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  1. Over an inch of snow here now and it's blowing about a bit... Looking at the radar its going to Stop soon so np rain gor a while at least
  2. Snowing but fine snow but its sticking at least
  3. Looks like snow outside but its hard to tell with the fog temps above freezing thou
  4. Snowing for over an hour and its not really settling.... except in existing cover
  5. Light to moderate snow here now
  6. Classic mamchester rain shadow effect in action today.
  7. Two flashes of lightining and thunder with snow
  8. Some big showers about and they are heading this way for once
  9. Looks lively around blackpool
  10. Already a warning for Sunday
  11. South of you north of us....... if you live on the M62 you might be lucky
  12. So the split on the 28th has gone leaving the milder output But the 25th has now firmed up on a 2 day cool down, it's almost like history is repeating itself.
  13. Showers have sank south a bit over the last half hour. now hitting more of Greater manchester. Need to lose that southerly element to the wind thou
  14. Nice rash of showers just to my north, just cant catch a break with these shower ATM.