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  1. His point is the high temperatures are localised and require specific setups to reach most of the time was the all time UK record dependant on the fohn affect
  2. these charts are usually posted when they show clear outliers must have missed today’s
  3. Interesting that the ECM is an outlier Of gigantic proportions so a chart that would deliver isn’t because it’s not going to verify is it? pretty sure the comment was with regards to temperatures on Saturday not Friday not sure anyone said the temps wouldn’t be reached either. What was the max yesterday? as predicted the cloud is rolling in across the country and it’s going to stick around for a while especially for northern areas
  4. Looks like temps are falling a bit short of the predicted 16 today probably down to the increased cloud amounts that will only thicken up from here on in for the next 7 days
  5. Not far off the all time monthly record had the cloud not scuppered that chance thou
  6. Indeed lovely day shame the cloud is going to roll in after today leaving us under grey skies for a week with the occasional break
  7. Look at the XC weather site it looks like the only place that is well out in that area
  8. Temps starting to take a dive near the end (from a high base) An end in sight to this static pattern, hopefully i will get rid of the cloud that is forecast to dominate after today
  9. More amplification but this only allows the atlantic to draw in mild wet weather from the south
  10. I suspect Spring will be disappointing with this high eventually migrating away north leaving us under low pressure and cool temps.
  11. Make the most of the sun today becasue we going to lose it to low cloud for a week after, The atlantic is going to make more inroads.
  12. Useable weather but make the most of the sun the cloud is gonna roll in in the next 24 hours and could be around for a while Only by day 8 do we start to see it clearing in a meaningful way Only for it cloud over again Seeing a trend of the atlantic having more of an say and more cloud spilling in