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  1. Say the same for here but if the winds are strong I doubt I’ll get a measurement
  2. Might make the A69 passable with sledge only Where is that from?
  3. High Pressure closer to the UK and the low slipping under. Snow piling up along the east and being driven inland
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see large scale features develop along the boundary of the mild and cold air masses across Europe, could lead to lots of snow with long trailing front moving east to west.
  5. Might turn the heating up come the weekend Ignore the snow symbols look at those maximums
  6. Sliding south , I think the Atlantic will have to have a few goes to get in
  7. Unlike the 6z the GFS keeps the easterly flow once the troublesome low has moved on.
  8. Icon like, I think the special easterly is slowly being morphed into a regular cold spell
  9. It will do, and as we know it will be pushed further south (west) than shown, should allow for a longer easterly
  10. No that low is gonna fire up over the country, and the Iberian low has been a n issue for a while now. A lot of mild air mix into the system, not a great run for the south, midlands north is looking good thou
  11. The low has now moved up from Spain, how it interacts over the south east now the big question
  12. Pin the tail on the ever moving low Further south but IU think the main issue is the low that spins up from Spain later
  13. Its been delayed for the last few days, Friday start now its early Sunday. (Very cold uppers)
  14. Just a small difference in the shape of the high to the north, but the east becomes dryer and the south west becomes a battle ground. We all know sliders shift south over time which would mean the easterlies would still happen.
  15. As you can see the shunt north (not helped by a weaker block) is allowing the Atlantic system to slide closer
  16. If the models stay the same, there will be a red warning for Scotland eventually. closer we get the more likely it becomes. With the GFS being the worst outcome for all and even that dumps a load of snow on Scotland.
  17. That didn't answer the question. Will the mean be representative of actual conditions? Considering the signal is watered down the further out in time you go how can you judge the actual ground conditions based on a mean that has multiple options within it. Mean > Random Member Random member Means not really telling you anything but the general setup. You can neither rule out an easterly or says its a dead cert can you? becasue the mean will not not reveal the actual detail at day 5.
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