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  1. Still no rain for the north. Here in Cumbria is extremely dry, young trees are beginning to show signs of die-back and the rivers/lakes very low.
  2. Thunder storm on Skiddaw now. https://www.georgefisher.co.uk/webcam/
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5778587/Oman-raises-death-toll-aftermath-Cyclone-Mekunu-6.html
  4. M6.4 - TAIWAN Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.4 Date-Time · 6 Feb 2018 15:50:42 UTC · 6 Feb 2018 23:50:42 near epicenter · 6 Feb 2018 15:50:42 standard time in your timezone Location 24.158N 121.680E Depth 9 km Distances · 23 km (14 miles) NNE (25 degrees) of Hua-lien, Taiwan · 52 km (32 miles) SSW (199 degrees) of Su-ao, Taiwan · 100 km (62 miles) SE (135 degrees) of Hsin-chu, Taiwan · 1064 km (661 miles) N (4 degrees) of MANILA, Philippines Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 5.2 km; Vertical 4.1 km Parameters Nph = 83; Dmin = 8.8 km; Rmss = 0.86 seconds; Gp = 34° Version = Event ID us 1000chhc
  5. https://dailyplanet.climate-kic.org/glacier-retreat-can-slowed-artificially-produced-snow/ This isn't as difficult as it may sound if those glaciers that form part of a ski resort are tackled first as the snow making infrastructure already exists and would just need extending. It would also make it more financially justifiable as the resorts would benefit from an enlarged summer ski area.
  6. I agree Tignes is a great location and with the new Solaise bubble out of Val makes the whole area very accessible, and if you like itineraries then Tignes is the place. I've been a few times and will be back again next week.
  7. Thanks both, I shall put some time aside to digest all that info.
  8. Slightly off topic but does anyone know of a good source of data that lists all the known Nino years. I'm looking at the correlation of Cumbrian floods to an El Niño. Certainly the past 7 out 8 have been in El Niño years.
  9. Its not looking good for us up here in Cumbria this weekend. That rainfall keeps on showing and seems to be gaining in intensity. If the 12z are correct the recent floods of 5th and those of 2009 will be minor shows in comparison.
  10. How about a Chimney Sheep - I'm biased though as I know the inventor
  11. Seems to be down again. My Site says it cant be shown in a frame but that's how its always been. http://lortonweather.co.uk/
  12. Average farm land value for the area is £7500!
  13. If this isn't in the right place feel free to move it. I'm looking for average wind data that I can use alongside the CET figures - is there such a thing?
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