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  1. Absolutely belting it down here with a flash of lightening
  2. Still hazy here with a gusty wind storms looking like a non starter here
  3. We saw lots of charts like that in January and at that time frame
  4. covering of snow here after a lot of wet snow overnight
  5. Snow in the SE no chance you say you didn’t need all those other charts to prove that because the PPN chart clearly shows that the charts you do show actually back up the PPN chart
  6. That's a pretty nasty rain event for North Wales, snow possible on the northern extent but the big picture would be flooding Snow around the northern and western flank as the system pulls away
  7. Not sure that was the point I think the point was that there is still a lot of cold air up there that could impact the UK under the right conditions. the fact that temps are higher than average doesn’t change that fact does it?
  8. Extremes by there very nature need the perfect conditions be it Heat Wind or rain. I think you make a very good point about the timing of these records compared to 1998. Had these conditions occur two weeks earlier would we have beat the record with the lower solar input? probably but not by as much would be my complete guess
  9. Are you mistaking anomalies with actual temperature? It's still cold up there Even thou it's still cold up there you can see most of below average temps have been shifted into Mid lat regions.
  10. Its plausible that we might not see those uppers again for 3 months
  11. I find it odd that the same people that posted the same stuff on TWO in the early 2000's are still posting the same nonsense now. Actually i reckon the same stuff is being posted on TWO also
  12. From today's weather to possibility of snow, its going to be a shock to the system Struggling to get into double digits
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