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  1. not last night but in full effect now.. made up for the loss of sunday and monday so far
  2. How dare they... somebody just drove down my street and spoilt the lovely even snow cover.... but falling heavy again so should level it againπŸ‘
  3. Got about 3-4cm now compared to the 0.5 this morning when i awoke and popped out... looking good.
  4. well you know its snowing heavily when the salt i put down yesterday for my path gets covered already... absolutely teaming down now... Train sparks are fantastic though.. very pink!!
  5. Wonder whet would happen in the mod thread if all them model computers got unplugged? Would they just be sitting there silent and still? Frozen in animation?
  6. Looks like ive got one here paul... dropped more snow then sundays event so far. Think il call it the oyster top up! πŸ˜†
  7. see what the next run says... if that goes with the breakdown.. then yeah ok!
  8. well that's covered the area where cars were parked overnight and gone to wherever... looking good so far πŸ‘
  9. Ok worked yesterday afternoon at my lovely station, and at 7pm an announcement was made that all trains were to be cancelled from 9pm due to 3rd rail icing (oh the sparks were fantastic!), my last train came through at 21:10. I was told to lock my station up (shutters down etc.) and to hang about for night security till I headed home (was no problem getting home bus service ran fantastic). So why are you telling us this? I hear you! Well I've never ever done that in my lifetime at any stations I've worked at in the rail industry! 2018, never happened, 2010 never happened, Trains r
  10. I Remember 2010/and 91.. snow was more widespread overnight then the day, something to do with temperature difference between sea and land... correct me if im wrong
  11. everywhere except the roads and paths,, but even they are starting to look slushy
  12. all i see is a small white dot!! reminds me of my old 70s tv when i turned it off!
  13. Met office cannot forecast snow... end of, always been like that since this forum started.
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