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  1. I wouldn't want to be driving on the heads tonight! Tredegar's cam has poor visibility at the moment so here's the ones next door..... Rhymney and Ebbw Vale
  2. Blimey! I've got whiplash from reading these posts lol! Still snowing heavily here, not chunky flakes though it has to be said. guesstimate about 2cm down.
  3. It's absolutely chucking down here in Tredegar. Started very light about 4.30pm, had to go to Merthyr and got heavier as I headed there. Came back and my road in my street already had a covering
  4. Nowt here You lot are pinching my snow! Lol
  5. I was wondering why the radar was showing pink here for the last hour yet it was dry outside. Didn't think about evaporation
  6. Looks like rain here despite radar being pink! Glad really cos I've got to get to Newport for work and am running a training session today! I love snow but for once I'm glad it's not here! Hopefully will hold off til this afternoon if we do get any that settles as I don't fancy driving home in it!
  7. Snowing here in Tredegar at the moment. Nothing too heavy but lots of flakes blowing around in that wind
  8. Yup, can confirm it's chucking it down in Tredegar .
  9. Snowing here in Tredegar! Readily sticking too.
  10. Snowing here at the moment. Massive flakes, not like the powdery stuff from a few days ago.
  11. I'm more about the warnings than Derek tbh. I love Derek! The red warning was issued only a few hours ahead which I don't think gives enough time (I accept Amber had been issued already but I don't think it has as much "clout") and was confusing for this area to say the least. I have the meto app on my phone which sent me the red warning for Tredegar. Looking at the weather forecast, there was no red warnings icons for Tredegar, only Amber. If you look at the red warning image, the heads of the valleys road (and therefore towns of Merthyr, Rhymney, Tredegar, Ebbw Vale, Brynmawr etc.) is outside of the red warning area. Someone wasn't very good with their red marker pen. This area got very badly hit.
  12. I get what Andy is saying. We are not average joe bloggs on here... We are weather fans who are on forums, some can read model outputs etc and we knew there was a "possibility" of this happening weeks ago. My mother, for example, is in her 70s, does not have Internet access and relies solely on tv forecasts. There wasn't enough stress put on the potential snowfall... If she didn't catch the forecast til late in the evening after the red warning, it would be to late for her to prepare. I had already sorted her and just as well I did as today was the first time I got up there since last Wednesday. A warning is what it says...a warning. It's not a 100% guarantee that something will happen but it "warns" us of how bad it could get. Defo more notice was needed. We've still got mountains of snow here and I just got stuck in the main town carpark, wheel spinning all over the shop. That being said meto are damned if they do and damned if they don't. They got slated after the red warning issued in 2013. I still love Derek though lol.
  13. nooooo! yellow warning of snow issued for valleys northwards tonight!
  14. I'm shattered! Day of helping digging out the street, then digging out the car and to top it all off, a pipe has burst in my mothers sending torrents through her ceiling. Thankfully her next door neighbour helped as my mam didn't have the strength to top turn the stopcock off and I couldn't get to her as still snowed in despite earlier efforts and plumbers and housing association were a complete no go! Downside to the weather and being a "grown up". I love snow but as far as I'm concerned Spring needs to spring lol! Have to say, the local community has been absolutely amazing... People with 4x4s taking nurses etc to work and farmers using their tractors to help dig streets out. We whinge about Tredegar but when the chips are down, everyone pulls together x
  15. The drip drip drip of a thaw going on here. Doesn't seem to be hardly (if any) reduction of depth but the snow on the roofs of the houses opposite has slid off, woke me up it was that loud....good job no-one was stood underneath Current +1c, warmest it's been for days!
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