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  1. BOING BOING BOING BOING Say we are going up , we are going up Well done you Baggie boys , beating the Dinges , way hay made my day nigel
  2. Evening Nick At presant , im also satisfied with a draw, im currently listening to the match on Baggies world , nigel Hull city are winning 2- 0 if the results stay the same , after 90 mins west brom will go top and hull will go 2nd nigel BOING BOING BOING BOING BOING BOING BAGGIES 1 DINGLES 0 ZOLTAN GERA 58 MINS NIGEL
  3. Team news for the Baggies for tonights match with the Dingles. looks like a straight 4 4 2 to me , with plenty of options on the bench if needed kiely hoefkens barnett clement robinson gera koren greening morrison miller phillips ====== on the bench bednar martis moore pele brunt To me this is a must win game , its our game in hand , and we cannot afford to slip up anymore, {you watch , no im not going to say it] NICK i agree with your comments about Sky,, this game has always been a good fixture for Neutrals , Typical Derby game expected tonight, i cannot understand why sky have decided to show the barnsley v hull game , then even on Setena sports they are showing exeter and aldershot , Nigel Even though ive said its a must win game , im still opting for a draw, anything will be better than losing to the DINGLES.
  4. Two matches home 3 matches away remaining It looks a tough run in Watford home= sat 1720 Yam Yams , away= tues 1945 Norwich, away= sat 1500 Southampton home Mon 1945 QPR away sun 1400hrs personally im expecting home win against Watford, Draw against the Yam Yams, Draw against Norwich, Home win against Southampton,Away win against QPR Nigel
  5. BOING BOING BOING BOING Phillps and Miller do it again ,phillips with 2 goals , miller the 3rd puts us top on goal difference {29] with a game in hand Boin g Boing nigel BLACKPOOL 1 WEST BROM 3
  6. Just goes to show how competative this division is , more competative than the premiership , i think {my view anyway] nigel Would just like to add , what a wonderfu; season Hull City have had this year, even Hull could be in the play offs the way they are going
  7. Evening everyone Good game down at the Valley this afternoon, Charlton 1 West Brom 1 , both teams could have won this game, plenty of opportunities, McCarthy For Charlton held the back four well , especially with 15mins to go , when west brom were going all out for the win, Excellent goal from Kevin Phillips again, good goal from Charlton, but a soft goal for west brom to let in. Pele should have been marking is man, [ the charlton goalscorer]. Thats been our problem this year , coping with set pieces, I watched the game on sky , unable to go unfortunately. Like i say it looked a very decent game end to end , 2Pts dropped today , but im happy with a point especially at the Valley, Nigel
  8. evening everyone Not a happy chappie tonight, being beat 4- 1 at home to Leicester, definately puts a dent in our promotion push, {however we still have a couple of games in hand } Leicester of all teams http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif Anyhow just to show im not a sore loser , well done leicester nigel
  9. Ellie and Iangec Welcome to Netweather, I know who you are , lol Yes its me Nigel nigel
  10. Evenig The Pit Just seen your question regarding Robbo Personally that is a very good question, i dont think it would upset me that much{ Robbo was excellent as a player} and he did ok{ish} as a gaffa for WBA , Personally i think Robbo would do well as a manager in one of the lower leagues, and build from their, at presant , he hasnt {in my view} done anything significantly worth noting { apart from keeping the Baggies up } that season, He had money to spend at the Hawthorns , and never really took advantage of that, When he came to the Baggies, as gaffa , i dint know how to take it, it was great at first , because of his playing days with us, but after a while , i couldnt see, why they appointed him, He seems to fall out with players , and that is know good to anyone On a final note i would just like to wish Robbo well in whatever he does next , after his Sheff Utd Stint, { dont think it will last too long now}{ Nigel
  11. I can sense a Utd win here, Maybe a one off .. Robbo back at the Hwathorns, { and no we dont want him bacK} however , he will probably get a standing ovation from the Baggie fans , for what he did there as player and attempted manager{ should be a good game} wish i was going , but unfortunately i will be working till around 6ish nigel
  12. Bednar and Cesar {both Groin} doubtful v sheff utd,KOREN {BRUISED CALF} doubtful . Ishmael Miller could start> Tony Mowbray signs new contract keeping him at the Hawthorns unti 2011, assistant Mark Venus also signs new 12- month rolling deal nigel
  13. 3 points dropped yesterday Just wish our away form is as good as our home form. , trouble is everyone expects us to do well against lower opposition {which is true in some cases} but not with WBA , we always seem to faulter, Defence still needs strengthening , Barnsley 2 WBA 1 Just before i go well done to Barnsley even though you put a halt on our automatic promotion push Nigel
  14. West Brom 2 Burnley 1 could have been 3- 1 Burnley keeper saved a penalty, However im not grumbling another wiin another 3 pts, puts us on 54 points , Anyone know how Bristol City and Watford did today, i havent seen any other results yet, been a bit busy? nigel
  15. Morning everyone WEST BROM v BURNLEY This should be a good game today, as Burnley have done extremely well in recent weeks , moving considerably up the table, However, with West Broms home form im going for a Baggie win today , but again a very tough game , my prediction WEST BROM 3 BURNLEY 2 Top of the table west brom 51 points Bristol city 51 points Watford 49 points BOING BOING BOING BOING Come on you Baggies Nigel
