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  1. Just starting to rain here in Newcastle, just been outside its feeling very close out there, maybe , just maybe this is last nights storm starting to push into our region , very slow moving if it is Pressure still falling now reading 1008.5 was 1012.5 at midnight
  2. Morning everyone Can someone tell me why the North East missed out on the storms last night/ early morning , the charts were showing quite high cape , yet nothing materialized , i posted the charts in question many thanks
  3. Pressure up ere in the North East down to 980.9hpa, , we will miss out on this storm today , but im looking at one for next week for the north and north east
  4. Morning everyone, just took me an hr too get home this morning , usually takes 20mins, yesterday i recorded 33 mm rain today so far 28mm already this morning, thats a whopping 61mm in 24hrs, its been none stop for the last 24hrs, pressure reading now down to 974.8hpa roads flooded, anyone round Newcastle Grandstand road is completely closed, by the Blue house roundabout, STAY SAFE
  5. Afternoon everyone well its certainly blowing a gale up here in the North East, Pressure has fallen since midnight was reading 1004.5 now reading 989.0 just over 15 mb since midnight thats 15 mb an hr , also so far i have accumulated 15.5mm rain so far here in North Kenton, 2 mm in the last hr , temperature just 9.5c
  6. You were right storm, is looking pretty impressive so far tonight. Snow shovel at the ready again.

  7. Get ready for more heavy snow , sunday night into monday


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