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  1. I think a 2-3 day toppler is favourite if not a certain outcome at some point before Feb
  2. Probably not but the high is moving west still and opening the arctic door.
  3. The high has been pulled west leaving the doors open for a potent northerly (probably end up in Greece)
  4. A move in the midterm for the 850's from yesterday to today
  5. A rather cold couple of days this time next week with snow down to low levels in the north
  6. A low pressure crossing the country was picked up on the 1st, of course people talking about it in this thread where mocked but alas its gonna happen (not as originally forecast but it never was 10 days away)
  7. O Look I spy a feature crossing the country a little bit further north than originally forecast, with time to correct south north or diaper altogether. Imagine mocking that
  8. Those cold upper I pointed out in the 12z Have come in to play once that jet curves back. building blocks around day 7
  9. The Pool of cold upper (-20) that gets thrown out over Western Russia is one to watch all it needs is the Jet to buckle and drag that with its upper low back west.
  10. Looks like a reasonable evolution to me. Is it that messy?
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