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  1. im worried that if we get a dry winter (ie rain but nowhere near what we usually have) and this again next summer or close too.... dont think everybody will enjoy this next year
  2. i know that but, i would love to know from someone a bit more of an expert than me as to whats causing that gap of nothing from south coast to london?
  3. yep london storm shield is up and running... love to know whats causing these storms to be active crossing the channel , break up once hit land, then reform again once north of london.. strange one
  4. well back garden done and tidied so i made it through that without getting drenched, check radar and all rain is disapearing... hmm i think met office will have to check those super computers of there's to find out what the hell went wrong for this morning's downpours and storms.
  5. well if i go to the shed get the gardening tools out,, plug in the lawn mower.. grab me gloves, i can bet that those heavens will open up the moment i apply power to that lawn mower!
  6. well.. storms forcasted this morning for my area,, annnnd nothing, could of got a lot done in ye old back garden this morning, so put off because of forcast and radar showing that threat as well and it all broke up and dissapeared before reaching london, and its still doing that,, so anybody know why?
  7. Yep, watching that as well,, but now getting darker again from that large red blob on radar just south of me.. sounds nasty as well!!
  8. Been hearing reports of more the same for rest of week.. looks like i timed my 2 weeks off just right
  9. Travelling NE, doubt it will hit you,, unless something kicks off on the northern edge of it,, Birmingham in firing line tho,,, sorry Nwest
  10. Now its gone dead calm (still raining), but just south of me i can hear the booming thunder from another cell.
  11. Just south of london its been from 30sec - 1min every strike then a period of calm for about 5mins then kicks off again to the first values, its seems like small storm cells within a big cell if you can understand that, but rain has being going on for about 4hrs now
  12. Hailstones here.. increased thunder activity, stong winds, just need a tornado, days complete
  13. Longest storm here in...... well a bloomin long time... now have hailstones, lightning and thunder has increased as well
  14. Well lots of sirens being heard, hail was rather large and nasty at one point,, oh and looks like trains are affected as well, got lots of hastings and margate trains going down my line (on diversion hays line) which rarely happens.
  15. yeah storm or thunder head is only about a couple of miles wide, but non stop thunder... looks like a power outage somewhere as well got hastings trains diverting down the charing x - Hays line here.
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