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  1. Visited there when the temp on the car showed 115f about an hour before sun down...... Crazy heat.
  2. May snow last time I remember was 97 just before Labour won their first election in over a decade
  3. Gloriously sunny morning with 2-3 inches of snow blanketing gardeN. interesting science lesson for the kids today with different object absorbing the suns energy and melting snow at different rates also snow was to dry this morning to make a snow man 😂
  4. I was on the beach at St Anne’s today in wall to wall sunshine ☀️
  5. Still falling the radar shows a small slither of PPN to the east of Oldham
  6. After Covid ripping through the house I’m on my last day of isolation and starting to feel human again missed last weekends walk in the ice and snow but looks like some milder weather is here for a while with a possible dryer spell
  7. Interesting last 36 hours as snow has been evaporating during the day and night
  8. Yeah it’s a tough place to be on the west coast if your after snow we have had a complete lack of polar north westerlies for a few years thinking early March might deliver one
  9. Light snow here may get to moderate depending on the track of that shower
  10. Clearly the GFSP is gonna take all the attention but even the main run is hinting at something
  11. Get your magnifying glass out but even after the front has died a death and slipped away south the revenants are still wintry in nature over the south east at day 7
  12. Big snow shower here now, could do with this for a few hours rather than 10mins.
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