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  1. Indeed but the average temperature over the next 7 days is well above average. And if you look at some of the recent posts showing several images per line of text you will see that it's going to be warm. What the actual weather will be like, well best checking the models for that.
  2. Indeed all wildlife would cease to exist if cold weather returns in April.
  3. frosty ground

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Love these updates keep them com Love these updates keep them coming.
  4. frosty ground

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    After a snow fall and cover yesterday that's now makes 6 consecutive months with snowfall and cover.
  5. Typo..... Why do you post charts then ignore what they say.... i know the models have moved on but saying you can't predict cloudy sky's 6 days out then saying it will be sunny is a bit hypocritical is it not?
  6. Predicting sunny spless 6 days in advance is equally on shaky grounds is it not?
  7. Time of year and those conditions will bring mist inland for the east.... seen it all to often. The later charts and slight wind direction change may produce better results. Big question is can we get some consistency.
  8. Low resoultion grid points not really showing the costal dullness to be fair.
  9. Nice all the low cloud and mist along the east coast but for those inland to the West they are great charts
  10. And only 15 days away..... better get the BBQ out people..... Im hoping we get those charts in at closee range personally
  11. frosty ground

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Warning out for Monday for Eastern parts of the North West..... the Met App is showing heavy snow Monday night If i get snow in April that's snow falling every month for 6 months..... impressive by any standard!
  12. Looks colder than the run from yesterday.
  13. I don't know what people are chasing at the end of March. The only person that mention the ability to build snow men is you, you are arguing against your own comments. The fact remains there is a possibility of snow, that's what the models show, of course it may only materialise over northern scotland and over the higher hills, but you dismissed it out of hand, and to justify it you made a point to argue against something that no one had mentioned.
  14. I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the cold air is pushed away north and in the sunshine it will feel nice..... O dear! Spring warmth well and truly on hold!