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  1. Thunder from that cell, should be over Odham central soon
  2. It looks like it could clip areas further north than earlier Had one spell of rain for 2 minutes all day, down the road torrents of it. Small cell over north of Glossop developing to
  3. Still dry here, down in Oldham is bouncing it down. Seeing lots of lightning thou across the distance .
  4. From Moorside I can see the storm moving west to my south west, still dry here, seen some Lightning (CC)
  5. All the storms are tracking to the south of my location like the last two days,
  6. Storm are developing over our heads and to the south. Hoping the additonal heat helps generate them over us before they sail away west
  7. Just seen a cracking CG strike towards Rochdale - Bury direction Now another and its getting closer, think its passing to the north
  8. Some light snow fall this morning from the odd rouge shower nice to see but could do with warmer temps
  9. Air conditioning will be playing a part, de-humidified recycled air.
  10. Cold weather is the last thing Europe needs right now
  11. Its the weather type we need I think last years warmth would be welcome now.
  12. GFS Direction of Travel yesterdays 18z Vs todays 12Z
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