  16. Morning everyone I apologise if this is in the wrong Thread , but i couldnt find anywhere else to put it {which seemed appropriate}.{ if this is in the WRONG thread, can someone please move it to the appropriate Thread} =================================================================== Just spent the last few hours looking back at my average mean temps for winter and im flabbergasted in what i have found Since 1996 the North East Winter season has had just ONE yes just one aabove the average mean temp for 1971- 2000 and that was way back in the 97/ 98 winter season where my average temp was +0. 87 above average , since then we have had negatives across the card My average Winter mean temp Dec/ Jan/ Feb/ should be 4.88c Dec= 5.3c Jan= 4.75c Feb= 4.6c Here is a list of average mean temps since 1996 for The Winter Season 96/ 97 season 3.25c= -1.63c 97/ 98 season 5.75c= +0.87c ****************** 98/ 99 season 4.25c= -0.63c 99/ 2000 season 3.41c= -1.47c 2000/2001 season 2.25c = - 2.63c ************ 2001/ 2002 season 4.5c= -0.38c 2002/ 2003 season 3.91c= -0.96c 2003/ 2004 season 3.83c= -1.04c 2004/ 2005 season 3.91c= -0.96c 2005/2006 season 2.66c= -2.21c************* 2006/ 2007 season 3.83c= -1.04c 2007/ 2008 season so far DEC 4.0c = -1.04c Jan so far 4.0c -0.75c Also out of 35mths the North East has had just 5 above average mths the rest has been below , here are the months where the mean average temp was above average February 2004 + 0.65c last one recorded back in Feb 2002 + 0.4c then feb 98 +2.65c then Jan 98 +1.0c then Feb 97 + 0.65c Then like i say the rest of the months have been Minus THESE FIGURES ARE FOR THE WINTER SEASON ONLY NIGEL
  17. Evening everyone Very happy Baggies fan here , Just watched the game on Sky and i must admit it was a very entertaining game , not pretty but entertaining. What a goal from Super Kevin Phillips, to get the ball rolling,, then a better goal from Morrison , with Kevin Phillips linking up with a great through ball 2- 0 , Second half Hull came out sharply and had a few more ideas, eventually getting that goal they deserved, then Robinson second yellow card , which after watching the replay it clearly shows he got the ball first, admittedly he should have been sent off earlier, but he survived that punishment. The game got a bit ugly with a few late challenges from both sets of players, and i must admit the Ref had a very good game Then Bednar came on , last 15 mins or so West Brom were defending very deeply especially with the sustained pressure Hull put to them , and with that extra man , it was looking as though Hull would get the equalizer, unfortuantely it wasnt to be , with virtually the last kick of the ball , Bednar picked the ball up on the half way line , and he kept going , no other support from the Albion players, so he took his chance , and what a superb finish Final score Hull City 1 West Brom 3 That result puts us 2 points clear of Bristol City , who drew toady 1- 1 with Colchester , and Watford losing 1- 0 Overall it was going to be a difficult game for us as Hull have only lost 2 at home all season , and they have just gone 5 games unbeaten until today, it was a toughie with 11 men , then whne we went down to 10 men , i thought we had blew it, but we hung on , We still need to tighten up at the back , especially with set pieces from the other team , we are not dealing with the crosses as we should,, We need at least 2 more defenders, BOING BOING Nigel
  18. Morning Roger and WhiteFox Last night i found out from the wife where here Cousin lives, they live in St Catherines Nigel
  19. Morning Roger insteresting read on the Canadian weather , thankyou for posting, My wifes cousin lives in Canada, will try and find out where abouts later [she told me once but ive forgotten] typical Anyway regarding your last post when you mentioned the energy peaks , we are also scheduled for a FULL MOON ON THE 22ND AND THE MOON WILL BE perigee ON THE 19TH tHANKS AGAIN FOR KEEPING US UPDATED NIGEL
  20. OON Thought that would make you happy lol Nope your ok thanks, i can take a defeat as much as taking a win, i dont just post if west brom win , even though i would still prefer 3 pts in the bag every game , but thats virtually impossible, Nigel
  21. Ipswich 2 west brom 0 jason de vos after 83mins My prediction for the game was 2- 1 to ipswich nigel
  22. Ipswich Town 1 West Brom 0 David Wright after 74mins I said it will be a close game today, especially with Ipswich Towns home record , just dropping 2 points out of a possible 36 points at home , [pretty impressive] nigel
  23. West Brom team news for match away to Ipswich Town , kick off 1500hrs today Looks like we will be playing 4. 4. 2 keily back four hoefkens cesar pele robinson MIDFIELD Gera morrison koren greening UP FRONT Phillips MIller
  24. Mondy found this (you prob already know about this anyway } http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/solars...solar_live.html While sidewalks crackle in the summer heat, NASA scientists are keeping a close eye on the sun. It is almost spotless, a sign that the Sun may have reached solar minimum. Scientists are now watching for the first spot of the new solar cycle to appear. The 11 year long solar cycle is marked by two extremes, solar minimum and solar maximum. Solar minimum is the period of least solar activity in the solar cycle of the sun. During this time sunspot and solar flare activity diminishes, and often does not occur for days at a time. When spots begin to appear on the sun once again, scientists know that the sun is heading into a new season of extreme solar activity. At the cycle's peak, solar maximum, the sun is continually peppered with spots, solar flares erupt, and the sun hurls billion-ton clouds of electrified gas into space. Solar maximum is often compared to the hurricane season here on Earth. Violent solar events, like flares and coronal mass ejections, are the hurricanes of space weather. These solar storms are capable of wreaking havoc with satellites, power grids, and radio communication, including the Global Positioning System. NOAA's Space Environment Center, Boulder CO, forecasts that the next solar cycle should begin in March 2008 and should peak in late 2011 or mid 2012. Nigel
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