is out injured , Neil Clement is suspended, Darren Carter is suspended , I feel we have one of the best squads in the championship however since Mowbray took over , he has been swapping and changing the side ever since. He hasnt kept the same squad since is arrival. He hasnt found is best starting 11 yet . If we dont make the premiership [via the playoffs this year] then next year personally i reckon we should walk that division. Nigel
  23. Morning Paul Thanks for the information regarding the radar , much appreciated, Thankyou nigel
  24. Evening everyone Been looking at the NW 5min radar for the majority of the day now , and for most of the night the radar as been showing rain for my area , and over the last 15mins its showing that we are getting around around 2mm of rain , However it hasnt rained all day in this area, can someone please explain nigel
  25. Roger Is the one your looking for called Spring forecasts if so it is in the seasonal forum , Hope this helps it might be the wrong one but its worh a look nigel
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